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A Need To Explore


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Hello Sonic Stadium =D. Well, this is a little weird for me to making a topic about, but I've been having a problem lately, although I wouldn't call it a problem to be honest, X_x. Hopefully I can explain this well with out too many "WTF?" 's, XD.

You see, for the past few months now, I've been longing, wishing, hoping, wanting for any chance to go, well, adventuring would be a good word for it. I know it sounds very weird, but I get a lot of thinking done when I go out by myself in some place I've never been without a care in the world. I know what you're thinking "just go camping or take a rain check at work/school", but it's more complex than that, D=. Gah, this is hard to paint, >_<.

I just want to go see the world. A big part of me wants to fuck off everything and go get dropped off in woods or something (btw, I live in Washington state, so lots of opportunity, XD). Of course, that's me being a little extreme, but it's the basic idea really, and I don't know what to think of it. I want to go exploring in the deep depths of some place I've never been, just to see what I can find. This isn't just a burst of energy either, it seems like I just want to do it for a number of reasons. Like to find some spot on a plateau where I can ponder about things alone, take more of an adventure perspective and try to reach/find something (top of a mountain, witness a certain animal in the wild), or maybe even go with some friends and just go on a hike. I'm just having a hard time molding my thoughts here.

I've already started doing some stuff out of normal for me, like tonight for example. I was out at my friend's house hanging out until him and another friend started to drift off around 11:20pm. Before they crashed, I told them that I was just going to head home, so out the door I went. However, half way home, I looked up at the moon and the sky was insanely clear. I whipped my car around and drove to the top of the hills called the Horse Heaven Hills and just sat up there for a half hour looking at all the lights in both the town and the sky, =3. I live in a desert environment in eastern Washington state, (not cacti, but things like tons of sagebrush and tall weeds/grass) so imagine dirt, wild grass and plants, endless hills, and small plateaus all tinted dark blue under a big white and shiny moon with lots of stars above while tons of yellow, orange, green, and red lights shown from the town below. It just felt so free and heart lifting that I felt like I could do anything.

Doing just this little stuff has boosted me largely as an artist. I've been getting more ideas for music and have thought about writing songs in moods that I would have never though of before. Even from outside the artist view, I've been able to collect my thoughts a little better and start wondering about who knows what.

-But the problem. I just turned 18 years old 3 months ago, finishing up high school, getting all prepared for college, working, trying to learn more about a great career, and so on with typical kids my age. Too me, it seems like my want to do this might be to run away from all of the things I should be doing or I'm wanting to leave this small town, but it's honestly just the simple concept that I want to explore the world I live in.

Exploring the world as an 18 year old seems impossible for me however. I obviously don't have the time to go in the middle of a western Washington forest, and I'm not that dumb either. I know and completely understand that I have responsibilities prior, it's just how to I accommodate for both. I am going camping (thank god, X_X) the first week of April with some friends for a few days in the forest, but I fear that I might get used to it and even have a bigger drive to go exploring, D=.

--I know that I jumped around and didn't make sense at all, but if someone out there got a little something out of this, please tell me what I think I should do, D=. I don't want to sound stupid for saying this, but I have a need to do things productive. Whether it be exploration, making music, learning software, drawing, writing short novels, or even trying my hand at voice acting; I have this drive to be good at stuff, mainly and if not all for entertainment. I love doing things, and that's that. I can't even stand to watch television anymore, >_<. Movies and video games are the only thing that touches the TV anymore.

Anyways, I greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to read my bullshit stories in life. I'm usually a "keep to myself" kinda guy, but it feels good to get some of this stuff out everyone once and awhile I guess, ^^".

Thank you, and don't hesitate to ask about something. Once again, I understand that I suck at explanation.


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Sounds like senioritus to me, at least you do things for yourself. I just get so bitchy to others because I want to get out of here. Just two and half months left ~

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Ah! Blur has finally done it. He has become an artist.

Even I suffer from this Blur. To tell you the truth, I'm fascinated by the world. We don't have many scenic spots in Atlanta to actually go and observe. It pestered me for a wild living on this flat surface with the nearest mountain 2 hours away. I did however find a solution for myself. What I did was found picture of certain scenery I like and put them up in my room. It seems little but it helps a lot. Since I started doing this, I have become more of a romantic writer (Descriptive writer for those people unedumacated).

I often find myself lost and imagining the environment. I often replicate conditions as well in my head where I can make my body feel as if its really there. This in turn has given me a better understanding of writing. My Favorite scene would probably a city at night with all its lights turned on. Paris is a prime example. This is why I change my future minor to writing. I want to be a photographer as well, but I have shaky hands which is hard to go. I love animals and I love nature. Your not stupid for saying all that.

Photos is what did it for me, even though its only a temporary fix. When I retire in life I plan to go see the world. My first stop being Mykonos, Greece.


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All I can say is go for it man, do what your heart tells you to do. Whatever makes you happy, what ever fills that empty space inside of you, I encourage you to find your true calling.

I recommend, although, to not just live in the woods by yourself, you may want to find some friends and some provisions to keep you going. Going it alone is actually dangerous, but as long as you stay safe and are not alone, I think it's a grand idea!

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I really wish that I could take a trip to England, to see both London and Birmingham with the naked eye, and to chat face-to-face with the great SSMBers who live there.

But the problem is that my mom is very stubborn and she wants the family to always go on vacations together, regardless whether all of us are adults or not. :(

And she has absolutely no intentions whatsoever of taking a flight to England.

Instead, she always prefers to fly back to Ukraine to visit her cousins, brothers, and old friends from the era of the Soviet Union.

How very selfish of her. But then again, she's my mother, and she's done a lot of good things for me. Without her I wouldn't even exist in this universe at all.

Eventually I'm hoping to persuade her into taking a family trip to England, so that I would be able to attend one of those annual "Summer Of Sonic" events.

It's just got to happen at some point. If not during one year then during another year.

Persistent nagging is the key, that's what I say. :D

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Thanks for the help guys, ^^.

Well, senioritus is a pretty big part of it, but it honestly feels like there's more to it than just leaving poor little Prosser and school. Sounds lame, but I really feel like I need to accomplish an adventure for some reason. Then again, this is probably fueled by the idea of leaving here, XD. Either way, I want to go, XP. You have a car now though Aoi, you have the opportunity to go places now, =3. Oh, and I was going to talk to you about camping laterz on with us, so don' let me forget to bring that up next time we are talking, =D.

And the artist thing just seems to be a plus Full, =D. It's like I still want to go explore some where, but it also happens to give me some artistic thoughts in the process *self-highfive*. I too love cities and town at night but from a distance. There is just some sort of magic about it, ^_^. I'm really aching to go into the forest from dawn to sunset though. Hopefully I can get that done when I go camping. I will follow your advice though Indigo, since I know that the forest can be dangerous alone. My dad was telling me that there has been a large booming in cougars over the past few years, and I'm sure there are some bears about too. It sucks that wielding a sword is illegal up there, -_-. It'd be hard for me to kill an animal anyways, ^^".

I'm sure you'll be able to go to England someday DarkJedi188, =D. Good things happen to good people. I too would love to visit some of the people here from SSMB some day. Europe in general has been a place I've been wanting to visit for quite some time now, but money is kind of an issue, especially right now. I think I'll be able to go to one of those Summer of Sonic events at some point in time. Whether it be a Summer of Sonic thing or some other event held here, I think I'll have my chance someday, <3.

It really sucks right now though, since it's finally nice outside and I'm stuck at work at the computer. Damn the store having all windows up front too, XD. By the time I get off, it'll be dark again though. However, I think if the weather repeats tomorrow, I'm going to go hiking up the hill I drove up last night. It's boring to hike up the tops of the hills, but if you walk through the valleys, it can be pretty spectacular. Maybe I'll drive to a new area with more plateau's instead since I've already climbed these hills a billion times years ago when I used to live by them.

Thanks again for all the feedback, it helps lots and kinda gets me excited and motivated to do more, =3.


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You have a car now though Aoi, you have the opportunity to go places now, =3.
But there is nowhere to go lol.
Oh, and I was going to talk to you about camping laterz on with us, so don' let me forget to bring that up next time we are talking, =D.
Kay, will do. :)
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A fellow adventurer, 'eh?! 'EH?! Well, I know exactly what you feel, man. When you know every back road, every alley, every path through your neighboring cities you start to want to expand your stomping grounds a bit. Saying I know every back road here in Tennessee is like saying I know how many spines are on a cactus, but you still know where plenty of them are.

Anyway, if you want some advise, don't confined yourself if you want to explore. Take a different road, drive off into the mountains (well, for myself anyway) and get lost, go deep into the forest and take pictures. There is so much beauty that you don't see when you are going through your daily life. I try to make it a point that every time I get a chance to get out of my car, I do. A few times a month I get out and walk through our downtown area and just analyze everything. I challenge you to stop sometime and just throw your mind out of your body and think of what that one area has been through. I drove out to Oak Ridge (where many crucial pieces of the atomic bomb where made) and found it fun to just walk around the city and think of what it used to be like. Driving past the plants was another cool experience, I could just see the secrecy and armed security checking everyone's creditionals and what the bases looked like on the inside.

My point there is just think about the history of an area, big or small. For starters, think of your neighborhood. Mine, for instance, was owned by a rich farmer and the government bough it in exchange for bonds.

If you are feeling REALLY bold and zesty, why not hit the road and go somewhere? Perhaps its our rebellious teen spirits, but for the most part, we have been coupe up in our homes for way too long. And when you think about it, its not so wrong to want to just explore and see what else is outside your perverbal walls. Take a trip somewhere and just dick off XD. You'd be surprised, walking through different mall with someone can actually be fun even if you do all the same shit you usually do at a local one and don't find it fun anymore. And plus you will probably meet some kick ass people! All the more reason to go, right??

Well Blur, I hoped that helped a little XD. I'm preparing myself for some summertime adventuring, go take some pictures up in the Smokey Mountains, travel maybe to the beach and soak up some sun, and I might even just have an awesome time! I'd suggest something similar for yourself. Its really fesable as long as you have money and transport. And considering full is cheap right now... :P

'Course, if you're ever in the South-east area of the US you are more than welcome to board up with me, I might even show you some awesome places to explore!

Oh, and caves. Best.Fucking.Adventures.Ever. Bring a flashlight.

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Well, look at it like this.

You go out in the woods, you get lost, struggle to survive, and eventualy die fom stavation/injury/dehydration.

You DON'T go, sit at your computer all day, and stay alive.


But seriously, go OUT. Go camping, wander around a bit, just enjoy NATURE. A simple hike by a small stream, with trees overhead, and a wonderful cool breze, it's pure heaven.

Or you could try bungie-jumping at the Grand Canyon.

I think that's legal...

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Heh, who doesn’t have this problem at some point.

Anyway, I have some experience here so I’ll add some input.

I grew up moving here and there, being in a military family, and doing so has really instilled me with a love of travel. Nothing entices me more than the winds of change. Handling it has been problematic at times but a lot of the people who posted here are of the age where they can actually do one of the best things about it. You guys are entering the college years.

I do not mean “pick a college on the other side of the country”. I mean that for those of you looking to start school, this is a phenomenal opportunity to travel. There are thousands of schools across the country and each, in both urban and rural locations, offers tours. Many of these tours are offered for free (and transportation can be provided though local agencies). College Tours usually consist of a couple of buddies piling into a van, heading to who-knows-where, a guided tour of campus to be followed by a full day of exploration when your done.

Want to see Philadelphia? Go Look at Temple U.

D.C. and Maryland? Head out to UMD College Park

(Two Shameless Plugs :lol: )

Whatever you have a feeling to explore, I guarantee you that there is a college close by.

Personally, I recommend some city life exploration in combination of the Earth’s natural beauty. Taking in some culture never hurts. As for the international flavor, start small. Learn to travel domestically. Stay with people you know and trust. Without proper street-smarts, you’re just making yourself a target.

Exploration is good, but doing so without a proper plan is a recipe for bad things to happen.

Edited by Sega DogTagz
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Awesome advice guys, =D. Reading your input alone Sarge makes me want to grab my shit and get going right now, XD. I really, REALLY, wish I could just head out the door, but I honestly can't. I'd really regret later in life if I hit the road right now and fucked stuff up in the future such as not getting a college application in on time or something, X_x. Bold and zesty will come though, I promise, >=D. I am going to take your great advice about saving some time in the summer to do some great shit, =3. Maybe one of these years I'll head your way just to see something new, ^_-.

And you know what Sega DogTagz? That ain't a half bad idea, =D. Maybe I'll hop the mountains that split this state and tour some colleges over there. This is literally a case where the grass is greener on the other side, XD. I live in the desert half of Washington where the other side is full of what it's known for: a fuck load of pine trees. As for the city, that's always kinda been on the other side of the fence I'm balancing on. The other part of me wants to live in a big city like Seattle up north. So much excitement and things to do, =3. Not to mention the fun new risks of everything, XD.

Dieing out in the woods a few years sooner sounds a hell of a lot more fun than a prolonging life in front of a screen, XD. But yes, in all seriousness, I'd take a few buddies along the way. I'm sure they are having similar feels at this point in time too, =D. It's actually just me and 3 friends so far going camping this spring break for 3-5 days (I'm pushing 5, but it depends on how much dough I've got, XP).

Actually, the last time I went camping was sadly more than a few years ago with Aoi, and we didn't even do to much up there. I'm glad I'm finally at an age where I can do what ever the hell I want with no restrictions (other than the law that is, XD).

Thanks for all the help everyone, =D.


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No Problem Blur, I am always here to help.

And you know what Sega DogTagz? That ain't a half bad idea, =D. Maybe I'll hop the mountains that split this state and tour some colleges over there. This is literally a case where the grass is greener on the other side, XD. I live in the desert half of Washington where the other side is full of what it's known for: a fuck load of pine trees. As for the city, that's always kinda been on the other side of the fence I'm balancing on. The other part of me wants to live in a big city like Seattle up north. So much excitement and things to do, =3. Not to mention the fun new risks of everything, XD.

Big cities are the best to me. Nothing gets the blood pumping like city life. Be sure not to neglect them in your adventures (by the sound of it, I am sure you will not). When I was picking a school I knew it had to be in a big city (woot Philly). In contrast, my twin bro wanted one in the wilderness (UMD Eastern Shore). Exploring both communities were great and were wonderful experiences.

I still don’t know how he can operate w/o immediate access to a 7-eleven and still consider himself to having a good quality of life. :lol:

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