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How do I watch bought videos in Sonic Unleashed?


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As the title says. I have bought alot of those videos from the merchants at the different continents in Sonic Unleashed, like the intro movie, the first werehog transformation, When Dark Gaia becomes Perfect etc. But I have no idea of how I'm supposed to be able to watch these. :(

Also, whenever I get one of those books they tell me I need to buy a bookshelf to show it's contents.

What does all this mean? How do I watch the videos?

Thanks for your time. :)

- Sharix

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You have to buy the TV, Grammphone or Bookshelf from Spagonia's shop to view vids, records and art in Pickle's Spagonia lab. They cost rings however. Likewise, you need to buy the same items from Shamar's shop to view them in Pickle's Shamar lab.

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