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Youtube links and the media tag.


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I've noticed an issue with the way the forum software handles youtube links and the media tags. It automatically converts youtube urls into media tagged urls in the post even if they have the hyperlink tags on already.

It would be handy, but it causes a problem because it prevents a comment with two embedded videos and a link to a third from being posted because before posting it converts the hyperlinked url into media tags and then rejects the post for having too many embedded videos.

Tinyurl can be used as a workaround but I thought I'd bring it up since I didn't think it was a feature working as intended.

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Actually, I had that problem too.

IN the URL you are posting, it has "Httpsyoutube.com"

Delete the s in the Https, then it will allow you to embed it. Like this-

to this

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There's a light switch-esque button in the top left of your post form. While turning it off disables the buttons that add tags to your text, meaning you'll have to write the tags and code in on your own, it effectively turns off the automatic formating of links and the like.

It should probably fix your issue if I'm not mistaken.

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I find using the 'Special BB Code' tab and then finding the media tag and inserting it that way also seems to work, or at least it has for me. Manually typing it kept giving me headaches so I've been doing it that way instead.

Edit: Wrote the wrong tab, I just got out of a long car ride and I'm kind of out of it from just waking up lol

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