(Update: Sold Out) Weston Super Sonic Convention Tickets Now Available!

Update: The tickets have now sold out, but if you still want to go we are giving away tickets, watch the first video in this post for details.

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Sonic Paradox Turns 10 Years Old! We React!


Every Monday, we upload a new video to our “Sonic Reacts” series. Members of the community sit and watch some weird and wonderful things and share their reaction with you the audience. We don’t usually post about these, but today’s is a very special edition.

^D5F25E49986C65A63A7A8DC0F83A4622261AB86D50578C14EA^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYep, it has been ten glorious years since the inception of Sonic Paradox, so for today’s episode we (and two members of Sonic Paradox) watch back some of the best content to come from the Paradox team.

The Sonic Show have always been big fans of the S.P group. We debuted the “Knuckles Briefs” collection in 2009. And worked with a variety of their animators, including PiggyBank and The Wax. Not to mention Donnie. Never forget “The Don™”.

So here is to 10 more insane years of comedy and creativity from Sonic Paradox! Keep it up guys!

Opinion Zone 15: Why Do Trolls Live In The Comment Sections?

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. They are most commonly known to hide under bridges, and since roughly the 2000’s have found access to the internet.
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Sonic Dreams Collection Brings Your Fan Fiction Nightmares To Reality!

Ever wanted to play the games that SEGA never got around to finishing for the Dreamcast? Well now, finally, we all can!

Sonic Dreams Collection was released today by Arcane Kids, a  studio that is known for putting together “unique” little projects together, such as the return of Bubsy3D.

The concept in this new collection is that after years of lurking in the depths of development hell, a leak has caused these prototypes of the 90s to rise back to the surface. This unique group of games will see you creating your own original character, playing an MMO and not to mention the most interesting look into the world of fan fiction. Oh, did we mention things get weird very quickly?

If you’re so inclined, the “leak” can be found here with the password “grandpa”. If you aren’t in the mood for torturing your mind, and would rather watch someone else who’s brain was burnt along time ago, enjoy the videos below![youtube]https://youtu.be/qfKeWrvO57o?list=PL4T2Dd-NV0aZ8OGb03op34Ork4QAw5oQX[/youtube][youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8jmFkAUYjE[/youtube][youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT8jKmKD1Jg[/youtube]

Opinion Zone 12: Where are the Sonic fangirls?

WARNING: (Explicit Tag) (Contains strong language)

A silly question maybe to some. We see the “fanboys” everywhere, but with the recent news that a YouGov poll found more women to be fans of Sonic than men, we were just curious where are they?
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The Opinion Zone Episode 10: Soz For Betraying Sonic Fans


Android / Web


Jay, Fuad, Donnie, Tom are joined by Pete aka TitansCreed filling in for Uncle Poxxy as we discuss the recent news that Sega CEO, Hajime Satomi, has admitted in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that he feels the company has “betrayed” the trust of their fans.

Fuad also brings us “Fuad Things”, a quickfire round of discussion covering, Sonic Prologue 2, the fan video of how to improve Sonic, the Phantasy Star anime and more.

Donnie (master all of Sonic media) once again goes up against a fan to see if they can Defeat Donnie. Plus Pete fills in for Uncle Poxxy and answers your advice questions including if adult Sonic fans are weird and what to do when your parents find out your a hardcore furry.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)


The Opinion Zone Episode 9: Who Asked For Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom?

Android / Web


Jay, Fuad, Donnie, Tom are joined by Uncle Poxxy as we discuss the recent soft launch of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Is it fun? Is it better? Is it way to early to be putting out for a soft launch? (Yes)

Donnie (master all of Sonic media) goes up against a fan to see if they can Defeat Donnie. Plus Uncle Poxxy and answers your advice questions including if its ok to collect Amiibos and how we get down with the “ladies”.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)

Sweet Dream: 24th Anniversary Short Trailer

Sonic’s birthday is not too far away, and there is something awesome on the way to celebrate.


Sweet Dream is a reimagining of the ending of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to celebrate 24 years of the blue blur. This is the latest project from SonicpoX, known throughout the Source Film Maker community on Youtube and lead animator for the highly anticipated Sonic:  Misadventures series. In addition to animation by Pox,  he’s teamed up with his friends from the Misadventures team to create a new musical score for this anniversary celebration.

Judging by SonicpoX’s previous work, and this fantastic trailer, we are very much looking forward to seeing the final product on June 23rd!

Check out more of SonicpoX’s content as well as Sweet Dream on June 23rd at http://youtube.com/sonicpox

STAR in a Sonic music video with Zone Runners!

Last year we ran a contest where people could draw Sonic selfies for our #BADNIK video. It’s time for a brand new song, and once again we want you guys to be in it!


The song is an original composition by Zone Runners that takes a cool spin on The Sonic Show theme tune. We want you guys to be in the video by recording yourself singing (miming) the chorus!

You can be as creative or uncreative as you like. Animate it, do it in cosplay, do it with friends, do it as a puppet, do indoors, outdoors or any dimension inbetween! Once you have recorded your entry, upload it to any video sharing site (like Youtube) and make sure you include “The Sonic Show and Zone Runners” in the title. Then send us a link to your entry to thesonicshowchannel@gmail.com or tweet it to us @sonic_show. Your entry can be public or unlisted, it’s up to you!

Entries must be submitted by the 24th of June

The Sonic Show and Zone Runners crew will feature their favourite entries in the video and ONE lucky entry will recieve a one of a kind tshirt of The Sonic Show and Zone Runners, hand signed by The Sonic Show AND every member of Zone Runners! You can’t buy a prize like that! Prize ships worldwide!

Check out the chorus you need to chant along to below! (music removed, gotta keep it a surprise!)

Fan Game Gives Him a Nose Bleed

So we did our first live stream show in a long, long time and we were just going to post the highlight reel and be done.

However, during the stream we were playing a fan game, one so random and stupid (Evil The Hedgehog 2) that in the laughter, Tom got a nose bleed. It made us wonder really, what fan game have you seen that made you think, “What on earth is this world I live in?”.

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Ep19 Sole Power – With Tails Channel’s Matt!

Matt from Tails Channel is here this week. The second half of the podcast is a good one! That’s if you like Sonic fans and Change.org!

Episode 19: YouTube Edition

Episode 19: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition

Also available on itunes!

Matt from Tails Channel joins Donnie, Kevin, Tanner and Jamie on the Sonic Boom to discuss his favourite Boom moments so far. The team also discuss more concerns about the Canadian education system, “pulling a Jaleel”, Tanner gets feedback, is Donnie the Spinball World Champion whilst Jamie is late and his dog also has an opinion on the show. Plus we go through the many Sonic change.org petitions… oh my.

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 17 Don’t Judge Me

For the first time in several weeks, no guests! But a very strange Hunger Games elimination in the latter half of the podcast!

Episode 17: YouTube Edition

Episode 17: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition

Also available on itunes!

Kevin, Donnie, Tanner and Tom prepare for the latest Sonic Boom episode and discuss your comments and a number of other Sonic-based topics. Including: What would a version of the introduction sequence with Eggman as the hero look like? Strange Sonic 3 Remastered emails, a bizarre version of Oliver Twist seems to happen and is Tom worse than Tumblr? That and the gang do a play-by-play on Tanner’s mid-week reveal of a Hunger Games contest starring them and others. Who survives the games? And will Tanner survive the end of the show!?

Boom Commentaries: Episode 16 Special Guest: The Great Clement

In today’s wonderful show, Kevin Donnie and Jono are joined by The Great Clement. They get indepth with today’s episode of Boom, plus answer your questions and chat about the usual randomness. Plus, Jay adds his own unique editors notes throughout this 2 hour sausagefest podcast edition.

Episode 16: YouTube Edition

Episode 16: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition


Also available on itunes!


Boom Commentaries Uncut: Ep 15 with guest Bill Freiberger

Back again, this time with a special guest!

Kevin, Jay, JonoD, Tom and Donnie are joined by special guest Bill Freiberger! Exective Producer and show runner. We discuss his thoughts on “certain” kinds of fan comments, clarification on the season 2 rumors, Drawn Together, his reaction to the reaction of “new” Knuckles, Shadow appearing in the cartoon, comic books, plus insider info on the show!

The Top 5 Rejected Sonic Story Book Concepts

The storybook series was a short lived run of games on the Nintendo Wii, that threw Sonic into (seemingly random) classic stories. That series only lasted two games but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them.

While SEGA work out what they are doing with Sonic, maybe now is a good time to bring old blue back to the world of literature? So let’s go through our top 5 story book ideas!

Would you like to see the series return?  And if so, what classic tale are you dying to see Sonic and co jump into next?

Article thumbnail art by http://mztornadogirl77.deviantart.com/

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 12 Circus Of Plunders

It’s time for the circus everyone! With a solid episode, and Elicense discussion (in the uncut podcast) it’s all good in the Commentary house!

Kevin is joined by Tanner and Jamie as they discuss last week’s episode, the work history of this week’s writer, unsuitable locations for magic, Dick Dastardly, breeding a shiny Jamie, birds without backs and Donnie makes a late appearance for TOTALLY LEGITIMATE EPISODE VIEWING HONEST ‘GUV. Tanner Montana anyone? The gang then watch the episode together before discussing the ongoing troubles and theories behind the SEGA/Elicense drama!

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 10 Dude Where’s My Eggman

Another week, another week’s commentary, in it’s simple video form and Uncut hour long podcast version!

What did you think of the episode? Was it the best way to start the return to your airwaves?

Kevin, Tanner and Tom AND JON AND DONNIE (wow that’s a lot) forget what happens last night and watch two robots try and find out the true meaning of friendship. Naw just kidding they’re looking for Eggman. That gang also google Santa the Claus for science.

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 9 Guilt Tripping

It’s a new year and the Boom is back! Here for your enjoyment is this weeks commentary, in it’s simple video form and Uncut hour long podcast version!

What did you think of the episode? Was it the best way to start the return to your airwaves?

Kevin, Tanner and Tom are getting ready before commentating on Sonic Boom 9 – and neither Tanner nor Kevin like it. Uh-oh. Pre and post show commentary covers, Gogobas focused Natural History production, revelations about Comedy Chimp, Tanner reads episode reviews off Tumblr. discussions on ‘leg day’ and the horrors of Boom Knuckles fanart

Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 8 Eggheads

YouTube Preview Image

In today’s episode, Eggman bakes up some “evil cookies” which turn Sonic’s friends into Eggman’s henchmen. Plus check out the podcast version for OVER AN HOUR of discussion on this episode! You check the audio podcast at this link or just search for The Sonic Show on itunes to listen to them all!

What did you think of this episode and was it a good “season finale”? Sound off in the comments!