Donate to The Sonic Stadium

Donate to The Sonic Stadium

Hey, you like us right? Sure you do. This is the page where we make lost puppy eyes and hold out our hands like Oliver. Why would we degrade ourselves in this manner, we hear you cry? Well, think about it – The Sonic Stadium is one of the biggest Sonic resources online. If you count how big our content (images, information pages, downloads) is on its own, it balloons to well over several Gigabytes of data.

To host this online, we need beefy computers run by men with beards and glasses. Without the means to pay for hosting, TSS goes bye-bye. Which nobody wants. So please chip in whatever you can, whenever you like, and your contributions will go a long way to holding the site up, and funding prizes and stuff for you lot. That, and Ian wants another diamond encrusted necklace. Thanks in advance.




There is no limit to what you can donate – this is a completely optional service and there will be no subscription of any kind involved. This is a one-off donation from you to The Sonic Stadium in order for the website to support itself. Thank you for your kind generousity.


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