Amazon Italy lists a Sonic Double Pack for Switch/PS4/XBO

Amazon Italy has recently put up a listing for a Sonic Double Pack for Switch, PS4, and XBO. All we know so far is that one of the games included will be Sonic Mania Plus (including its artbook and reversible cover), while the other is described to be a Sonic game characterized by innovative 3D graphics.

Which really only means Sonic Forces since well, that’s the only other Sonic game out right now on any of the three consoles at retail (basically not including Sega Ages Sonic 1 on Switch, etc). And I very much doubt it’d be Team Sonic Racing since that isn’t even out yet anywhere.

What I theorize is that it’s nothing more than a sleeve/box with both game cases inside, which Sega have done on numerous occasions throughout the years. Just recently they released a 2 Hits Pack containing both game cases of Sonic Forces and Puyo Puyo Tetris in one sleeve/box on Switch for instance. Also it’d be hard to have Sonic Mania Plus‘ reversible cover otherwise.

So far that’s all we know. There’s no indication if this pack will even be released elsewhere.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Nintendolife.

Team Sonic Racing Delayed?

Delays happen in game development and Team Sonic Racing may be speeding towards one, if a pamphlet from the IgroMir Expo is to be believed. A pamphlet from IgroMir, which is a Russian computer and gaming expo, was posted by Sonic fan twitter account @SAAC_RUS. It gives the game, which is currently scheduled for a winter 2018 release, a 2019 release date:

Of course, there could be other explanations for this pamphlet other then a delay. The game could be getting a delayed release in Russia, or the date on the pamphlet could just be an error. The lack of a concrete release date for a 2018 game less than three months before the end of the year is certainly unusual, however.

Whether the game is soon to get an official release date, or a delay, stay tuned to TSS and we’ll let you know!

Sonic Talk 55: Funko Pooped

In this month’s Sonic Talk, we talk about Shenmue and how sometimes nostalgia isn’t enough. More on Team Sonic Racing, our final thoughts on Sonic Mania Plus, the Sonic movie, GX’s distain for Funko Pops and much, much more!

Team Sonic Racing @EGX 2018 Hands On Impressions

Approximately one year ago, I wrote a very lengthy hands on impressions about my experience playing Sonic Forces at EGX 2017 and boy oh boy it set the cat amongst the pigeons didn’t it?

One year on, a new EGX has come and a new very different Sonic game is on the horizon, as I did a year ago, I went to the expo and played a lot of Sumo Digital’s Team Sonic Racing.

Continue reading Team Sonic Racing @EGX 2018 Hands On Impressions

TSS Review: Sega Ages Sonic The Hedgehog

If there are three things we’re sure of in life, it’s death, taxes and the original Sonic the Hedgehog being ported to just about every Nintendo system.

So what sets Sega Ages Sonic The Hedgehog apart from the billion other ports of the game? Well, it doesn’t just feature the arcade version of the very first Sonic game (Yes, there was an arcade version), but it’s one of the very best ports of the original classic you can get….probably. Not 100% sure because there is a butt-ton of versions out there!

While many versions of Sonic the Hedgehog come with the spindash added (a feature that wasn’t in the original), M2 also added the drop dash from Sonic Mania. This adds a fun spin (pun intended) on the original version that really helps with speed runs and plowing through enemies. You can still opt out of it if you want to have a more original experience but let’s be honest. The original is a bit bland in comparison to it’s sequels and adding the drop dash gives it a bit of spice.

Another new addition is a ring chain count on the bottom of the screen. You can see how many rings you’ve chained together without getting hit and the maximum amount you’ve ever carried. It doesn’t add much, but it’s a fun addition and kept me playing a bit more carefully to see how far I could get. I finished all three Green Hill acts without getting hit and I got up to 323 rings. Besides the original mode, there’s also a “Ring Keep” mode that’s basically an easier version of the game where you only lose half of your rings when hit and a challenge mode that offers two different features. The first is a time attack through Green Hill Zone Act 1 where you use the spin/drop dash to your advantage to get the best time possible. The other feature is a score attack on the Mega Play version of the game where you have a very limited amount of time and can’t lose a single life.

So what’s Mega Play? Remember when I was telling you that there’s an arcade version of Sonic in this game? Well that’s pretty much it. In the settings menu, you can set the original mode to Mega Drive, Genesis and Mega Play. Mega Play was a series of arcade cabinets that appeared in Asia and Europe that would feature condensed versions of Mega Drive classics to help promote the system.  The Mega Play version of Sonic shrinks the game by cutting zones down to two acts, removing the special stages, and even completely discarding levels like the incredibly slow-paced garbage that is Marble Zone.

Outside of all those new bells and whistles come the standards. You can go into the settings menu and change the size of the display, you can change the frame around the screen, you have save states, online rankings, graphic filters and even the ability to download speedrun videos so you can get some tips on how to cut your time down.

Now, you might be reading this and saying “But Jason, you handsome, obese devil, you! Should I get this version of the game or wait until the Sega Genesis Classics comes out?” and to that I say, do you want the best version? I’ve played Sega Genesis Classics on the X-Box One and the emulation is a bit mediocre in my opinion. M2 has done a terrific job here and it’s probably the best version you can get with the 3DS build or Christian Whitehead mobile version being a close second. All the new features add to the value of the game and I personally recommend it, but only for the die-hard Sonic fans.



Thanks to Alex Peal (Nuckles87) for helping me edit.

Metal Sonic/Eggman Spotted in Team Sonic Racing

Over in Birmingham, the annual EGX Expo is currently underway giving UK fans the chance to try out Team Sonic Racing for the first time.

Well our very own writer Dave was there and during his time on the Planet Wisp course spotted a Metal Sonic billboard on the side of the track while playing the game!

This all but confirms Metal Sonic will be a playable racer in Team Sonic Racing.

“The track ends with a jump/drop to the start line. On the final lap I noticed the the starting grid goes quite a distance under the jump. So I turned around and followed the route to see what was there. That’s when I noticed Metal Sonic billboards… everywhere. But you can see them from the start line clear as day.”

Ironically, it’s rumored that this billboard may have been in the demo since E3, we’ve confirmed that these billboards were in the Gamescom demo and no one caught it. It’s also been reported that Dr. Eggman was spotted during the Tokyo Game Show stream. Does this mean that there’s an unannounced “Team Eggman”? Eh, probably, but we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

Team Sonic Racing speeds it’s way to store shelves this winter.

Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch coming out in the west on September 20th

Sega of America’s Sam Mullen confirmed to me on twitter that the Sega Ages games will indeed release worldwide at the same time. Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV are the first two games in the line-up and are both releasing on September 20th.

For now, you can check out a gameplay video above of Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog by Nintendaan who shows off the many options the game offers. Options include display modes (including a CRT mode called “Vintage”), custom button-mapping, save states, etc!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sega Genesis Classics announced for Switch

Just two days before the Sega Ages games start rolling out in Japan, Sega in the west have announced the d3t-developed Sega Genesis Classics (Sega Mega Drive Classics in EU) for Switch. This was released earlier this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The collection features over 50 games, and six Sonic games are among them; Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and Flicky. The Sega Ages line right now is getting Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with the former being a launch title for the line-up on September 20th in Japan.

Sega have still not announced final plans for the Sega Ages line for the west yet.

Sega Genesis Classics for Switch launches this winter in NA and EU at both retail and on the eShop.

SEGA AGES: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch launches on September 20th in Japan

Surprise! We finally got a launch date for the first two Sega Ages games on Switch via Famitsu. Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV will launch on September 20th in Japan for the Switch eShop.

Continue reading SEGA AGES: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch launches on September 20th in Japan

SEGA AGES TGS Event Announced, Major Reveals Planned

Sega have announced their line-up for this year’s Tokyo Game Show event in Japan (which includes Team Sonic Racing). Alongside it, they’ve announced a special stage event will be taking place on September 22nd at 15:10-15:40 that will be all about their Sega Ages line-up for the Switch eShop. The stage event promises updates including “major title-related announcements”. Continue reading SEGA AGES TGS Event Announced, Major Reveals Planned

Tons of Sonic merchandise coming to Tokyo Game Show

The upcoming Tokyo Game Show not only features the best and most exciting upcoming video games, but also a ton of exclusive merchandise to sell and Sonic is no exception. Thanks to the Sonic Committee “R” account on Twitter, we now know that Sega will be bringing two different kinds of Sonic merch to the show. One will be based on the upcoming “Team Sonic Racing” game, including T-Shirts, keychains and phone covers. The other will be the same image of Sonic in front of some cherry blosssoms printed onto several different items including mugs, fans, T-Shirts and more.

The Tokyo Game show will be taking place September 19 to the 23rd at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Japan.

Various Sonic games for Xbox 360 are on sale worldwide for up to 50% off

Microsoft just held their weekly sale and among the games on sale are a bunch of Sonic’s titles for Xbox 360 for up to 50% off. While the games below have their US prices listed, the sale should be available worldwide and presumably the same discounts should apply. The sales for these games below shouldn’t require XBL Gold as well. The titles and their prices (plus links for each US page) are below:

Sonic & Knuckles – 33% off $2.00
Sonic Adventure – 50% off $2.49
Sonic Adventure 2 – 50% off $4.99
Sonic CD – 50% off $2.49
Sonic Generations – 50% off $9.99
Sonic the Fighters – 50% off $2.49
Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade) – 50% off $2.49
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – 50% off $2.49
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – 50% off $2.49

Any that catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

Special thanks to MauroNL at ResetEra for clarifying that the sale is worldwide!

Team Sonic Racing – The Gamescom Preview

For all of Sumo Digital’s noise about wanting to develop a relatively simple and accessible game, there is a surprising amount of depth to be found during a race of Team Sonic Racing. Certainly more so than in pseudo-predecessor Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Continue reading Team Sonic Racing – The Gamescom Preview

SAGE 2018: Petit Hedgehog

Petit Hedgehog is probably one of the more notable entries at this year’s SAGE, with a refined version from last year’s expo being showcased for 2018. Created by Chengi, Petit draws upon influences from the Sonic Advance era, as well as translating elements from the Sonic Adventure formula into a 2D environment.

Continue reading SAGE 2018: Petit Hedgehog

Sega Ages Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed

SEGA have announced that the SEGA AGES release of Sonic the Hedgehog, along with the accompanying release of Thunder Force IV has been postponed until September.

According to the post on the Japanese SEGA Twitter account, the delay is down to work to further quality improvement, and apologised to fans anticipating these titles.

The first two SEGA AGES titles will now be available on Nintendo Switch next month, and scheduled to be followed by other classic SEGA titles such as Phantasy Star and Alex Kidd in Miracle World.


Team Sonic Racing story mode detailed

A Sonic game just isn’t a Sonic game without some kind of elaborate story mode, and it looks like Team Sonic Racing will be no exception. According to the same Famitsu article that was the source for our article about the game’s new character, Dodonpa, the game will give players a “Team Adventure” mode to race through. The following details come from Nintendo Everything, which posted a translation provided by Nico Traxton.

Team Adventure will be a brand new story centered around “Sonic characters,” though whether the story will feature the game’s entire roster or only select characters isn’t specified. The mode will have racers participate in a variety of events, including Grand Prix, regular team races, Survival Race, and Ring Challenge. Survival Race is a last man standing event, though it isn’t specified how the racers will be eliminated. Ring challenge gives victory to whoever collects the most rings.

Team Adventure will also be how new racers and custom car parts are unlocked. The mode takes place on a world map and will be divided into chapters, with difficulty that can be adjusted. When asked about the mode’s length, Producer Takashi Iizuka didn’t give an exact amount, but said that “it’ll take a bit of time to reach the ending.” He also confirmed that each stage has special clear conditions, and stars that can be collected for meeting those conditions.

This mode sounds fairly similar to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s “World Tour” mode, albeit with the addition of genuine story elements. It also featured a series of challenges, branching paths to those challenges, and was how the game’s characters were unlocked. In that game, the stars were used to unlock paths and characters, though they were earned by merely completing challenges on higher difficulties.

This will mark the first time one of Sumo Digital SEGA racers will feature a story mode. Anyone want to take bets on whether the big twist at the end will involve Dodonpa betraying Eggman or being Eggman?

The Famitsu article appears to feature screenshots from the story mode’s world map and cutscenes, which we’ve posted below. Stay tuned for further details of Team Sonic Racing, which will be launching on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One some time later this year.


Sneaky New Team Sonic Racing Character ‘Dodonpa’ Revealed in Famitsu

Some new details on Team Sonic Racing’s story mode has been revealed in the latest issue of Japanese games magazine Famitsu – and we now have a better idea about who the mysterious raccoon-like character is as well. Continue reading Sneaky New Team Sonic Racing Character ‘Dodonpa’ Revealed in Famitsu

New ‘Market Street’ Track Revealed for Team Sonic Racing, Riffs Rooftop Run

SEGA announced a brand new track for Team Sonic Racing at Gamescom this week, and for those of you with steely-eyed nostalgia for Sonic Unleashed you’ll be pleasantly surprised as madcap city stage Rooftop Run is represented in the colourful ‘Market Street’. Continue reading New ‘Market Street’ Track Revealed for Team Sonic Racing, Riffs Rooftop Run

Sonic Talk 54: Party of Four


Wow!! Am I late with this one!! So Sorry about that. Check out our hands-on impressions of Team Sonic Racing, our discussion of Sonic Revolution, the end of Sonic Boom, The Sonic toys at Subway (which I have yet to find a Subway in my area that has them) and much, much more!!

Silver, Blaze and Vector Are All Coming to Team Sonic Racing

SEGA revealed three new characters to the roster of Team Sonic Racing – and to anyone who’s a fan of the last fifteen years of Sonic games, this is going to be very good news. Sonic 2006’s Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush’s Blaze the Cat and the Sonic Heroes’ reboot of Vector the Crocodile will all be speeding their way to your hearts. Continue reading Silver, Blaze and Vector Are All Coming to Team Sonic Racing

New TSR Video Shows off Team Racing Mechanics

This morning, Sega put out a new video for Team Sonic Racing that highlights the different team gameplay mechanics including skimboost, slingshot, item swapping, Team Ultimate and more. Highlighting the video is gameplay from not only the Planet Wisp stage, but the new ice level first shown at San Diego Comic Con along with some Big the Cat and Amy Rose gameplay.

Team Sonic Racing is available this winter.


New Team Sonic Racing Track and Teams Playable at Gamescom 2018

SEGA today announced their line-up for Gamescom 2018, which is set to include among other titles such as two Persona dancing titles, First of the North Star, and Team Sonic Racing, which will be showcasing new features:

Team Sonic Racing, developed by award-winning studio Sumo Digital, is the ultimate arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing experience, featuring your favourite characters from across the Sonic Universe. Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to race on an all new track, Ice Mountain, and experience two brand new playable teams.

Stay tuned to TSS for more details on these teams as the news comes!


Sega Forever: Sonic 4 Episode 2 Joins The Vault

Sega Forever, the free to play service which offers classic Sega titles for free on mobile devices has updated today to include Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2.

Originally released back in May 2012 (6 years ago), Episode 2 was one the whole a much better received game than Episode 1, with boss battles being more original and varied, level design noticeably improved and the inclusion of Tails to allow for special co-op moves.

The Sega Forever version has made one significant change to the original release, Episode Metal is now available immediately, previously you had to purchase both Episodes 1 & 2.

Sonic 4 Episode 2: Is now available on Google Play & the Ios App Store.

See A Playable Build of Cancelled Arcade Puzzler SEGASonic Bros in Action

A playable version of unreleased arcade puzzle game SEGASonic Bros has been spotted in the wild this past weekend, as a build was discovered at US classic gaming enthusiast show California Extreme. Continue reading See A Playable Build of Cancelled Arcade Puzzler SEGASonic Bros in Action

Sonic Mania Plus Proves Popular In UK on Nintendo Switch

Following the worldwide release of Sonic Mania Plus last week, the first data indicates that the Nintendo Switch version accounted for 52% of all sales in the UK last week. The PS4 version accounted for 34% while the Xbox One version made up the remainder.

Continue reading Sonic Mania Plus Proves Popular In UK on Nintendo Switch

Sonic Mania Cheat Codes Discovered!

Sonic Mania Plus continues to surprise players in many ways with small references and nods. But now fans have discovered that the game also includes cheat codes! Yes actual cheat codes, remember them? We used to have them before DLC became a thing.

A series of cheat codes have been discovered which work across all versions of the game, we’re unsure if you need the full plus DLC to get these to work or if they will work on a fully patched vanilla version of Sonic Mania, so give it a try anyway.

From what we understand, they do not work on Encore mode, and some codes only work for Sonic.

To enable the codes, you need to do the following.

Enter Mania Mode and go to ‘No Save’.

You now need to enter the code for the level select.

  • PS4: Hold Square, Select No save.
  • Xbox: Hold X, Select No save.
  • Switch: Hold Y, Select No save.

You will now be at the level select.

Go to sound test and play the following sounds to enable the desired code.

  • 3 3 3 1 9 7 9 0 8 1 1 – Changes all animals into Squirrels.
  • 4 1 2 6 – All Emeralds
  • 1 9 9 2 1 1 2 4 – Infinite Continues
  • 2 0 1 8 0 6 2 3 – Force Encore Mode
  • 1 9 8 9 0 5 0 1 – Unknown
  • 2 0 1 7 0 8 1 5 – Super Sonic Flight in normal levels (Don’t need to be Super to trigger it).
  • 9 0 0 1 – Max Control For Sonic (Dropdash, Super Peel Out, Insta-Shield)
  • 0 0 0 0 6 2 1 4 – Disable Super Music

Some of these codes combine to make interesting effects, for example, if you enable Force Encore Mode and Max Control For Sonic, it’s possible to give the Super Peel Out move to Knuckles and other characters.

Try them yourself and see what happens.

Edit: The person who originally made this discovery has been revealed to be modder CodenameGamma. His Reddit thread details the discovery and includes a few additional details. You can also check out his YouTube channel which also contains a number of interesting finds and discoveries.

Report: ‘Bloated’ Denuvo DRM Causing Issues With Sonic Mania Plus on PC

Sonic Mania Plus may have brought back classic characters Ray and Mighty from the dead, but on PC the expansion pack appears to have also revived the gameplay-destroying horror of Digital Rights Management software Denuvo. Continue reading Report: ‘Bloated’ Denuvo DRM Causing Issues With Sonic Mania Plus on PC

Big rides again in new Team Sonic Racing footage

IDW’s Way Past Cool Sonic Panel didn’t have to show from the games, but they did have something.  They showed brief clip of everyone’s favorite overweight feline, Big the Cat, driving a kart designed to look like his best pal Froggy through an unnamed snowy environment.

Check out the footage, captured by TSSZ, in the tweet below:

Team Sonic Racing Prequel Comic announced

Team Sonic Racing will be getting a prequel comic from IDW this October. Revealed at IDW and SEGA’s “Way Past Cool Sonic Panel” at San Diego Comic Con, the comic will feature Sonic and his friends “facing an old foe” while racing across an alien planet.

The comic will be written by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles scribe Caleb Goellner and feature art from veteran Sonic comic artist Adam Bryce Thomas. You can check out the comic’s cover art, also drawn by Thomas, below:

Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch releases in Japan in August for 925 yen

As announced back at the Sega Fes 2018 event back in April, Sega and the developer M2 will be releasing individual classics on the Nintendo Switch eShop as part of their Sega Ages line. This succeeds the Sega 3D Classics line from the Nintendo 3DS (also by M2), and one of the first two games to launch with the line is of course; Sonic 1 (the other being Thunder Force IV on Genesis). Continue reading Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog for Switch releases in Japan in August for 925 yen

TSS REVIEW: Sonic Mania Plus

Last year’s explosive release of Sonic Mania wasn’t just about a game that ended up thrilling both new and old blue blur fans. It was also proof that a brand new, ‘classic’ style 2D Sonic title will sell – and sell it most certainly did, cementing itself in the annals of hedgehog history. But, while widely regarded as one of the most critically-acclaimed Sonic titles in recent memory, there were some clear presentation omissions and missing elements in the base game – elements that you would think Christian Whitehead and co would have included, if they were just given more time to bake it in.

Enter Sonic Mania Plus. Continue reading TSS REVIEW: Sonic Mania Plus

GALLERY: See the Sonic Mania Plus Special Edition, Up Close and Personal

Sonic Mania Plus hits digital game stores in just a few days time! But next Tuesday is also important for the fact that it will mark the first time that the 2017 platformer will be available in physical format on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. We’ve had a review copy sitting in TSS Towers for a while now (review coming soon!), but we thought we’d share what you can expect to find in the physical package to help hype up next week’s release. Read on to find high-quality photos of everything! Continue reading GALLERY: See the Sonic Mania Plus Special Edition, Up Close and Personal

Mega Man 4 Medley by Senoue to Feature In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate draws closer, Nintendo continue to tease the new and exciting features included in the game – and today’s blog post on the Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate site is delectably Sonic AND Mega Man-themed!

Sonic Team sound director and Crush 40 guitarist Jun Senoue has been revealed to have created a Mega Man 4 Medley for the game, following on from the reveal of Tomoya Ohtani (sound director for Sonic Forces and Sonic Colors) has created his own rendition of a track from Splatoon for the title.

You can check out a sneak preview of the track over on the Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate music page.

Will the theme of collaboration in SSBU mean a Sonic the Hedgehog cover from another prolific composer in the video game music industry? Stay tuned to TSS for news as it comes!