Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

The first confirmed Sonic the Hedgehog game for the new decade proves to be a mystery. SEGA has announced it will be going ‘back to the roots’ in a 2D adventure that benefits from HD graphics fidelity.

General Information

USA: July 2010 · EUR: July 2010 · JPN: July 2010
Platform: WiiWare, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, iPhone
Developer: Sonic Team · Publisher: SEGA


  • The game was first announced on the 8th September 2009, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast (9/9/99). It was codenamed ‘Project Needlemouse’, which refers to one of the original, planned names for Sonic the Hedgehog from 1990.
  • SEGA France spokesperson, Franck Sebastien, hinted that the game could be heading for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade digital platforms, following a retro trend that Capcom successfully tapped into with Mega Man 9. This was before any platforms were confirmed.
  • Sonic 4 marks the first time a major instalment in the franchise has been released on digital platforms.
  • SEGA of America’s community department engaged with the Sonic fanbase several times prior to its full unveiling on 4/2/10. On two occasions, the community was asked to participate in challenges that would eventually reveal pieces of concept artwork and a sample of music.
  • As the name of the game suggests, Sonic 4 intends to be a return to the gameplay mechanics that fans adored in the Mega Drive titles. SEGA said its aim was to “deliver a Genesis-era Sonic game as if it were created today that goes to the core of what classic Sonic fans desire.”

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