Sonic Colours

Sonic Colours

Sonic Colours ソニック カラーズ
Developer: Sonic Team (Wii), Dimps (DS)
Platform: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
EU Release: 12 Nov 2010  |  US Release: 16 Nov 2010  |  JP Release: 18 Nov 2010

Takashi Iizuka returns to the development frontlines with Sonic Colours, an intergalactic adventure that sees the blue blur try to destroy Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. You see, the Park is powered by the galaxy’s indigenous Wisp creatures, who are helpless as the mad doctor chains entire planets together for his world takeover schemes.

It’s a story that harks back to the original Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog, and indeed Sonic Team has gone out of its way to learn and reference past glories in this Nintendo-exclusive title. Nine years after Sonic Adventure 2, it’s time to reach for the stars again…


Dr. Eggman appears to have done a Dr. Wily, as he claims to be a changed man. To apologise for all of his villainous schemes, he has constructed the Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park – a colossal metallic resort made up of several planets chained to a central hub station.

Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t entirely convinced that the ‘good’ Doc has turned a new leaf, so sets off with Tails to investigate the park. It’s not long before the heroes notice Eggman’s henchbots, Orbot and Cubot, try to snatch some indigenous alien creatures known as Wisps.

After rescuing the floating critters, Sonic and Tails learn that their kind is being kidnapped by Eggman to power the Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. It turns out the bad egg is sapping the Wisps’ life force, Hyper Go-on energy, to help build and maintain the complex – and what’s more, the villain has built a mind-control device that runs on it too! Sonic vows to free the aliens, and save the universe from being brainwashed at the same time!

Sonic the Hedgehog
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith

Our favourite blue hedgehog doesn’t think that Eggman’s a reformed man for one second! Always one to stand up for what’s right, Sonic doesn’t stand idly by when he discovers that the Wisps are in grave danger. He’s not entirely sure what his arch-enemy has planned, but knows it can’t be anything good. Using the moves he’s picked up from Sonic Unleashed, the blue blur can also use the power of the Wisps to drill, smash and bounce his way throughout the levels.

Miles ‘Tails’ Prower
Voiced by: Kate Higgins

Ever the inquisitive engineer, Tails has doubts when Sonic suspects that Eggman might be up to something rotten. When Sonic rescues Yacker, Tails retools the Miles Electric handheld device to work as an alien translator. The glitchy nature of the hack results in regular misinterpretations such as Eggman’s “evil porpoise” (“purpose”). Tails now treats Sonic more as an evil-fighting best friend rather than someone to admire and look up to – most of his heroics are like everyday affairs to him these days.

Dr. Eggman
Voiced by: Mike Pollock

Claims to have built the Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park out of a “sense of remorse for past transgressions.” It’s not linked to “any diabolical plot or underhanded misdeeds,” honest. In secret, Eggman is really capturing all of the little Wisp creatures and using their Hyper Go-on energy to power his colossal resort, along with a brainwashing machine to control the universe. A road test was already successful when Eggman managed to zap Tails, so all he needs is a more energy-efficient version of the weapon…


The leading Wisp character, Yacker is unique in that he sports a little curl on the top of his ‘head.’ He acts as the ambassador of his race to a degree, asking Sonic and Tails to stop Dr. Eggman (or “Baldy Noisehair” as he is referred to) from destroying his home and imprisoning his friends. Although Yacker can only communicate in garbled noises, he seems to have a good grasp of English, as he is able to tell when Tails’ translator tool isn’t working. It is assumed he lives on Planet Wisp, a world that is blighted by Eggman’s construction workers and scaffolding.

Orbot and Cubot

Eggman’s spherical robot henchman returns in Sonic Colours, with a renewed sense of cynicism and a new work ethic that amounts to practical laziness. Orbot is higher up the henchman foodchain than newcomer Cubot, and tends to order the yellow klutz about and explain obvious jokes to him. Cubot is a maintenance robot that is cursed with a broken voice chip. After being stuck on Cowboy mode throughout the game, a replacement voice card dramatically changes Cubot’s accent to Pirate instead.


Themed Egg Pawns: Each world contains a number of standard Egg Pawns (no weapons, no accessories) and ‘themed’ Egg Pawns that are decorated according to the level design. Unlike the standard Egg Pawns, these guys are mostly pacifists and don’t go out of their way to attack you unless you are very close to them.

  • Tropical Resort: ‘Welcoming Committee’ – carrying and waving a large ‘Welcome’ sign. Dances and bows. Will try to bat Sonic with the sign when attacking.
  • Sweet Mountain: ‘Chef’ – sporting a moustache, wearing a chef’s hat and holding a whisk. Marches on the spot, but when attacking will use the whisk like a fencing weapon.
  • Starlight Carnival: ‘Marching Band’ – will be bouncing around with a trumpet. Blows the trumpet in Sonic’s face with a little tune to attack.
  • Planet Wisp: ‘Construction Worker’ – wearing a hard hat and pickaxe. Will try to bury the pickaxe in Sonic’s head.
  • Aquatic Park: ‘Samurai’ – dressed in ancient oriental garb, armed with a katana. Unlike other themed Egg Pawns, many of these will move around to try and cut Sonic down.

Tropical Resort
Badniks: Burrobot

The central hub of the Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, and essentially the ‘lobby’ to all other resort zones. This seemingly man-made structure has adopted a fusion of Aztec and Carribean design, with palm trees decorating huge stone temples against a starry backdrop. As with most zones, Eggman’s humorous announcements can be heard over the intercom. Balloons help Sonic bounce to higher levels (or away from spikes) and switches activate sliding platforms – similar to those found in Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Act 1: Watch Video

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Sweet Mountain
Badniks: Buzzbomber

Act 1: Watch Video

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Starlight Carnival
Badniks: Spiny, Motobug

Planet Wisp

Act 1: Watch Video

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Aquatic Park
Badniks: Chomper, Jawz, Caterkiller, Crabmeat

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