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Game 51 of 52: Overwatch 2 Season 10 - Mirrorwatch - 20/06/24



I was hoping I'd get the chance to include a Overwatch season in this list. In the background, I've actually been finishing each and every season, but since I normally just do the regular eighty tiers and dip, and therefore, they're only 'finished', I decided to just not submit them for the challenge. However, with Season 10, I finally got the chance I wanted. 

I could go into a in-depth detailed explanation of Overwatch, but it's one of the most famous shooters in the world, and I also just want this one to be a relatively smaller blog post, so I just wanna run down some quick stuff about it in terms of my experience.

  • I started playing in 2016, about one month after launch, if not a little before - I didn't know anything about the game until I tried out the open beta on PS4 on a whim and fell in love with it. The only reason I didn't get it immediately is it took a month to save enough money to get it + wait for friends to get it.
  • I've played the game consistently through all of it's major eras. 
  • I have 1000+ hours on the game
  • My mains are Cassidy, Venture, Junkrat, Reaper, Sombra, Reinhardt, Roadhog, D.Va, Lifeweaver, Mercy, Zenyatta, Brigette, and Kiriko. I have pretty considerable experience on everyone.

So, what changed to make me go for the full level 200 tiers on the BP, the first time I've done so since Season 3? Well, put simply:


They used my most hyped Seasonal theme to date. I'm a sucker for parallel universes where good is evil and vice versa, and this season gave me exactly that. Not only that, but a lot of my mains also got skins for this theme. Reinhardt, Mercy, Brigette, Kiriko, Zenyatta, and many more. On top of that, the prestige titles were badass titles that fitted for me as a Reinhardt main (Fallen Knight) and a Mercy main (Angel of Vengeance). Add in a lot of QoL changes that'd been requested for a long time, and I decided I was going the full way for this season. Given the circumstances, I'd like to just break down various things we had this season and go over my thoughts on them.

(Ad)Venture Awaits!:

The first big feature that we got for this season was not only the first DPS hero to be added to the game since...Sojourn at the very beginning of Overwatch 2, since the team had been focusing on tanks and heroes for awhile, but Venture had the distinct privilege of being the very first non-binary character added to the Overwatch roster.


All things considered, I think Venture is my favourite addition to the cast since...probably Ramattra in terms of everything. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy Lifeweaver, and Mauga, but both of their balances were completely out of whack on release, which soured my opinion on them a little, even if I do like how they play and their personalities.

However, Venture out of the gate is someone I greatly enjoy. Venture's personality is extremely fun, being a geologist nerd who loves making bad puns, and is generally overly excitable, especially when it comes to sharing their passions on preserving history, adding a unique and fun new presence to the cast, but I also just really enjoy how Venture plays. They're a mid-range brawler who can shoot out exploding drills at enemies, can dig underground for quick getaways, and perform a drill dash either as a attack, or as a means of quick escape, or getting to high ground. While I did fall off Venture a little towards the end of the season, more so because I was trying to get myself more skilled at Sombra, I still greatly enjoy playing them. 

Positive Changes:

It really cannot be overstated how much props the Overwatch team deserves for the sheer amount of QoL changes, highly requested features, fixes, and changes are coming, and this season introduced them all. Not only are we seeing new modes, new maps, and new characters, as well as test game modes to see about how changes to the game would work out in the wild, but we've also seen huge improvements in terms of the Battle Pass. New characters are now unlocked to all players out of the gate, and the Battle Pass now included 600 free coins for all players who finish the pass, meaning that F2P players can get a battle pass every two seasons, which is insanely good, as well as introducing a Mythic store that now offers players the choice of getting a new mythic skin, or getting one of the previous skins if they don't play the character who currently has a skin, hitting a good compromise between those who wants the mythics to come back or not.


I can't say all of the changes is positive stuff I liked. There's some balance changes I've not been a huge fan of, such as Brigette getting nerfed again, leaver penalties becoming more extreme (which they needed to be upped, it's nuts that two matches is enough to put a five minute time out on your account). Clash was trialled during this season, and while interesting, it was a bit too snowball-y for my tastes, although I hope they improve it before launch. Quick Play Hacked also tried to bring back double hero picks for a weekend, and it was absolutely miserable, with some of the most bullshit teams I've seen in ages that were practically invincible. 

Still, I can't deny that in general, it was mostly good changes, all things considered.

The Collab:

So collabs have generally been becoming more and more of a thing in the game. We had the OPM crossover, followed by Le Seeafim, Cowboy Bebop, the forthcoming Transformers collab, etc. But in this case, we got...Porsche. 


Yeah, so in what was probably the strangest collab in the game so far, Overwatch teamed up with Porsche to give D.Va and Pharah two new skins, as well as making D.Va's new mech in real life. While generally, I don't like buying skins in Overwatch 2, and I usually only do so for the skins I absolutely love, and for the characters I always play, I do think the Overwatch original designs for these collabs always slap. 

The LE SEEAFIM skins for Sombra, Tracer, D.Va, Brigette, and Kiriko are IMO - my favourite skins for all five of them, and I never take them off now, and I can't really say I don't think the same here. The Porsche skin for D.Va is pretty cool, and I love the unique effects and sounds it plays, which makes it a great swap out when I don't use the former D.Va skin. So while a minor collab in comparsion to the other collabs, I still think it was ultimately decent enough, all things considered.


Yeah, it took a bit to actually get into this, but I thought it'd be best to contain all of this to the one general topic. For a start, the Battle Pass is pretty good in my opinion. Containing a Junker Symettra skin, Overwatch variations for the three major Talon villains, and throwing in the odd goofy skin here or there, it's probably one of my favourite battle passes in recent memory.


Similarly, I'd say most of the shop skins also slap just as well as the Battle Pass skin, and all fit the themes really well, with exception to Hanzo's skin, which is pretty bad. The only shop skins I ended up grabbing was Rein, Ana, and Zen, but all of them were pretty on point in my opinion. Again, probably my favourite selection of skins in awhile.

Of course, the most major cosmetic was this season's mythic skin, and damn


Easily my favourite mythic skin in the entire game. I was already a massive Mercy main for years as it is, but I was one of the original players who donated to the Breast Cancer charity cause way back when Pink Mercy was originally offered. I wanted to help out for a good cause and I thought the skin looked absolutely great, and Pink Mercy was my permanent Mercy cosmetic from that point on.

But Vengeance is the first skin that finally managed to dethrone Pink Mercy for awhile, especially with it's varied customisation options. It doesn't sting too much now that the Pink Mercy events have returned again (which I highly recommend everyone grab if they play Overwatch, given you're donating to a fantastic cause. I certainly made sure to grab Rose Gold Mercy this time to support the cause again), but damn, it is just a sick skin, and Blizzard went all out on it, giving it numerous unique voice lines, and even giving each and every single Mercy POTG intro a unique variation if you're using Vengeance.  


The other big thing to talk about is the Mirrorwatch event itself, which was a really damn unique twist on things. The Mirrorwatch event featured completely revamped heroes with brand new hero abilities, that while not particularly balanced - I found to be extremely fun to experiment and toy around with. Mercy having the ability to detonate souls as bombs against enemies, and generally being more offensive compared to her base form was great to experience. Reinhardt's increased attack speed where as his rage grows, his attack and speed gets faster and stronger. Doomfist with a shield was a unique new addition, as was using Sombra to hack her allies to restore abilities and give them health.

Unfortunately, I can't say all of these were born equal. While there's unique ideas in here, some characters became busted while some became kinda useless. Doomfist was a utter nightmare to fight due to his multiple buffs without many drawbacks, while characters like Widow has such small changes that it was genuinely silly how badly she got screwed. Still, for the few weeks it was present, it was a unique and occasionally fun new way to play Overwatch, even if it could be frustrating at points.

In Conclusion:

So in conclusion, I would say that while I wished we could've seen just a few more takes on mirrored versions of characters, such as a peaceful Ramattra, or a heroic Moira, or maybe Junkrat and Roadhog as civilised Viskar employees, or even switching Lucio's role, given he's usually the foil to Symettra, I overall really enjoyed the season, even if I did start to get burned out on the last few days while making my way up to level 200. 

The balance was relatively nice enough during the season, there was some great events that went on during the season, they really did a fantastic job of utilising the main season's concept, and in my opinion, it was a much needed refresh for the game with many revamps that added a lot of well-wanted changes, and brought Venture in as a fantastic new cast addition.


Honestly, between all of the QoL features and revamps of this season, and hearing all of the developer updates where the developers talk more and more about what's coming down the pipeline, of all the fixes they're doing, the new directions they're taking with maps, modes, and how they approach things, and how they approach the community's feedback on various aspects, I think it's a little ironic to say, given the recent news and rumours about the campaign mode that may or may not be cancelled.

But I feel optimistic about the future of Overwatch. 

It feels like with the unfortunate news and layoffs that happened following Microsoft's acquisition, the team has decided to double down and completely overhaul the primary game, trying to work as hard as they can to address the issues as they come, getting balance changes and map revamps out as soon as they can, and getting in a ton of highly requested features. There's a lot of negativity about the game at the moment, about where tanks are, or how the PvE has fallen to the wayside, and I do agree with that.

But Mirrorwatch was more than just a season I wanted in terms of theming - it felt like a true refresh of the game, with numerous new changes, events, and alterations to how things work, and with a full blown roadmap of developer updates and communication as to what is coming, what changes is coming, and how they're approaching things to make the game the best it can be. I may be wrong, but it feels like with Venture's introduction, and Mirrorwatch, we've entered a new second wind era for the game, and I really hope the team can just continue to keep the train rolling into the future.

With that, that's another blog post down...

...and with it - our last main game of the challenge is next - the final game.

There was always just one game in my mind to take that precious final slot, and join me next time as we talk about it.



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