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What If Mario Characters were Mobians?



Depending on my focus today, this should be a easy entry, but knowing myself, probably not...

So, with the Wonderous Direct we got not too long ago, I wanted to put in something Mario-Themed! I have done many things Mario-Related in this blog, but it's different, because of the time, you know? Now, I've been a creative person for all my life, but one thing that has never crossed my mind before: What If the Main Cast of Mario Characters were animals like the Mobians? This  is a question that is so intriguing to answer, yet so hard to find an animal for each character. Well, if we take a deep dive into the series, we can see that there are Power-Ups, based on animals

See where I'm going with this?

To make this question Easier to answer, we can Match each Character, with a Power-Up. With some quick research, there are 8 of these:

  1. Bee MushroomD
  2. Super Carrot
  3. Elephant FruitW
  4. Frog Suit
  5. Penguin SuitB
  6. Super AcornT
  7. Super Bell
  8. Super Leaf

And I think there are exactly 8 people for each of these Power-Ups! With time, the Mario Cast has Expanded, so I think if you shrunk down the Roster, you'd get:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yellow Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Wario
  • Daisy
  • Toadette

I'd belive that this would take place all in a different Dimention, akin to the Sol Dimention. The Levels may be Structured like Super Mario 3D World/Land, or in a specific area like Super Mario 64. Without Further ado, I think it's time to start with the man in red:

Mario The Tanooki

Giving Credit where Credit is due, with the help of @Iko, we made Mario The Tanooki! See, I would choose Cat, but a Tanooki is more Unexpected, like a Speedy Hedgehog. He Would have Powers Derived from most of his 3D outings, and of course, The Super Leaf. First and foremost, he can do a Homing Attack with the Somersault Ground Pound (That's its name when looking it up). This Wouldn't have as much reach as Sonic's, but it's close. It's an effective way to get around, and even chain attacks for extra Points. Next, He will have a Regular Roll on the floor. It's Not Chargable like a Spin Dash, but if used on Slopes, you can pick up SERIOUS Speed! A Tail Swipe is perfect for this, to cover all sides of the Player. Another Use for his tail could be for Opening Secret areas, breaking blocks, or with enough speed, you can Fly and soar into the air! it's Not for a long time, but just enough to reach Normal-jump high places. If he had Upgrades like SA1/2, I think a Hammer would Fit this role, or his Fire Hand Ability. One More Ability I would give him is the Long Jump and Wall Kick.

Luigi The Rabbit

You Thought A Hedgehog getting Helped by a Fox was weird, What about a Tanooki and a Rabbit?

Trademarked for his Leaps and Bounce, Luigi is now a Short-Eared Rabbit! Designed after the Super Carrot, and Just like his Brother, He moves Exactly like him, but with some difference. First off, he has a Super Jump Punch Based on his ability in Super Paper Mario. this sents him up vertically High, and can be used to reach secrets. From there, he can Hover Down to safety! Unlike His Brother, he does not have a Homing attack, but he can make up for that with his Dive! Another Difference is a Ground Pound! To get from the Air to the ground, and Vice Versa with the Super Jump! with it, he can Ground-Pond on a slope to Roll! He Also has a Wall Kick. If Given an upgrade, he will obtain either the Thunder Hand Ability, or just like his brother, a hammer, because the poltergeist Doesn't work well in this sense.

Peach The Cat

The Royal Feline Herself, Peach makes her debut! Starting off strong, we have a Glide/Float Ability for Getting to point A, to point B. This is great if you are running at high speeds. Deriving from the Super Crown, we have a Double Jump! This also Combos into the Glide, and the Cat Dive! If done on a wall, you can Scale it with your Claws! Now, I don't belive we can go any further with this, but if so, let me know! 

Yellow Toad The Frog (?)

There isn't much explanation to this, but it's because I wanted the toads to be lil Critters.

It was a debate between this and the Bee (Which I still think is a better option, but Dasiy as a Frog? Can't see it.), But ultimately, I went for this. He might have the Powers of the Bubble Flower for mobility. jumping from Bubble-To-Bubble might be repetitive, but idk, it seems cool. Now, what if he could eat Yoshi's Fruits? he might be able to transform like Wario does, and Float, Light Up Dark Areas, and Dash at high speeds! He can Stick to walls, and maybe even use his tongue for Range attacker(?), and obviously Swims Smoothly in water

Blue Toad The Pengiun

This is going to be awesome.

So, first off, he can Swim Smoothly in water, but also Shoot Ice Balls, and Slide on his belly! There isn't much other than that, if you add Wall Kicking on Waterfalls...

Wario The Elephant

Deriving from his "Strong Man" Persona, an elephant seems fitting! Shooting Water From his Trunk, moving things out of his way, and running at Mach Speeds might make him a interesting character! Who Knows, maybe he could Make Boulders like the Rock Mushroom! other than that, Not much able to be said here, so...

Daisy The Bee

Heh, get it? because she's a bee? and bees like flowers? and she-

She will have the ability to fly for a short time, and Even drill downwards into the ground like the Drill Mushroom. She could also make Flower Platforms Mid-Air, and Do a Backflip.

Toadette the Flying Squirrel

This Is what I was waiting for.

Not only you can Glide downwards (Not like Ray, but like the Power-Up itself), But you can Bounce up Mid-Air! And Combining this with the Cloud Flower, you can make 3 Cloud Platforms at a time, and you can soar above!

Well, That's it! Thankfully, I did this all in one day! :celebrate:

Do you have any remarks? Questions? Leave em' down in the comments! and with that, I'm outta here! Ciao!

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Posted (edited)

What are Bowser and the koopalings? Some kind of turtle or something that'd be ridiculious.

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In New Super Mario Bros there was also a Shell power up


It's not really an animal suit/transformation, and it's mostly a Koopa shell more than a generic turtle shell, so probably doesn't count, but it was more or less a turtle power up.

Luigi also turns into a fox (to reference a Kitsune, another legendary animal from the Japanese culture like the Tanooki), instead of a tanooki, when using the Super Leaf in the more recent games.

There are also some more characters that keep appearing in Mario games. Without counting Waluigi that's exclusive to spin-offs, there are Rosalina (who was also playable in 3D World, unlockable), Yoshi, regular Toad (red dots, can be Captain in some games) and Donkey Kong.

And there are also the bad guys, they look like turtles more or less, so I think they would be turtles anyway, and not playable most of the times excluding spin-offs.


If I could add those characters to your list, I would go this way:

- Rosalina can be the Kitsune of Luigi's Super Leaf, since nobody else uses it.

- regular/Captain Toad can be the turtle, as a reference to NSMB's turtle shell power up.

- Yoshi can stay a dinosaur (if allowed), to reference Mario Odyssey's dinosaur capture.

- Donkey Kong... would just be Donkey Kong.

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