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Nintendo Had Their Best Direct in a Long While and All I Wrote was This Lousy Article



I never thought I would ever be THIS pleased with a Nintendo Direct without even a hint of either Pokemon or Animal Crossing in it. And yet, here we are.

MARIO AND LUIGI IS BACK. Cyb3rkn1ght totally called it. I didn't think it was going to happen this soon after we got two Mario RPGs in a row, but I was proven wrong and I will happily eat my crow.

The art style is... going to take some getting used to; it feels like a weird medium between the 3DS art style and 3D console-level art, and imo, it doesn't fully do justice to either. It's not ugly by any means, and I can see why other M&L fans have sung its praises; but from someone who notices the little things more than your average girl, it just feels like it could've been pushed a bit farther in quality. I'm just generally not a fan of 3D trying to look 2D, even if this is admittedly one of the better attempts I've seen. I will at least give them credit in that the first few seconds of this trailer made it abundantly clear that this is a new Mario & Luigi game, so it deserves full credit for that.

That being said, the Extention Corps are awesome and it's going to be interesting seeing all the weird designs; I've always liked inorganic characters in fiction (which puts me against a vocal portion of the Pokemon fanbase that hates, loathes, and despises inanimate object mon with a burning passion, but that's another story). Also, I wholeheartedly approve of the Brothership pun.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure looks cute as hecc. I probably don't need another cozy game in my life, but this gives me warm fuzzies nonetheless. That graphics style for the Loony Tunes game, however... it's not great. It's far too obviously '3D trying to be 2D' and it doesn't even look remotely good.

Farmagia is... interesting, but not something I think I'll pick up. It's nice to see what looks like a combination farm sim and monster tamer, but nothing about the gameplay hooks me and the graphics are not great. I used to think that graphics didn't matter in a video game, but over time I've grown to appreciate how presentation can make or break a game's perception. Especially after mobile games as a platform ruined a perfectly fine art style through mere association with bad gameplay and predatory microtransactions...

Donkey Kong Country Returns... on the one hand, I am very happy to see any effort whatsoever put into preserving really good video games, but on the other hand, I absolutely understand why a number of DKC fans are salty about not getting a new one. It's been long enough and while I have no idea how much of Retro's time has been devoted to Metroid Prme 4 after the initial development was scrapped and they picked up the project, I can't say I don't sympathize with the DK fans who want a bone thrown to them once in a while.

The Dragon Quest III remake looks pretty cool, and the fact that they're remaking the first two games in the same style is awesome. I still haven't gotten past the opening levels in Dragon Quest XI, so I don't know if I'll actually pick these up, but the 2.5D art style is awesome and more games should use it. (Looking at you, Pokemon.)

Funko Fusion is not a game I expected to see in a Nintendo Direct because the previous trailer I saw for it was pretty bloody, but this trailer was thankfully devoid of blood. I don't know if this is indicative of Nintendo's trailer content regulations or the developers finally realizing that having gore in a game starring nothing but plastic toys is incredibly stupid, but either way, I'm still not touching this game with a ten-foot pole. It still feels like 'Lego games but bad.'

Depna Men, on the other hand, looks like a fun game, and it being free to play means I have nothing to lose but a middling bit of SD card space to try it out. I missed the first one on 3DS and it's kind of late now, but hey, free games are free games.

Phantom Brave looks adorable as hecc. I don't know if it's the kind of turn-based game I'll actually pick up, especially given how many unplayed games are already sitting on my Shelf of Shame, but the characters are just so stinking cute.

The original Mario Party was one of the very first console games I've ever played, possibly THE first. I haven't played the games in forever, largely because I don't have enough friends to remotely justify even purchasing a new Mario Party game, but twenty-player online play may just be enough to sway me into coming back to the party. Of course, I'm not actually sure if I could find enough time to commit to a game that long, but it'd definitely be interesting if I could.

A sequel to the Link's Awakening remake, huh? And... you play AS Zelda? The Nintendo fanbase hasn't been this expertly faked out since Isabelle was announced for Smash Ultimate, and I am in awe. Nintendo has now given us what we've wanted for countless (hardware) generations: a Zelda game where you actually play as Zelda. And unlike Princess Peach Showtime, this does NOT look like a game for little babies, but an honest-to-goodness proper franchise installment where you play as the female lead, which is something every video game franchise could use.

And it's caused a bit of a stir on these message boards, as clearly not everyone agrees with me about this game. And while I can see why some people don't like it, particularly longtime Zelda fans who imagined Zelda's playable debut very differently from what we actually got, I must respectfully agree to disagree. I mean, I'm a Sonic fan, a Pokemon fan, and a Disney Dreamlight Valley fan; trust me, I know how it feels to be disappointed in a game, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who feels likewise. But personally? I'm stoked.

Admittedly, Echoes of Wisdom definitely plays differently than your garden-variety Zelda game, but that's not a bad thing at all; as Diogenes pointed out, puzzles are every bit a part of Zelda as action, and this game just focuses more on puzzles, which entirely fits Zelda's character. Honestly, it feels somewhat similar to Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion with its summon-things-into-existence mechanics, but from what we've seen thus far (which admittedly isn't much), this version seems better executed, which is to be expected from a Zelda title.

Speaking as a woman myself, I'm really not sure why some fans are comparing this to Showtime; did you honestly expect the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom to play exactly the same as Link? While admittedly a lot of Zelda fans wanted a game that played as Zelda to be more action-focused than Echoes looks to be, female characters don't have to play the same way as male characters every single time, and as far as I'm concerned, there is no good reason narratively to mandate that Zelda plays the same way Link does. Ultimately we won't know how deep the gameplay will actually be until we have significantly more than just one trailer, but after Tears of the Kingdom, I'm not rationally concerned about this being another mere Showtime affair.

Actually, this may be the first Zelda game I actually purchase for myself; I'm not super great at reflex-based combat in games, but I like puzzles that encourage creative solutions. And I for one actually like the art style. Do any of my other millenial sisters miss Polly Pocket? Because I miss Polly Pocket. Sometimes at night I dream about Polly Pocket. I fully respect anyone that doesn't like the Link's Awakening art style, but once again, I must agree to disagree because I have no problems with this particular art style for this particular game. (First I got into a horror game, now I'm into a Zelda game. What is this freakin' year.)

On the subject of video game franchises reimagined as plastic toys, Lego Horizon Adventures is not a game I ever expected to exist, but I am happy that it does. (And am curious as to what franchise will get the Lego video game treatment next -- we have Lego Animal Crossing sets now, hint hint.) It's nice to see Stray make it to Switch, and while once again I don't need any new cozy games anytime soon, I'm happy to see Tales of the Shire move into the admittedly oversaturated market; hopefully it's far better executed than Rings of Power (SHOTS FIRED).

I'm not sure how I feel about The Hundred Line - Last Defense Academy. I'm a highly sensitive person, and while I can usually handle darker elements in written media so long as they're not gratuitous (recommendation: don't give Wolves of the Beyond to your kids and you might not want to read it either), it gets more upsetting with visual elements and even more so when I'm an active participant, which is why I never play M-rated video games. Heck, I couldn't even handle the first boss in Legends Arceus because my child protagonist was getting repeatedly hit with axes by a giant bug. Still, the concept of teenage students having to defend their school from alien/demon(?) invaders sounds pretty cool in a nuzlocke challenge/Hunger Games sort of way, so I might do the same thing I did with Indigo Park and at least watch a playthrough.

While I'm admittedly disappointed that we didn't get any Pokemon Legends Z-A starter reveal, at the very least, we didn't get saddled with the baggage of ILCA-made Gen 5 remakes (yet), so that's... maybe half a positive. And ending the Direct with Metroid Prime 4 Beyond was a definite win; I honestly didn't expect it to return again until the new console was revealed, but as with Mario & Luigi Brothership, I'm happy to be proven wrong. While I don't actually play the Metroid series, I've been around for enough of its tulmultuous history to know how badly the fans want -- no, NEED -- to know where the Prime series is going next, and we now have our answer: it's going Beyond. (A title that I'm guessing was added by Retro after development on the original Metroid Prime 4 was scrapped and they got contracted to make the game.)

Overall, I am very happy with this Direct's showing, Pokemon or no Pokemon. Fingers crossed for an upcoming Pokemon Presents where we'll at least find out SOMETHING about Z-A...


Breaking News: it has been alleged that the recently revealed future paradox Pokemon Gardelade has been spiking its Booster Energy Drinks with Murkrow-derived by-products in order to cut production costs. Gardelade insists that the allegations are unfounded and that its drinks are vegan and cruelty-free. Please share this article with your Nintendo-loving friends to aid in Team Plasma's investigation on the matter. Crows deserve to be in a murder; they do not deserve to be murdered. Thank you for your cooperation.

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It was ok. Though I will say that Nintendo is not Alphadream. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
But I don’t think this is the best Nintendo Direct. Imo the best one was the one that announced the Mario movie cast. It made world headlines. That’s something special

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