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Episode 12: Sonic the Hedgehog





Time to play the game that started it all, with a twist. This year, I revisit Sonic 1 with Amy Rose via Sonic Origins Plus! (Note, this is done with an Amy moveset tweak mod, allowing for certain adjustments for how she plays). 

Sonic 1 is a game that has had its ups and downs with the community. Of course to a degree, it is beloved cause it's the one that started it all. Without this game, there wouldn't be more games, there wouldn't be a franchise, there wouldn't be us. So we owe a lot to it.

But the game also gets flak for its "first game woes" of level design. It doesn't promote speed, its very stop and go. It has a lot of tedium. So the question is... Is Sonic 1 actually a good game? Or is it just a good FOUNDATION for a game that is actually realized in future titles?

My thoughts?

I think it's a good game. It's gotta be if this is the title I revisit more than even the other Classic games. And the funny thing is? I can't tell you why!


Sonic 1 I find is probably the most easy going game in the series. The sense of speed is definitely less emphasized due to the level design, and maybe that's the charm in it? If you're really good and understand the level like the back of your hand, you do find ways to pass levels quickly. But if you don't, the game isn't overtly punishing due to the slower paced levels where it's easier to get back up and move. It ironically becomes more of a prominent issue in later games.

Of course there are some pretty bad sections, NOBODY likes to go to Labyrinth Zone. But overall, even criticized levels like Marble Zone are places I have a fun time with.

It's a game I can vibe with. Grab a soda, turn the brain off and let things go on auto pilot as you get nice bursts of speed from the things you know, and at the very least for the other, less familiar or variable routes... I'm seeing the funny blue man run.

And because its so easygoing and slow, hanging onto the rings needed for the Chaos Emeralds isn't too big of an ask either.


The Special stages in Sonic 1 are low key some of my favorite special stages in the series. There's a peacefulness to how much leeway you have to move, and it's design to mentally guide you through what seems to be a large labyrinth, but the route home to the Emerald isn't hard to nail. It's relaxing.

That's really the best way I can put it. It ain't the perfect game. And it ain't the Sonic game for everyone. But it's a relaxing game. And that makes it a lot of fun to just revisit when you have choice anxiety and don't know what to play.






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