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My first batch of Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay ideas

Shiny Gems


Hello everyone, this is my first batch of ideas for Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay ideas. I do hope you all read these and even comment on them, as I have quite a lot of ideas. Anyhow, without further ado, here are the first batch of ideas from me.

Enhanced 2D Drift. Via an upgrade, Sonic can use the Drift from Sonic Unleashed in 2D Sections or 2D Levels. Here is how it would work: When Sonic nears part of a path that has turns that are tighter than, say, the one at 0:08 to 0:10 here...(without the upgrade)


Sonic acts like he is balancing on a narrow pole, and will fall off onto the side of the path or worse, a bottomless pit. If he falls onto the side of the path, Sonic will fall down, get back up and get back onto the path, all if he goes too fast on that part of the path. These areas are indicated by "!" signs, and without the upgrade, it is best to skip them, not use them or go through them slowly.

However, with the upgrade, things are different. Just press and hold the Drift button while going through the path with tighter turns and Sonic will go through those parts quickly and not fall off. Even then, Sonic can choose to stop drifting to access platforms and other paths from the middle of the path.

Honestly, though, this could work in 3D sections where turning is automatic, or with 3D turns that are automatic but function the same as these 2D paths with turns.

What do you think?

The Extended Boost: When Sonic gets this item or upgrade, he can do this: He can use the boost and as it is used, Sonic accelerates from default boost speed to higher boost speeds. The acceleration for this can be shorter by collecting more of these or collecting upgrades for this. So Sonic is not at a set speed when boosting. This still uses stamina or the boost gauge, and when the boost empties in energy or Sonic stops using them, he will have a harder time slowing down. (Though further upgrades and/or certain items may make slowing down easier)

Tunnel Exit Turning: This happens when Sonic is spinning through a tunnel. When about to exit a tunnel, whether or not Sonic is going to break through a wall that leads to the outside or just fly out of the hole to the outside, just using the c-stick will allow Sonic to turn as he is exiting the tunnel onto the adjacent wall. This can make Sonic go left, right, up, down or diagonally on the wall he turns onto while spinning, and Sonic can possibly go around the corner of a wall the tunnel is in and continue around that corner in the opposite direction.

This can also work on tunnels that are larger and can be run through, provided that Sonic is running on the right side (on either side or on the ceiling) before exiting the tunnel. At the same time, Sonic can effectively do this with pipes that are not in walls that he was spinning in. When he turns onto the side of the pipe and reverses, Sonic can go along the pipe, with the player tilting up or down on the control stick to make him go around the pipe.

Momentum Retention: After getting an upgrade, Sonic can run on walls and ceilings as well as loops and, should he hit something that damages him, like spikes or explosives, he can maintain momentum without falling off surfaces. It is kind of like hitting something in the Mach Speed sections of Sonic 06, only Sonic just trips instead of tumbling through the air. Sonic can still lose rings, though!

Braking Boost Attack: With this, Sonic can effectively boost and, while doing so, the player just has to tilt backward. When the player lets go of the c-stick, Sonic will brake quickly while letting out an energy burst attack that keeps going and can destroy or defeat enemies. The longer the player tilts the control stick backward, the more powerful the gap becomes.

Gap Dash: With an upgrade, Sonic can just go onto the edge of a surface he is on (but not to the point of teetering) and begin to Spin Dash or do the Super Peel Out. Once Sonic builds up enough power for either, he can do the move and, upon doing so on the edge, will cause Sonic to do a fast dash forward, one that will be able to g a good distance, making it useful for crossing gaps.

The Blue Dash Pad and the Blue Ramp: The Blue Dash Pad is always optional, but should it be touched, it will allow Sonic and other characters to automatically go into "Mach Speed Mode", which is similar to the Mach Speed Stages in Sonic 06. Here, Sonic's speed, which increases when he touches a Blue Dash Pad, will depend on how fast Sonic was going before hitting that Dash Pad, and the faster he goes, the faster the speed will be. While running automatically, Sonic can boost, quick step and drift, but aside from that, the player can increase Sonic's speed by tilting forward on the Control Stick, decrease it by tilting the stick backwards, and tilt left or right to move in either direction. Tilting forward to increase Sonic's speed depends on the speed Sonic hit the Blue Dash Pad at. The more speed Sonic had before hitting it, the faster he can go with the forward tilt of the control stick. If the player does not want to tilt the control stick forward, no problem, as Sonic automatically runs. However, if Sonic goes faster, his momentum will increase when he runs off things, but his turning and drifting will be negatively affected. Also, when Sonic hits something like a wall, he will just stop at it like in Sonic and the Secret Rings. If he is chasing something or someone or if something or someone dangerous is chasing him, he has a number of seconds to get back on the path and boost, or he will lose a life due to failing to catch what he was chasing or what was chasing him having caught up to him. These Blue Dash Pads can still be skipped, if necessary.

As for the Blue Dash Ramps, they also work depending on how fast Sonic and other characters move before hitting it. When hitting these ramps, Sonic is sent flying forward through the air at longer distances than usual. It is kind of like 2:39 and 3:06 here.


Sonic and other characters' speed do not increase when the player tilts forward on the Control Stick. Rather, they change direction according to which way the control stick is tilted after hitting the ramp; kind of like in this video, except with more directions and that the user does not return to the middle when the control stick is let go. Depending on Sonic and other characters' speed after hitting the ramp, they may land further past or sooner than their intended target, which can lead to alternate routes..

The Light Speed Cyloop.

Through the player holding down the Cyloop button, Sonic charges up in a blue aura. Then, after some time, Sonic glows bright blue, and the player must hold the button down continually. When near a group of enemies, when the player lets go of the Cyloop button, Sonic can effectively do a dash where he makes a series of connected semicircles on the ground, each around one enemy. Then, after completing one set of semicircles around each foe, Sonic either turns around and does another set of semicircles or runs to where he began the move if he is near it, continuing to do another set of semicircles. In either case, the second set of semicircles will connect to the first set of semicircles, creating an overall series of circles, each around an enemy. This happens in normally less than a second, and when done, each enemy is thrown into the air and can be attacked one by one.

This works on certain objects, too, and this can even work on flying enemies or objects. This also cancels out at the beginning if Sonic moves during his charging phase, creating a regular Cyloop trail instead.

The Super Peel Boost

I already made something like this before, but here is something more to it: With an upgrade, Sonic can do a Super Peel Out when he is still before doing the boost, kind of like how he stands still when not moving instead of moving when the button is pressed in Sonic Frontiers. Once the player then tilts the control-stick, Sonic will do a more powerful boost than normal that allows him to go extremely fast, even faster if he has the Power Boost. This can be cancelled with a button, and Sonic will do his in-place boost pose from Sonic Frontiers. With another upgrade, Sonic can do this while moving when the left trigger is pressed when Sonic uses this move or just boosts.

Aerial Quick Dash and Falling Drift

For reference for the Aerial Quick Dash, look at 2:22 to 2:244 here, and notices how Sonic dashes in the air in his Super form.


Without needing his Super form, and with an upgrade, Sonic can do this: When Sonic goes off a red ramp, maybe a yellow ramp, he can, with the B button (or Square button if a Playstation controller is used) and the C-stick, move tot he side (left and right), up or down as well as diagonally, like in the video above. This can be used to avoid obstacles in Sonic's way while in the air or access alternate routes. This can also work when going off a spring Sonic bounces off of, or when Sonic is doing tricks in the air.

For the Falling Drift, a spring, ramp or doing tricks is also needed. With an upgrade, when Sonic is in the air after being launched, with the C-stick or the Y button (X button for some Nintendo controllers and the Triangle button for Playstation controllers), Sonic goes in to dive mode and turns in mid-air, doing a Sonic Drift, in other words. Sonic can effectively thus turn in any direction while he is doing this, and with this, he moves in a corkscrew pattern as he is falling. This can lead Sonic to alternate routes in any direction, to the side, behind Sonic or diagonally. With upgrades, Sonic can do this move faster.

The CyDash.

This move is a combination of the Spin Dash, the Cyloop and the Light Speed Dash. Here, as Sonic does the Spin Dash, a Cyloop like line will form, and as the Spin Dash is charging, the player can control the direction the line goes, and even curve it in any way they wish, to an extent as this move has a limit as to how far it goes (without upgrades). Once a path is set, Sonic can dash off in a Spin Dash and he will go along the made line, which disappears as Sonic goes through it. Timing may be crucial to this for some areas.

The move replaces the Spin Dash when acquired, though the player can toggle between this and regular Spin Dash in the menu.

That is it for now. So, for those who have read, what do you think of these ideas of mine?


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