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What if Other 'Extinct' Pokemon Were Revived From Fossils?



I generally function (or malfunction, depending on my health level) in two states: hyperactivity and slump. I feel that my slump state is medically necessary to prevent myself from burning to the ground; if I had the energy to do everything I wanted to do, I'd probably spontaneously combust. Given the massive effect my mental state has on my physical health (as evidenced by my health breakdown in early February, which led to my moving my blog here to begin with, but that's another story), I should probably be glad that I have points where my drive to create is forced to take a backseat to the realities of my physical and mental limits.

That being said, I never know when the slump period will break and I'll suddenly be hit with some ridiculous project idea that my ADHD demands I give the proper attention, and in this case, this video was the trigger:

So GatorEX regularly does videos for fossil Pokemon during the month of June, and this one in particular got me thinking about the nature of fossil Pokemon in general. An interesting fan theory that I've seen many, many different fossil variants designed around is that the fossil Pokemon that we revive in the games are all Rock type because the revival process gets the composition of the rock itself into the Pokemon's DNA, causing it to revive in a different state than the original life form. Admittedly, there's more in-game evidence against this than for this (Cranidos and Shieldon appear in their Rock-type states in timespace rifts in Legends Arceus, for instance), but I'm not here to argue the specifics because I just got a killer fakemon prompt idea: what if other extinct Pokemon got revived from fossils and took on the Rock type for themselves?

When you think about how many 'past' Pokemon variants exist in the Pokemon world, there's all sorts of crossover to work with. We've got the past Paradox Pokemon from Scarlet, the incomplete fossils from Galar, and the 'extinct' Pokemon variants from Hisui (some of which are clearly not as dead as Yzma would have hoped). In addition, if I want to go all in on this idea, there are other angles to explore: what if fossil mons got 'Bloodmoon Beast' forms like Ursaluna did in The Teal Mask? What if bits and pieces of Paradox Pokemon fossils got fused together like the Galar fossils? The entire list of concepts could make for a totally wicked Dinovember prompt list, if I can manage to get my ducks and spoons in a row by that point and actually make it happen. But for the time being, I want to focus on the single concept of extinct Pokemon being found and revived as Rock-type variants of what they were before.

The Galar Fossils

By now it's pretty well established that the unique Galar fossil mechanic of sticking two entirely unrelated fossils together and creating a dual-typed monstrosity is a clear reference to a real-world occurrence known as the Bone Wars in U.S. history. I'm not entirely sure why this cropped up in Galar of all places and not a region like Unova, but given that Game Freak's given us Chinese-based legendaries in freaking Spain, by this point I've accepted that a Pokemon region can have mons based off things that happened other places, which admittedly is more than some fakemon regions are willing to do. To summarize, two paleontologist guys were trying to one-up each other on new fossil discoveries, which led to quality control on their 'discoveries' and their legitimacy slipping pretty freaking badly. (Seriously, look it up for yourself. I'm not Lockstin.)

If the Galar fossils as we know them were revived in the traditional manner, any parts of them not represented in the original fossil would most likely be replicated out of various types of rock, and not necessarily in a biologically accurate manner. Admittedly, they'd still probably be more accurate than the poor, pathetic abominations we actually got (some of which may still need to be taken out and shot), but they'd definitely have a level of fantasy reconstruction to them that even the traditional Rock-type fossils never had.

These would also be the only reconstructions to have new names and take up their own unique slots in the Pokedex. Everything else on this list would be, technically, a variant of an existing Pokemon, but the revived Galar fossils never had distinct entries as themselves, only as their fusions. Naturally, their names would be derived from the names their parts had in the fusion versions. The Drake fossil Pokemon would be Rock/Dragon and have Draco in its name, the Bird fossil Pokemon would be Rock/Electric and have Zolt in its name, and so on. Most likely the additional parts of each mon's name would be derived from various types of rock, particularly the types of rock you'd expect to find fossils in.

Hisuian Pokemon

While Legends Arceus released a fair number of new variations and evolutions of existing Pokemon, not all of them would be eligible for a Rock-type form. For one thing, some mons like Kleavor and Hisuian Arcanine are already Rock type themselves, and many Hisuian mons are dual-typed in ways that wouldn't translate very well into a fossil form, such as Basculegion. However, there is one Hisuian mon in particular that I'd like to highlight as a prime candidate for resurrection, and -- would you look at that! It's already dead!

Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark are prime candidates for fossil revival because it's canonical that they died somewhere in Hisui, as the versions of them that we actually encounter are wayward spirits of the persecuted refugees that met their end in the harsh climate. So what if their bones were found and revived into the Pokemon world's first Rock/Ghost type?

Yes, I know that if they were revived, they wouldn't exactly be ghosts, but the typing on Zoroark variants has never made sense. Why would the playful pranksters be Dark type and the vengeful killers Normal/Ghost? I strongly suspect that there's a bit more going on with the Dark type than meets the eye, but that's another story and I don't want to get caught in yet another lore ramble.

Usually regional variants get new abilities as well as typing, but since Zoroark is already known for its exclusive Illusion ability, it'd be a crime to take its gimmick away from it. As for Rock-type STAB moves it could have, Ancient Power is obvious, but it'd also have some of the more common Rock moves such as Rock Slide and Stone Edge. Maybe even give it Accelerock and/or Counter because let's face it, this Zoroark variant is totally going to draw comparisons to a certain form of Lycanroc. Their vibes are identical and I absolutely ship it.

Past Paradox Pokemon

It's interesting to note that out of all of the currently revealed Paradox Pokemon (and I say 'currently revealed' because there's bound to be an unreleased mythical out there somewhere for Gen 9 and we can only speculate on what it is), only two of them are Rock type, and both of these are future paradoxes. This of course leaves the entire spread of past paradox mons as potential Rock-type revival targets, but since all known paradox mons are dual typed and retain only one of their original counterpart's previous typings, that leads to the question of which type gets replaced with the Rock type. Given the purpose of fossil revival is to reconstruct the Pokemon as close to what it originally was as possible, and the past paradoxes all being variants/ancestors to known Pokemon species, it usually feels best to keep the type that corresponds with the original species and add Rock to that.

Great Tusk is an exception to this rule, as its design bears closer resemblance to its Fighting type than its Ground type. In addition, Ground is similar enough to Rock that it makes more sense for it to be the replaced type, meaning that reconstructed Great Tusk is a Rock/Fighting type. The design probably doesn't need much tweaking, but its rough skin and spikes could easily be extended to look more stone-ish.

Scream Tail has an obvious connection to music, being based on Jigglypuff, so the obvious design choice for a Rock-type variant is rock music, complete with the Punk Rock ability. She could easily work with either the Rock/Fairy or Rock/Psychic type combination, but after Iron Boulder revealed that Rock/Psychic hates competitive priority with a burning passion, I think Rock/Fairy is what I'll go with. In terms of design changes, she looks something like a cross between a stereotypical cavewoman and a punk rocker, decked out in various gemstones like they're jewelry, but since this is a Rock type, they'll actually be a part of her body. If any of my concepts deserve to have Diamond Storm STAB, it's probably this one.

Brute Bonnet is difficult to decide on because while most mushroom-based Pokemon are classified as Grass type, fungus is not actually a plant, but something else entirely. Still, it probably makes more sense to have this variant be Rock/Grass type, with its spiky exterior becoming even more spiky and its anachronistic Poke Ball like coverings becoming rounded rock nodes. Part of me wants to base it off of petrified wood, and that would admittedly probably make a really cool design, but my OCD has issues with that concept because... it's a mushroom. Mushrooms are not made of any kind of wood. This thing already should not exist regardless; we don't need to make its existential crisis any weirder.

But a Brute Bonnet based on petrified wood would look so cool... and it's supposed to be an inaccurate reconstruction anyway...

Yeah, I'm of two minds on this one.

Flutter Mane would work best as Rock/Ghost, especially considering that reconstructed Scream Tail is already Rock/Fairy. Similarly to Scream Tail, amp up the gemstone theme that was already present in Misdreavus's necklace and make its spikes more spiky. Maybe even give it some extra eye makeup to complete the look. (For some reason both Misdreavus and Flutter Mane are giving me the vibes of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, except that most of the tentacles are on the wrong end. Huh. Never drew that connection before.)

Slither Wing would of course be Rock/Bug type, and since its wings aren't the sun anymore, they could be sharp plates of slate jutting out from its body. Sandy Shocks would be Electric/Rock and be largely made of magnetic stone rather than steel, like Alolan Geodude. And Roaring Moon would of course be Rock/Dragon because what else would it be? Translating feathers to rock spikes is pretty obvious on this front, and if there's one thing Roaring Moon has plenty of, it's feathers.

I'm honestly not sure where to place Koraidon on this list. I've already got a Rock/Fighting and a Rock/Dragon on these lists of possibilities, and I'm not even sure where to begin on a Flintstones-level rock bicycle that also happens to be a lizard. I will however state that giving the reconstructed Koraidon stone protrusions instead of feathers would be heckin' awesome. Maybe this Koraidon isn't Fighting or Dragon, but a Rock/Flying type, building into the 'Winged King' moniker it carries. Not the coolest typing all things considered, but if the design is anything like the canon Koraidon, it'll be epic.

Finally... Walking Wake, Gouging Fire, and Raging Bolt. Let's be frank: they're all far cooler as dragons, but their typings would have to be Rock/Water, Rock/Fire, and Rock/Electric because that's what makes sense. I'm not really sure how they'd look as rocky reconstructions of themselves, but given that they're already pretty wild reimaginings of their original forms, the sky's the limit here. (I initially couldn't stand Walking Wake's design because it was entirely antithetical to Suicune, but then I realized that was the point and I now accept it as Suicune's mascot horror version. This thing deserves to be a jumpscare in the next Pokemon Snap game.)


So at some point before November, if my health and memory allows it, I'd like to make up a list of all the potential 'extinct' Pokemon species and variant types and figure out how to best arrange them into a Dinovember drawing prompt list. Maybe it'll be random; maybe it'll be carefully curated to fit the design concepts I like best; maybe it'll never happen at all. But I like these concepts, and I think they'd fit in quite well for my plans for Pokemon Destiny: Tantalum Chapter and Pokemon Ultra Mystery Dungeon: Rifts of Creation, so this is definitely a concept to put a pin in.

Now I need to buck up and unbox my new water-resistant gaming mouse so I can actually draw stuff...

In other news, I've finally acknowledged that I may have caught a very mild cold and that's contributed to the slump period. I'm fairly certain it's not Covid because I've had Covid two or three times before and this does not feel like Covid; I just get sick fairly frequently. Hopefully this clears up over the weekend and doesn't interfere with my ability to cover the eventual Nintendo Direct that we're due for later this month!

Also, at some point I need to get back to reviewing Archie Sonic Online's reimagining of Endangered Species... probably not this month though, considering it's a fairly big news month in the video game space and I have no way of knowing what all will be revealed in that Direct or when we'll finally get the next trailer for Pokemon Legends Z-A.

Which had better not rip off any of the ideas in this article!

(J/K; if Game Freak actually incorporates an idea I've had previously by sheer chance, I'm just happy I got what I wanted.)


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MAN I wish I had the same knowledge you do about Pokemon! All I know is battle-based things and the anime.

honestly, I wish I had that knowledge in almost everything I’m interested in. Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, Zelda, literally anything.

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11 minutes ago, Cyb3rkn1ght said:

MAN I wish I had the same knowledge you do about Pokemon! All I know is battle-based things and the anime.

honestly, I wish I had that knowledge in almost everything I’m interested in. Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, Zelda, literally anything.

It comes with time and research. I'm more than twice your age, after all.

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