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About this blog

An infrequent blog dedicated to opinion pieces and analyses of SEGA and their games, including Sonic the Hedgehog.

I do not claim to be an industry expert, in spite of insights I make. But if you too are a SEGA fan, then my articles may be of interest to you.

Entries in this blog

How I Learned to Love maimai in a Declining Arcade Market

Among people of my generation growing up in a western country, it’s an incredibly difficult thing for me to bring up a love of arcades.  Though I come from a very European background while born and raised in Australia, my exposure to the internet in my childhood (especially in relation to my budding love for SEGA) had led me to unexpectedly fall deep into Japanese culture, and my interest in arcades had henceforth been painted by those I’ve seen from Japan. Through childhood naïveté, I run into


Polkadi~☆ in SEGA Opinions

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