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What’s Your Perfect Pet? The Answer Will Shock You

no it not a f’n dog.
By Big the Cat, April 1 2016

People like animals. Norton said that to me once, and so I am doing a cynical and making a page dedicated to animals. I will get all the hits and then I can buy that turbo-accelerated fishing reel I’ve had my eye on. Hee. But no, let’s be truth here; we are all animals at the end of the day. I, literally, am an animal. That probably surprised you, right?

But we also like pets, right? Pets Dog Animal Stroking Pedigree Chum. I just did Espio. Wait… what’s that Froggy? Oh. Sorry. I meant ESO. So by doing this calculation I can tell you what your perfect pet is going to be. Try it and see.

Think of a number between 1 and 7


Divide by 2


Add your age


Multiply by 1 if you have a cat, by 2 if you have a dog


Minus 12.


Eat a raisin.


Find the square root of the number of calories in that raisin and multiply that to your total


Got all that? Now if you got…

0-100: Your Favourite Pet is a FROG


101-1,000: Your Favourite Pet is a FROG


1,001-10,000: Your Favourite Pet is a FROG


10,001-infinity: Your Favourite Pet is a FROG



  1. Wow this is so accurate! I got frog!
    I bet no one else got that, huh?! You and I are so much alike Big!

  2. Wow I got a frog! I was expecting to get a frog… or even a frog! But I guess my perfect pet is a frog.

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