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Top 11 Bestest VIP Clubs on Mobius

Dunno what u heard about B(ig the Cat).
By Big the Cat, April 1 2016

I’ve been around the block, you know. It’s true. I’m so VIP, I should make a rap album. I can get Norton to be producer, he beatboxes in Froggy’s room when he’s visiting and usually it’s really irritating but hey ho. Use him to my advantage. Anyway, here are the best places I’ve been to that you might want to know about.

1. Olympic Stadium


At the Olympic Winter Games, I was a real VIP. I had all access passes to everything. Of course, I was disappointed to find there wasn’t a Fishing category, but that just meant more fish for me. Ho-hooooh!

2. Casino Night


I’m a regular at the Casino Night Zone. I’ve got mad stacks of fish, yo. It gets me far in a place like this. People like fish. It’s yummy. I’ve been there so many times, they’ve even dedicated a banner to me… somewhere… in here… where is it?

4. Ocean View


Feels nice to be the sole visitor of a tropical place like Ocean View. I’m not entirely comfortable with that massive robot on the beach though… help?

7. Tropical Coast


This is a private beach, but I ended up meeting everyone there. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy… I even fished out Eggman with my fishing rod. That was a funny old day.

3. Windy Hill


I went to Sonic’s birthday party, that was pretty VIP! But I got kidnapped by Eggman, so I guess I got a special treatment in some ways.

9. Space Colony ARK


They got mad grillz in this station! I get the impression that they will just let anyone in who likes grills though.

3. Chris Thorndyke’s Mansion


I was invited to Chris Thorndyke’s party, but I didn’t feel much like a VIP. Ella keeps trying to hurt me, the poopy head.

8. Night Palace


Getting the real royal treatment here. They even decorated the place with an LED silhouette of Froggy. That’s a nice personal touch.

11. Mystic Ruins


Nobody else lives here, so I’m definitely the OG in this place.

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