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Can You Guess Which is The Frog?

This took me two hours to solve, and I made it.
By Big the Cat, April 1 2016

This took me forever, so hopefully you will find it really hard and it can be a great driver of ‘traffic’, as Norton calls it. That way I can get enough rings to buy myself a new engine for my motorbike, and then I’ll be in Sonic & All-Stars Racing 3 for sure right? Yeah. Hee. I have the master plan.

Highlight the text underneath each image to reveal the answer.

Which is the Frog?

Can You Solve the Mystery?

Test Your Thinking Skills

The Solution is Within Reach

Retweet if you got it Right, Fave if you got it Wrong

How many did you get right? Share your score (but NOT the answers, you cheaty cheaters) in the comments section below.


  1. Man this was a tough one. Normally I don’t do these things cause they’re to easy but this was a tuffy

  2. Do not click the images.
    It will take you to a site where there is less Big the Cat.
    Imagine the people who live in that poor world. :'(

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