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Bored Fishing? These Distractions Are Incredible

I never knew these were real. In fact, I guess I never knew much.
By Big the Cat, April 1 2016

Sometimes fishing is boring. Sorry to say, Big fans, but it is true. You need patience. Lucky for me, I just think of my best pollywog pal Froggy and that passes the time just fine. Are you fishing for fish? A lot of time happens between sitting down with your rubber ring and Fish Hits. So what do until Fish Hits? Try these, I can guarantee they will work somehow.

1. Find A Grill


Grills are fun. I’ve already talked this here. But this is not the time for BIGNews.

2. Make Friends With Dinosaurs


Don’t ignore the aged. They have stories to tell.

3. Swim Through the Air


It’s hard. But it’s more interesting than swimming in the water.

4. Play a Board Game


It’s not much fun if you get teleported to another world to play it though. You can’t keep an eye on your fishing rod.

5. Fish in a Giant Water Monster


I mean, it keeps you on your toes when you have a moving target right?

6. Pretend to be Eggman


The kids love it.

7. Be in the Middle of a Chaos Control Explosion


That’s quite exciting.

1 Comment

  1. Swim through the air…incredible!
    Could you elaborate on being in the middle of a chaos control explosion on your next posts, Big?
    I’ve tried everything but to no avail…

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