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Hello. I am Big the Cat. I like to sit around and do the fishing and stuff. With my pal Froggy, life is good. I once ran a news site called BIGNews, because Froggy kept getting away and I wanted a nice little Mystic Ruins bulletin to spread the good message out to… well, me.

Anyway, that site sort of died out because I had a backlog of fish to fish and Froggy kept getting away. Also, Norton has recently come over to stay with us and has been telling me about how ‘audiences have progressed beyond the simple one-way communication norm’ and that everything is ‘viral’ these days. So whatever he said. That’s probably why.

BigFeed is a way for me to talk about the things I like in a new format. ‘Bitesize chunks’, Norton calls it. ‘Subversive media’, or something. Gosh, I love life all year round and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but seriously I want to punch that guy.

Find out what’s really happening in the world of Big the Cat (that’s me, hee) and my general area by reading the stories on the homepage. Thank you for reading. You are my friend.