Archie’s Sonic The Hedgehog Previews 252 – 256

After the Archie Megaman and Sonic meet up which of course lead to the inevitable (warning spoilers ahead) beating up of both the blue blur’s major foes (Megaman and Sonic). Things are not quiet same in Sonic’s World.

At all Costs (issue 252) picks up where Worlds collide left off  back on mobius but the world isn’t the same place it was before Worlds Collide.


SONIC IS BACK and facing the HUGE consequences of the mega-hit Sonic/Mega Man crossover story arc in “At All Costs” Part Two! As the crossover crashed to a close, Sonic and Tails have returned to a world which is reeling from the cataclysmic effects of the Eggman/Wily genesis wave! The damage was severe, the threats have changed, and the mysteries are piling up! What has happened to Naugus in this new landscape? What is the final fate of Sally Acorn? Sonic and Tails are ready to tackle all the drama ahead of them—but first they must survive the wrath of the terrifying Tails Doll!

From there, we launch into the new saga Countdown to Chaos, part  one (issue 253) Sonic and his trusty sidekick Knuckles… okay I kid you all know it’s Tails journey to find their missing friends in the hopes of restoring the world they only vaguely remember.



The biggest, most shocking event in Sonic comic history is underway, and YOU can grab a front-row seat in “Countdown to Chaos” part one! Sonic and Tails are on a journey to the Mystic Ruins jungle in search of their missing pals. What they encounter is sure to surprise you! Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman begins the long trek back to his deadly Death Egg II battle fortress. Will our heroes find him and stop him before he launches again? And just who, or what, is the “Sky Patrol” and what does it have to do with the missing Freedom Fighters? Don’t miss a moment of the chaos, featuring the first in a series of ALL-NEW inter-connecting covers by Sonic art superstar Ben Bates, and bone-chilling variant cover by T.REX!

Part 2 (issue 254) see’s the the return of a long time Archie mainstay after his rather sad… err how to put this… what’s the tactful way of saying he was bedridden with horrific injuries obtained while defending the realm? Huh guess there isn’t really a tactful way, anyway look Antoine is back and he’s all magically better! (Also it’s not spoilers if the returning character teased in the official synopsis is on the front cover)



The long-awaited debut of the NEW Freedom Fighters CONTINUES! The mysteries deepen as Sonic and Tails find their long lost pal Antoine! But what is the state of our formerly fallen fellow freedom fighter? What has Uncle Chuck’s research uncovered about the nature of the dark power they’ve found seeping from the earth? And an unlikely return of a character you won’t expect alongside Uncle Chuck! PLUS—Eggman versus G.U.N.! The prize: Eggman’s life!

Part 3 (issue 255) see’s the return of another Freedom Fighter main stay that has been sadley missing lately, I’m starting to detect a theme here, are you?


The Freedom Fighters are one step closer to completion with the bombastic, bouncing debut of the battlin’ Bunnie Rabbot! But the journey isn’t over yet—some of Sonic’s teammates are still missing, and it’s up to the blue blur and his best buddy Tails to find them! What shocking secrets will our heroes uncover? And just what is the “countdown to chaos” counting down to? Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman returns to the Death Egg to test out his dire predictions. Is it possible that the unspeakable evil known as Eggman could be the only one who can save the world?

You know what? I think I was on to something with the theme, because guess who makes a much needed return in part 4 (issue 256)? I’ll give you one hint, she’s on the front cover, you know the one wearing the new clothes which caused outrage amongst the old archie fans when the re-design was first announced… yes that one.


It’s the dramatic conclusion to the epic ‘Countdown to Chaos’ saga! In Part Four, it’s a race against time as the countdown reaches its thrilling end! Metal Sonic is out to kill Sally and the Death Egg II has launched-things are not going well for our true blue hero! Can he and Tails get to the Aquatic Ruins Zone in time to save the day? And what horrifying discovery awaits Dr. Eggman? You definitely won’t want to miss this earth-shattering climax of the storyline that shook the Sonic comic books to the core!

Issue 252 landed in comic book stores in October, 253 in November. 254 is out this month, 255 in January and issue 256 in February.

EDIT: Oh and a quick shout out to HypTS for linking to this awesome image of the Countdown to Chaos covers put together.  Originally form cover artist Ben Bates, Check it out on his deviant art page here.


ComicVine Interviews Ian Flynn on Archie’s Countdown To Chaos Story Arc

With the recent crossover of Sonic the Hedgehog and Megman from thier respective Archie comics over with, what’s next for the our blue hero? (Sonic not Megaman).


Writer of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics Ian Flynn recently took some time to talk to Comic Vine to about the next saga, ‘Countdown to Chaos.

The interview goes into detail about the repercussions from the crossover with Megaman and what to expect in the next few issues.

CV: Where did the decision come to have actual repercussions after the crossover instead of just starting a new adventure?

IF: In our last major event, Sonic: Genesis, we did a temporary rewrite of the world. When we returned to the status quo, the main complaint from fans was a lack of repercussions. After the major shake-up that was the Worlds Collide crossover, we knew we couldn’t play it safe this second time around.

Something that will please long time Freedom fighter fans is the return of Bunnie Rabbot and who knows we may finally get some answers as to where she disappeared to.

CV: We’ll be seeing the debut of Bunnie Rabbot as well. How much of a role will these characters play in future issues?

IF: Bunnie’s a mainstay, but you could also argue this entire story arc is about “debuting” the Freedom Fighters all over again. When last we left her, she was stripped of her robotic powers and went missing – So when we see her again in Countdown to Chaos there will be changes!

Oh and of course the return of someone else who has been missing from the Freedom Fighters for sometime now, but I would think everyone would know who that is by now.

Check out the full interview here, (spoiler warning).