Smash Bros. Dojo Updates with Green Hill Zone

It’s been floating around the Internets for a few weeks now, but now it’s finally official: the Green Hill Zone is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Today’s update at the Smash Bros. Dojo shows the Green Hill Zone stage in all its glory, with the usual commentary by Masahiro Sakurai. Features of the stage include sloping hills, collapsing terrain, and Tails, Knuckles, and Silver running by in the background.

UPDATE: Japanese Sonic Riders 2 Site Updates

The official Japanese Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story website has updated with three new characters.

Now added to the Characters page are Dr. Eggman, Nights, and “Emy” (lol, Engrish). We of course knew about Nights already, but it’s nice to have Amy and Eggman confirmed, and with some spiffy new CG art, too.

I’ll keep checking the site for more updates as the launch date draws near.

12/19/07 EDIT: Profiles of Shadow, Rouge, and Cream added as of yesterday. Also added is a new Extreme Gear section, which features previously-unseen Wheel and Yacht Gear types and what appears to be a listing of power-ups.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Pre-Order DVD

SEGA has just announced a surprisingly cool pre-order bonus for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, launching next Tuesday in the US. Those with reservations will get a special “Behind-the-Scenes” DVD chronicling the creation of the game, the history of the series, and “an interview with the creator of NiGHTS”, among other things.

This looks to be quite the holiday treat for loyal NiGHTS fans! Better get your down-payments put in!

1up Reviews Sonic 3 and Sonic 3D Blast on VC…

Gaming website has caught up on a large backlog of Virtual Console reviews. Among these are reviews for Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. As for 3D Blast, we could all care less, but Sonic 3 gets…


Citing “messy level designs”, “dull and forgettable enemies”, and a “tepid soundtrack”, among other complaints, the blasphemous esteemed writers at 1up apparently don’t feel that the Genesis/Mega Drive classic is worth the Wii Points.

Now, I’m not advocating a mass protest… yet… but I think 1up should be made aware of exactly what we think of this game that they describe as “decent”. To arms! To arms!

Mario and Sonic official site now open

Finally, no more teaser site! The REAL website for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is now online!

Included on the site are profiles of the characters (16 in all, including Blaze! WOOO!), event descriptions, and the standard crop of screenshots, trailers, and the like. Also on display at the bottom of the screen is the game’s box art.

Link: Mario and Sonic Official Site

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams website now online

Last night, Sega opened the official NiGHTS: JoD website. It’s the usual stuff that’s there at the moment: A story synopsis, game features, screenshots, and videos.

One particularly interesting item, though, is a section called “History”, giving information about the original NiGHTS on the Saturn. It mentions the game’s huge fanbase and appearances on “best of” lists, and the “Christmas NiGHTS” expansion pack. There’s even a nod to the diehard fans who kept requesting a sequel all these years!

More information is forthcoming. Stay tuned…

EDIT: Yes, it is “Journey OF Dreams”. Crap. Please don’t flog me, Dreadknux! Anyway, fixed.