Sonic Adventure DX PC Info

Sonic Team has put up their Sonic Adventure DX PC section earlier. The section has several pages with screens and such including the latest news and info on the Gamecube to PC port. The game will come with 640 X 480 and 1280 X 1024 Screen resolutions and will also have everything the Nintendo Gamecube version had including bonus brand new PC desktop accessories. The game is due out on DEcember 18th in Japan, same day as the Sonic Heroes release date and it will include 2 CD’s. Thanks to Knucklesdude for the link.

Box Art:

Sonic Heroes Demo

Below is from Game Informer:

Nintendo announced today that those who preorder their upcoming game Mario Kart: Double Dash!! will receive a bonus preview disc chock full of demos and other extra goodies.

The disc will contain:
5 mini-games from Mario Party 5
A playable demo of F-Zero
Fire Emblem content that contains unlockable weapons, items, and new music
A playable demo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Playable Hoth level from Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike III
A playable demo of Sonic Heroes, featuring two levels and three characters
New movies of 1080°: Avalanche, Kirby Air Ride, Pokémon Colosseum, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Search For Bikini Bottom, Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, and NBA Live 2004

Thanks to Tonykewv1for the heads up.

Archie: Sonic #131 Preview


Two titanic stories in one action-packed issue! “Home-The Gathering” Part Two (of Four): Continuing the saga of the four-part epic begun last issue. The threat of nuclear annihilation by Dr. Robotnik and his new minions looms large, so Sonic and the citizens of the Kingdome of Acorn AND Station Square must ready themselves to strike the Eggman Empire before its too late! With stakes this eye, everyone joins the battle lines. Don’t miss this nail-biting installment-it could be the last!

SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Andrew Pepoy (inks). Continue reading Archie: Sonic #131 Preview

Totally Sonic!

Below comes from, an international entertainment news website.

“DIC polishes Sonic for Mipcom” 

DIC Entertainment will bring new digitally-enhanced episodes and a ‘directors cut’ version of animated series Sonic The Hedgehog to Mipcom to coincide with the launch of a new Sega video game. (Sonic Heroes)

Totally Sonic is a 91 half-hour series which features a private collection of new episodes and enhanced versions of the originals, including a new director’s cut Secret Sonic episode. 

The release of Totally Sonic! coincides with the launch of the new Sonic The Hedgehog videogame from Sega.

IGN Playtests Sonic Heroes

IGN has reviewed Sonic Heroes at TGS 2003. From IGN:

Sonic and heroes made their Sonic Heroes debut in Japan earlier today as the Tokyo Game Show kicked off just outside of Tokyo. Sonic Team’s latest take on the Sonic franchise was first shown at this year’s E3 through a demo of a single level that showed off the game’s cooperative play mechanics. The Tokyo Game Show version of the game featured the same level and its team of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but also had another level featuring Shadow, Rouge and E-102.

We first tried out Sonic, Tails and Knuckles level and were very much impressed. The level moves fast, has lots of sections to show off the series’ trademark blazing speed, and offers up good chances to make use of each character’s abilities. We honestly can’t think of a single complaint about this level, aside from a few times where controlling the characters can become difficult. Camerawork, in particular, seems to be superb, with the occasional difficulties from E3 having apparently been cleared up. If the entire game ends up being like this level, we’ll be in Sonic heaven later this year. Continue reading IGN Playtests Sonic Heroes

Sonic Team @ TGS 2003

Tokyo Game Show 2003 is soon to be and Sonic team has put up their TGS Page. Japanese gamers will get special gifts and such for playing any Sonic team games, the gifts will be exclusive to TGS. The show will also feature a few special presentation’s of Sonic team titles.

  • Play Sonic Heroes and get a Sonic Heroes Memorandum pad.
  • Play Sonic Battle and get a sticker, yay.
  • Beat the Sonic Battle Tournament and get a decorated cube.
  • Play Puyo Fever to get this eye mask (below).
  • Play Billy Hatcher to get a sticker reel.
  • Win a Bottle Sleeve if you beat the Billy Hatcher Tournament.
  • The Phantasy Star I Sonic Cafe version will be there too.

SatAM 10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th Anniversary of SatAM, some recognize it as the best of the Sonic cartoons and to celebrate this day, Ronic Warihog sent me the below email.

Hello. My name is Ronic Warihog, and I have some news for you on a special day for the Sonic Community.

As some of you may know, today is the 10th Anniversary of the debut of ABC’s ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ SatAM animated series. It is the show that forever changed the perception of the Sonic world, and while the games were primarily for SEGA fans, the SatAM helped to bring Sonic into mainstream society. It also changed the path of the comics to one of respectability, and became one of the most powerful animated series of all time. 

I would like to extend my personal thanks to all 182 individuals who worked on the SatAM, and all of those who have supported the show, past and present. Without the support, the SatAM would probably have been forgotten long ago.

Archie: Sonic #132 Spoilers

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #132, ships 1/7. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

“Home, Part 3 – A.D.A.M. & Evil”: Sonic, Knuckles and the entire Kingdom of Acorn launch a two-pronged defense against the forces of Eggman’s Empire. As usual, Dr. Robotnik (a.k.a. Eggman) has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep his foes from winning the day. And then there’s Shadow and a stash of deadly weapons… SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Dave Manak (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). 

“Mobius: 25 Years Later – The Unveiling”: Our popular look at the future lives of Sonic’s friends and foes continues! This time, Lara-Su undergoes the female echidna coming-of-age ceremony. As Knuckles’ daughter, this is a very big deal – everyone on the island is invited. Will Lara-Su be able to deal with her insecurities? Also, if he’s not here for the ceremony, just why has Rotor come to see Knuckles?! You won’t want to miss this intriguing installment! SCRIPT: Ken Penders. ART: Steven Butler (pencils) and Ken Penders (inks). 

New Billy Hatcher Video

Benji has sent me this information, Sega of Japan has a new Billy Hatcher movie, head to Sega of Japan’s Billy Hatcher page. Below is from Benji…

Sonic is in the game. I’m not sure what his role is but by the poses it looks like they’ve been competing so I’m assuming he’s playable in multiplayer mode. Since they only show 1 second of Sonic in the vid, I took the time to take the screen shot and put it up on the net. View it here…

Sonic #127 Tommorow

Those who live in Canada, go buy the sucker, but everyone else must wait till tommorow to buy Sonic #127. Dont say I didn’t warn you, below is the information from Diamond Comics:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Labor Day holiday, U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and International accounts will receive their product on Thursday, September 4. Canadian delivery of shipments will be made on Wednesday, September 3.

New Billy Hatcher Site And More has launched a brand new Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg which features story, character and gameplay information. The website can be accessed from’s Billy Hatcher Fact Page.

Billy Hatcher GBA Games Update from

As we reported in our earlier story, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg will allow you to unlock classic games for your Game Boy Advance, including NiGHTS into Dreams, Puyo Pop, and Chu Chu Rocket. After a sharp eyes reader questioned if these would be the same versions that are downloadable via Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II, we have indeed confirmed that are the same versions found in that release. The good news is that no online connection will be required to access them, as was the case with PSO.

Final Dreamcast Game To Be Released

Sonic Team will be released a new Puyo game called Puyo Fever which will be released on the sega Dreamcast and be the final Dreamcast title. The game will also be released on the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2. It will feature the all new “Fever” mode to the Puyo series, and will be for 2-players too and is expected to be released in Japan this winter. Click here to visit Sonic Team and Sega of Japan’s Puyo Fever pages.

New Sonic Heroes Screens

Thanks to Adam Corsetti for the tip, has 10 new screens of Sonic Heroes, it also has this to say…

Sonic Heroes puts a new spin on the legendary platform series of games by offering team-based gameplay and allowing players to control three playable characters from 12 teams simultaneously. Sonic Heroes will be released on the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox platforms. Until then, take a look at the 10 outstanding new screenshots just released by Sega.

Gamecube Price Drop

This is one of those rare moments where I post non-Sonic news, but it might get some Sonic fans who have yet to buy the Gamecube to buy it. Nintendo has announced that it’ll be dropping the price of the Gamecube from $150 to $99 next month in North America. So if your a Sonic fan and has yet to buy the Nintendo Gamecube, go out and buy it now!