New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog DVD Details

Just recently it was confirmed that the 1993 animated series, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, would finally see the light of day on DVD. Shout! Factory, who recently also released other Sonic the Hedgehog series (SatAM) have neared completion of the new DVD set and have reported some exciting new details about the much anticipated release.

The new information confirms the release will be a four disc set containing the first 22 episodes and is to be released on July 17th . Two bonus featurettes “How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog” and “A Conversation with Artist Milton Knight” will also be included. The DVD set is currently available on pre-order from Amazon for $22.49 (Regular SRP $29.99)

For many Sonic fans The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is considered the most enjoyable (albeit light) animated series, and thanks to this release they will now have an alternative to the DVDs of questionable legality from Korea that circulate eBay infrequently.

Be sure to stay with SONIC NEWS for any updates as they are made available.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Coming To DVD

Sonic fans have been extremely lucky lately with SatAM finally making the jump to DVD, however it seems the prayers from the other side of the fan base have been answered – Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog may soon see a DVD release as indicated by a new listing on Amazon.

The new listing details a four disc box set to be released on July 17th for an RRP of $29.99 and an Amazon list price of $22.49. Curiously enough Sony Music are listed as the studio behind the DVD release, however a quick search of their website turned up no information.

Will we be seeing Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on DVD stateside any time soon? Stay with SONIC NEWS for the latest on this developing story.

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Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Signed Sonic the Hedgehog paraphernalia amongst other video game related treasures are set to be auctioned next Saturday the 17th as part of the upcoming Hollywood Arts Dream Awards.

Straight from the press release:
The Dream Awards will host an auction on eBay with several game industry items including an audio cameo in the upcoming game HALO 3, a Master Chief statue, a tour of the Bungie Studios and signed video game paraphernalia of games such as Guitar Hero 2 and by artists such as Yugi Naki, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. (I’m sure they meant Yuji Naka, father of Sonic the Hedgehog) Continue reading Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

SONIC The Hedgehog Confirmed For PC In Australia

Up until now details surrounding the PC release of SONIC The Hedgehog have been vague and scattered, however SONIC NEWS have discovered numerous sources which have confirmed the title’s impending release in Australia.

THQ, whom are responsible for distributing SEGA and Sonic titles in Australia have listed SONIC the Hedgehog for PC in their upcoming release list for retailers. Numerous Australian online video game retailers (Listed below) have in turn listed SONIC the Hedgehog for PC with a Thursday 15th March release date with an RRP of $79.99. Curiously enough, the title will be released on PC more than a whole week before its local PS3 debut.

This new information combined with the earlier pieces of evidence can be taken as confirmation that SONIC the Hedgehog will indeed be appearing on PC very soon. Continue reading SONIC The Hedgehog Confirmed For PC In Australia

SEGA Ships SEGA Mega Drive Collection In The UK

Once again the cornerstone titles of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise have been made available with the recent release of SEGA Mega Drive Collection in the UK. This new compilation title shipped just days ago in the UK and features the legendary Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 amongst a plethora of other Mega Drive favourites.

The complete title list is as follows: Continue reading SEGA Ships SEGA Mega Drive Collection In The UK

Sonic Spinball Coming To Wii Virtual Console

SEGA really do seem to love Nintendo Wii’s virtual console, and in the near future will be releasing Sonic Spinball alongside the already featured Sonic the Hedgehog.

Although SEGA and indeed Nintendo are still yet to announce the new title, the OFLC (Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification, similar to the ESRB and PEGI) contains a new entry for the title. The application, submitted by Nintendo Australia was finalized in late January and received approval for all ages as could have been expected.

A quick search of Nintendo’s other recent application reveal that other SEGA titles planned for the Virtual Console line up include Streets of Rage, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle and Sword or Vermilion.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Rumours have been flying around the Internet for years now about a Sonic The Hedgehog motion picture, however, one of these trails it seems may finally come into fruition. Film maker Richard Kuta has been working on an animated film based on the series known commonly to fans as Sonic SatAM, and has recently received approval for the project from Soloakai Animation.

After successful negotiations with SEGA throughout last year, Kuta and his co-writer initially pitched the film to IDT Entertainment, who mulled over the idea before eventually rejecting it. Since then the team proposed the film to Solokai Animation, who were more than happy to take the project onboard. Continue reading Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

British gaming magazine Games Master have revealed a plethora of new information about the soon to be released Sonic and the Secret Rings for Nintendo Wii.

The following information is taken from The Wiire’s report.
According to Games Master, Sonic and the Secret Rings will feature 10 different levels, five of which being Sand Oasis, Dinosaur Jungle, Evil Foundry, Levitated Ruin and Pirate Storm. Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

In addition, Sonic’s skills will be customizable, with upwards of 100 available to learn. These skills affect everything from Sonic’s handling, to moveset, to special abilities – such as slowing down time or speed boosting. Experience points are earned through the game that grant players access to these abilities, but only four can be maintained at any given time (through rings Sonic wears). Continue reading New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

It wasn’t all that long ago McDonalds rolled out their last Sonic Happy Meal promotion, but they are at it once again in the UK and with a completely different line of toys for the young/young at heart. The Sonic X themed toys now available are disc launchers, available in four different characters – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

It currently has not been revealed as to whether more different character themed toys will be launched during the campaign, however given that this promotion is running alongside of Hello Kitty themed toys, it may be a little much to wonder why there are no Amy or Cream toys.

The following images have been nabbed from McDonalds Happy Meal flash site. (Available here) Continue reading UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins