Being LGBT in the Sonic Community ?️‍?

For those who do not know, June is known to many as PRIDE month. A month where people unite to promote, stand up for and celebrate the rights and history of LGBTQ people. You may wonder what this has to do with Sonic the Hedgehog, so please let me explain. Continue reading Being LGBT in the Sonic Community ?️‍?

Opinion Zone 67: SammyClassicSonicFan Interview

For those of you who don’t know, SammyClassicSonicFan (Sammy Harbors) was a kid on YouTube who use to have very powerful raging rants on YouTube about our favourite blue mascot. In fact they were so popular he sort of become a “internet meme celebrity”. Ever seen any GIF, or meme with the word frick? That’s him. However one day he just sort of gave up and quit the internet completely, until a year or so again when he restarted his video uploading on a infrequent basis. While the personality is borderline treated as a fictional myth at this point, he is a real person. And even though he is a very introverted person, he once sat down with us for a chat about all these shenanigans from his own personal perspective.

Have you ever wondered if the rants were genuine or played up for camera? Have you ever pondered if he’s seen Chadtronic and what he thinks of him? Maybe you are even curious what he is up to these days or why he stopped originally? Well this will have all your queries put to rest! We also test him on his Sonic trivia in a fun little quiz, because it only seems fair we find out how well he truly knows that fricking hedgehog. This was an interview we recorded a year and a half or so ago, but I think it’s important to remind people that he is just as human as the rest of us. What better time for a throwback Thursday!

Opinion Zone 65: Sonic Time Twisted Interview with creator Overbound Games!

For fans living under a rock, Sonic Time Twisted is an unofficial Sonic the Hedgehog game that has been in development as a pet project for 12 years. But unlike a lot of fan game projects, this one was finished!

To celebrate today’s release of the long awaited project, we sat down with the creator to discuss what is needed to push through to the end of such a long running piece of work. Not only that but we also discuss our thoughts on the finished project and if it is worth your time downloading! We also discover that the OST features a track very similar to another fans work in 2010, what does our (half hearted) investigation discover!?

We also cover the last weeks news in Sonic (oh my did a lot happen this week!).

Have you played the game yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Opinion Zone 61: Is Sonic Forces a step backwards? Special Guest: Sonic The Cosplayer

So this thing called SXSW happened, and if you weren’t aware, a LOT of new Sonic news was uncovered during the Sonic The Hedgehog panel fronted by Aaron Webber. Sonic Forces was revealed in all it’s glory and we tackle the discussion on where the direction of Sonic is going. Is it taking Sonic back to his edgy days of guns and kissing women or a fresh take on the brand that can appeal to those who do not feel connected to Mania. There are two very different sides of the coin for this discussion, worth a listen in itself! Before we delve into that hotbed of chat though, we cover the latest news such as Drake sampling His World on his new album, Mania being delayed and Hedgehog Awareness Week. All with the help of special guest Sonic The Cosplayer.

Oh and we find out some DISTURBING truths in today’s game of Learning With Lurker! Did Sonic The Cosplayer secretly dress as Rouge at a gaming con? Did Sega Scourge start smoking at 10 to be cool like Shadow The Hedgehog? Did Jay do extra curricular activities in exchange for Sonic Heroes? We find it in our mad game of truth or lie in “Learning With The Lurker”

This one is a gem, make sure you listen to the end!

Remember if you want to listen to more of the show, head over to our podcast page!

Opinion Zone 60: Is Archie Sonic Dead? Special Guest: Lisa Medin

In todays episode, Comic Artist Lisa Medin joins us to discuss the future of Archie Comic’s long running Sonic comic as we dissect a recent article by Jason Berry.

Is the future at risk? And what is to blame for the downfall of the long running licensed comic? Skip our news discussion (including someone going to court for using a hedgehog as a weapon) and listen to us chat all things Archie at 36:00! Let us know what you think in the comments.

We also get to learning with David The Lurker as we find out if one of our hosts use to visit Sonic Passion!

Opinion Zone 59: Farewell Dan Sheridan

As you most probably heard from yesterdays article, Dan Sheridan has now left SEGA Europe. At just over a year in the role of Europe’s Community Manager, it is quite impressive what he achieved in such a relatively small time frame. Having spent a trip with him in San Diego after winning last years contest to find Europe’s biggest Sonic fan, it only makes sense that todays opinion revolves around the man and his Sonic hat. (Skip to roughly 37 minutes in if you wish to skip the news and head straight to our Sheridan discussion)

This is also the start of a new season of The Opinion Zone, which brings a whole new range of segments for your enjoyment. In fact, we are looking for you guys to help us with a future show piece! If you think you have quite an interesting Sonic/Sega related fact or anecdote about yourself or something you once did (can be light hearted, dark, funny, strange, really anything!) then send us an email to thesonicshowchannel (at) gmail (dot) com. You must be happy to talk to us on the podcast to be applicable,

The Opinion Zone: Sonic’s 2016 In Review

As The Opinion Zone crew went for a quiet hibernation since Christmas, we only just realised we never did a year in review. Considering 2016 was the year of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and considering we love to argue about opinions, it seemed odd that we let this slip past us!

The gang discuss everything from Sonic Runners closing its doors to all the chaos of the Project 2017 announcement. Of course we do it with a selection of strong language so please be warned!

What was your highlight of 2016 and do you think it met your expectations for an anniversary year? Let us know in the comments!


What Summer Of Sonic Means To Me : A Staff and Fan Tribute

At this years Summer Of Sonic, we gave you, the fans, a chance to express what this event means to you. We played a video showing the fans and staff’s memories and reflections live in the venue on August 6th. We are now happy to bring to you a super cut of this tribute!

Created and edited by: Pete Nethercote.

Featuring: Phil Sims, Lewis Clark, Kevin Eva, Pete Nethorcote, John Finlay, Dave Luty, Gavin Storey, Shadowkelsey, Peter Robinson, Dr Spudhead, Shadowmariogaming, Faz D, Tanner (Ewww), Mark Hugues, Kieran Gates, Monty Peter Sally, Svend

Sonic The Hedgehog At 25 – A Double Tap Interview

The Sonic Show’s own Jay Egge Mann got a chance to sit down and chat to the Double Tap podcast alongside James Booth from Hardlight! Everyone’s favourite Blue Hedgehog is 25 years old. After his recent Birthday celebrations at the San Diego Comic-Con and London, we celebrate his incredible legacy and what lays in the future for SEGA’s most popular character.

DropDead X Sonic Clothing Review

For those of you who do not know, British fashion label DropDead released an brand new line of clothing in collaboration with SEGA to mark Sonic The Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary.

Since this range is something slightly different to the usual more “tween” approach we have seen recently around Sonic Boom, I decided to pick up a couple of items and open them with you guys to see my honest reaction to what these guys are offering!

Are you interested in the range, or maybe you have purchased something yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Opinion Zone 34: Summer Of Sonic Is Back Baby (Guest Adam Tuff)

Oh boy, the hype is real guys. It has been a long, cold and lonely three years. Sonic fans around the country have been waiting and finally our wishes have been answered! On the eve that the recently launched Kickstarter reached its £20,000 goal in just 11 days, Jay and The Opinion Zone crew are joined today by Summer Of Sonic Co-Organiser Adam Tuff, to discuss the wonders of this awesome convention. Continue reading Opinion Zone 34: Summer Of Sonic Is Back Baby (Guest Adam Tuff)

Zone Runners Release First Music Video

For those who do not know, Zone Runners are a popular music-inspired hip hop trio. All their music takes inspiration from your favourite Sonic levels and is certainly worth a listen.

Despite making three releases since their debut, the group have yet to put any of their music to video. That is of course, until today!

In a special collaboration with The Sonic Show, the Zone Runners finally come to animated life in this original track based upon the 9th anniversary of The Sonic Show’s webshow. Featuring animation from a variety of artists, plus artwork and fan submitted dance moves, this is a neat little package that everyone here is proud of!


(Update: Sold Out) Weston Super Sonic Convention Tickets Now Available!

Update: The tickets have now sold out, but if you still want to go we are giving away tickets, watch the first video in this post for details.

Convention alert! Convention alert! Sound the alarm! Continue reading (Update: Sold Out) Weston Super Sonic Convention Tickets Now Available!

Sonic Paradox Turns 10 Years Old! We React!


Every Monday, we upload a new video to our “Sonic Reacts” series. Members of the community sit and watch some weird and wonderful things and share their reaction with you the audience. We don’t usually post about these, but today’s is a very special edition.

^D5F25E49986C65A63A7A8DC0F83A4622261AB86D50578C14EA^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYep, it has been ten glorious years since the inception of Sonic Paradox, so for today’s episode we (and two members of Sonic Paradox) watch back some of the best content to come from the Paradox team.

The Sonic Show have always been big fans of the S.P group. We debuted the “Knuckles Briefs” collection in 2009. And worked with a variety of their animators, including PiggyBank and The Wax. Not to mention Donnie. Never forget “The Don™”.

So here is to 10 more insane years of comedy and creativity from Sonic Paradox! Keep it up guys!

Opinion Zone 15: Why Do Trolls Live In The Comment Sections?

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. They are most commonly known to hide under bridges, and since roughly the 2000’s have found access to the internet.
Continue reading Opinion Zone 15: Why Do Trolls Live In The Comment Sections?

Sonic Dreams Collection Brings Your Fan Fiction Nightmares To Reality!

Ever wanted to play the games that SEGA never got around to finishing for the Dreamcast? Well now, finally, we all can!

Sonic Dreams Collection was released today by Arcane Kids, a  studio that is known for putting together “unique” little projects together, such as the return of Bubsy3D.

The concept in this new collection is that after years of lurking in the depths of development hell, a leak has caused these prototypes of the 90s to rise back to the surface. This unique group of games will see you creating your own original character, playing an MMO and not to mention the most interesting look into the world of fan fiction. Oh, did we mention things get weird very quickly?

If you’re so inclined, the “leak” can be found here with the password “grandpa”. If you aren’t in the mood for torturing your mind, and would rather watch someone else who’s brain was burnt along time ago, enjoy the videos below![youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]

Opinion Zone 12: Where are the Sonic fangirls?

WARNING: (Explicit Tag) (Contains strong language)

A silly question maybe to some. We see the “fanboys” everywhere, but with the recent news that a YouGov poll found more women to be fans of Sonic than men, we were just curious where are they?
Continue reading Opinion Zone 12: Where are the Sonic fangirls?

The Opinion Zone Episode 10: Soz For Betraying Sonic Fans


Android / Web


Jay, Fuad, Donnie, Tom are joined by Pete aka TitansCreed filling in for Uncle Poxxy as we discuss the recent news that Sega CEO, Hajime Satomi, has admitted in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that he feels the company has “betrayed” the trust of their fans.

Fuad also brings us “Fuad Things”, a quickfire round of discussion covering, Sonic Prologue 2, the fan video of how to improve Sonic, the Phantasy Star anime and more.

Donnie (master all of Sonic media) once again goes up against a fan to see if they can Defeat Donnie. Plus Pete fills in for Uncle Poxxy and answers your advice questions including if adult Sonic fans are weird and what to do when your parents find out your a hardcore furry.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)


The Opinion Zone Episode 9: Who Asked For Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom?

Android / Web


Jay, Fuad, Donnie, Tom are joined by Uncle Poxxy as we discuss the recent soft launch of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Is it fun? Is it better? Is it way to early to be putting out for a soft launch? (Yes)

Donnie (master all of Sonic media) goes up against a fan to see if they can Defeat Donnie. Plus Uncle Poxxy and answers your advice questions including if its ok to collect Amiibos and how we get down with the “ladies”.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)

Sweet Dream: 24th Anniversary Short Trailer

Sonic’s birthday is not too far away, and there is something awesome on the way to celebrate.


Sweet Dream is a reimagining of the ending of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to celebrate 24 years of the blue blur. This is the latest project from SonicpoX, known throughout the Source Film Maker community on Youtube and lead animator for the highly anticipated Sonic:  Misadventures series. In addition to animation by Pox,  he’s teamed up with his friends from the Misadventures team to create a new musical score for this anniversary celebration.

Judging by SonicpoX’s previous work, and this fantastic trailer, we are very much looking forward to seeing the final product on June 23rd!

Check out more of SonicpoX’s content as well as Sweet Dream on June 23rd at

STAR in a Sonic music video with Zone Runners!

Last year we ran a contest where people could draw Sonic selfies for our #BADNIK video. It’s time for a brand new song, and once again we want you guys to be in it!


The song is an original composition by Zone Runners that takes a cool spin on The Sonic Show theme tune. We want you guys to be in the video by recording yourself singing (miming) the chorus!

You can be as creative or uncreative as you like. Animate it, do it in cosplay, do it with friends, do it as a puppet, do indoors, outdoors or any dimension inbetween! Once you have recorded your entry, upload it to any video sharing site (like Youtube) and make sure you include “The Sonic Show and Zone Runners” in the title. Then send us a link to your entry to or tweet it to us @sonic_show. Your entry can be public or unlisted, it’s up to you!

Entries must be submitted by the 24th of June

The Sonic Show and Zone Runners crew will feature their favourite entries in the video and ONE lucky entry will recieve a one of a kind tshirt of The Sonic Show and Zone Runners, hand signed by The Sonic Show AND every member of Zone Runners! You can’t buy a prize like that! Prize ships worldwide!

Check out the chorus you need to chant along to below! (music removed, gotta keep it a surprise!)