Freak-Out Friday: Eggman dies in next Sonic game

If it wasn’t obvious the following video contains spoilers.


I’m at a loss for words. Who’d have thought that Sonic Team’s fervent interest of shoehorning numerous monsters, demons and demigods as antagonists would lead them so far as to remove one gaming’s most beloved, memorable villains altogether?

TSS COMMUNITY RELEASE: The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011

The Sonic Stadium is proud to present it’s first official community release project – The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011.

Assembled in a span of two months, 16 budding musicians on the SSMB banded together in an effort to bring out the ideas and concepts of our creative community at TSS. What was once a mere collaborative mini-album with a 15-track estimate, as envisioned by forum member and project leader VizardJeffhog, grew into an unmediated storm of tracks and tunes, something we hope will be the first of the many future community-driven projects to follow at TSS.

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