SEGA to open Theme Parks in the Middle East

SEGA announced earlier today that there were to be releasing a series of new Theme Park Arcades in Emaar shopping malls across the Middle East.

The first Arcade is set for opening in the Dubai Mall, featuring such attractions as roller-coasters, simulators and arcade machines.

SEGAs CEO Hajime Satomi said, “Entertainment is about living dreams, it is about experiencing joy and culture. In joining with a company of Emaar’s stature and power, we hope to convey the pleasure and excitement inspired by great entertainment to people all over the world.”

The Theme Park Arcade is set for release later this year, and there has currently been no mention of a UK or US consideration.

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And thanks to Pur-Rulz for finding the info on her Wii news channel!

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

Several images hit the Internet yesterday taking the Sonic community by storm. The first screenshots of Biowares upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog RPG for DS had been included in the latest issue of Americans popular ‘Nintendo Power’ magazine.

Boasting beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds, Sonic-looking environments and all our favourite characters, the screenshots are a perfect example of how a classic RPG should look. But this time involving Sonic. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

Yakuza 3 Demo on PSN

Popular German gaming site ‘Gamefront’ reported earlier today that SEGA are planning to release a downloadable demo of the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive Yakuza game sometime this January.

The game is set for release in Japan on March 6th of this year and the demo has not yet been confirmed it’ll be showing its face on the US or EU Playstation Network.

Those unfamiliar with the series can check out the Japanese website for the upcoming game here or brush up on your knowledge of the previous titles at Wikipedia.

Yakuza has become a big franchise for SEGA, with promise that this third title in the series will not disappoint.

Sonic 1 returns! Makes debut on the Apple iPod

SEGA announced this morning that the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ title will be once again ported to a newer gaming system MP3 player.

Released in the iTunes store for $4.99, the 1991 classic will see Sonic speeding round loops and collecting up rings through 6 exciting zones in hope to put an end to the evil Dr. Robotniks schemes.

The game has apparently been ‘redesigned’ for the iPod, though still remains an exact port of the original game. There’s no news of a definite release date, apart from that it will hit American iTune stores ‘just in time for the holidays.’

You can read up on the announcement here.

‘Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’ English site has arrived!

Following suit of the previous Sonic News post, the English version of the new Sonic Riders 2 game site is now open for your viewing pleasure!

Packed well with Zero Gravity goodies, the English site has new CG artwork for the characters (including NiGHTS), 3D maps of the courses, lists of the different Gears available to race with in the game and much more!

You can check out the new site right here.

A huge thanks to Tailzmas for finding the new site and posting about it in the forum topic. Thanks dude!

Keep checking back at Sonic News for all the latest Riders 2 information!

Another new Riders 2 trailer shows off some new moves

IGN updated their Media section of ‘Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’ earlier today with a brand spanking new trailer showcasing some new tricks such as Gravity Dive (which looks similar to how Chaos Control worked in Shadow the Hedgehog) and some flashy never before seen gameplay footage.

You can view the new trailer at IGN’s media page for the game here or at Nintendo Wii Fanboy courtesy of Joystiq here.

The release date is still set for next January in the US and March 08 for Europe. Hopefully it will improve on what the first game had to offer with its tonne of extra gears and courses.

New SEGA Superstars Tennis Screens

Get a load of- Get a load of- Get a load of this!

Tiscali Games uploaded some new screenshots of the upcoming SEGA Tennis title earlier this week. The new screens show off Eggman and AiAi caught up in the action along with what appears to be the Space Channel 5 court.

Check out the new screenshots here or you can view them from their origional foreign source at Tiscali games here. Continue reading New SEGA Superstars Tennis Screens

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and NiGHTS PS2 Media Frenzy!

Frozen Bell was my favourite stage from the first and it’s looking as good as ever in the remake!

IGN have updated their website with some new videos of the highly anticipated NiGHTS Wii game earlier today, showing off some new in-game footage, music and a better look at the three new transformations in action.

Check out the NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams IGN media page here.

One video also shows the Race Multiplayer in motion, with the voice of Reala sounding much more deeper than it did in the original game. It’s shaping up to look like a lot of fun, with each video SEGA release looking more of an improvement each time. Continue reading NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and NiGHTS PS2 Media Frenzy!

New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

That looks like an awkward position to drive in…

New screenshots of the upcoming Sonic Riders sequel to PS2 and Wii uploaded at SEGAs FTP show off some new content. Shadow and Rouge and confirmed to be back, now with the unsurprising inclusion of Blaze the Cat.

Other than the new Blaze sightings, water bike gear, flying gear and Chopper bike gear have been shown, expanding on the originals mere three type of vehicles (Board, Bike and Skate.) There’s also screens of some new courses such as the water based stage and temple like area. Continue reading New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

‘Tec Toys’ to release Portable Mega Drive

To me, the screen looks even smaller then a Gameboy Micros!

The Brazilian company Tec Toys announced today that they are to be releasing a sort of SEGA Nomad device which lets you play 20 built in Mega Drive/Genesis titles on December 5th.

The device will retail for (a hefty) $110, around ¬£55 if translated into UK currency. Using three AAA batteries for power, it also includes an apparent Hi-Definition screen with ports allowing you to hook up the video and audio to a television set. Continue reading ‘Tec Toys’ to release Portable Mega Drive

Do YOU have what it takes to put a twinkle in SEGA’s eye?

SEGA stated to the press today that at this years Game Connection events they’re looking for something ‘New and Original.’

Games reported that the company will be attending among other big names in the gaming world to discuss new business strategies and search for new game ideas that hope to drive their role in the gaming industry.

I have never heard of this event before and personally I think that it is a very good idea. Speaking from a trainee Games Designers point of view, this opens a huge opportunity for creative individuals who have the experience along with wanting to get noticed to pitch their ideas and goals to big companies like SEGA.

If you’re part of an Indie games company and wish to be noticed by someone like SEGA, Games Connection sounds like the best damn opportunity you’re going to get!

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Five new Journey of Dreams Videos

The ‘Game Videos’ website has just uploaded five brand-spanking new NiGHTS videos viewable on the internet as of today. A lot of news on this game lately, but these videos have got me even more hyped more than anything.

See all Five vids here intergrated into one page courtesy of Nintendo Wii Fanboy!
The Shleep are back! 8D

The videos show off new footage, new music and alot of other cool stuff. This is looking to be an awesome sequal to an above awesome origional and has definatly greatly improved upon the quality of the previous batch of videos. It also appears you DO have to get a key from the bird to enter the ‘NiGHTS Captures’ (origionally they were Ideya Palaces’ to continue to the next course. This change doesn’t really seem bad, infact it looks fun chasing after those bird things. Stay tuned at TSS for all the latest NiGHTS 2 media!

I think I need to sit down after that. Well, if I wasn’t already sat down. x_x;

Also: Well done Somethingstein for finding the videos and letting us all know on the forums. =P

NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

It’s been rumoured for quite some time now, but SEGA officially announced today that the Weather Channel function will effect the ‘My Dream’ Chao Garden like area of the new and upcoming NiGHTS Journey of Dreams game for Wii.

The channel seems to give impact on the weather conditions of the game mode, showing effects such as Snow, Clouds and Thunderstorms. This is the first Wii title to make use of the Weather Channel in the actual game itself, and just like the origional titles changing music for Saturn (along with Christmas NiGHTS date and clock function) offers something new and uses the latest gaming technology to full advantage. Continue reading NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

New Rivals 2 Trailer

Earlier today the Game Trailers website uploaded new footage from the upcoming Sonic Rivals PSP game. Other than an overview of what information has already been released, the trailer briefly shows off a new Casino/Bingo Highway type stage and a classic looking Hangliding section. The trailer also showcases some new music (finally…) that will most likley be included within the game.

Check out the (slightly corny) trailer here. Continue reading New Rivals 2 Trailer

Sonic 3D available on PAL Virtual Console

Fun Fact: Sonic 3D ‘Blast’ was renamed to Sonic 3D: ‘Flickies Island’ for the European release.

The Wiis European Virtual Console update today added another Sonic title to the service, first released in November of 1996 ‘Sonic 3D’ is now downloadable for the cost of 800 points.

Unfortuantly it was the 16-bit Mega Drive/Genesis version uploaded rather than the slightly flashier Saturn or PC versions. It’s still worth a download if you’re interested in playing the classic on your TV sets again, though the game was included with all the other Mega Drive Sonic titles in ‘Sonic Mega Collection’ released for the GameCube back in 2002/3 which I still think is the much better buy, even if it is costing you a little more. Continue reading Sonic 3D available on PAL Virtual Console