SEGA finally bringing Sonic Chronicles to Japan!


Resident SSMB member ‘KIRBY‘ informed the forums earlier today with some exciting news regarding the release of Sonic Chronicles in Japan. Unlike Europe and America, Japan never saw a release of the game last September, a similar act as with Sonic Rivals 1 and 2’s Japanese no shows. While the majority of Japanese fans simply felt left in the dust, SEGA have finally uploaded a teaser site to the Internet advertising an eastern release for the Nintendo DS turn-based adventure.

Sonic Chronicles was met with mediocre reviews when released in Europe and America last year, with high criticism to the plot and sound track noted. The majority of fans however enjoyed the title, with Bioware’s extensive RPG experience clearly shining through. More information will be uploaded to the website April 10th, hopefully giving us a release date for Japanese fans to look forward to.

Source: SEGA Japan.

Sonic Unleashed DLC and Patch released today!


It’s been a good three or four months since the release of Sonic’s super fast/generic action’y title on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Sonic Unleashed. SEGA have updated the Xbox Live Market Place today with some of the first Downloadable Content available for the game, a Chun-Nan ‘Adventure Pack.’

The adventure pack weighs in at around 530MB in size and contains four new day time stages (Act 1-2, 2-2, 4 and 5) and two new Werehog stages (Act 1-2 and 3.) While act 1-2 for both characters is simply a more difficult obstacle course of the standard Act 1 stages, Act 4 and 5 for Sonic and Act 3 for the Werehog offer entirely new areas of Chun-Nan for players to explore. Act 2-2 for Sonic simply adds an extra two ‘laps’ on to the already existing stage, though both of these are cleverly designed and a good challenge for even the greatest Unleashed enthusiasts.

Currently, the Xbox 360 DLC is avalible in Europe, Japan and America, while the PS3 DLC is only accessible in Japan. Worry not however, as word has it the European and American PSN will be updating later tonight with the content.

Alongside a DLC update, SEGA have released a patch for the game currently only downloadable through the Xbox Live Marketplace. While it doesn’t fix everything, incorrect totals on the map screen have been fixed and a slight optimisation of the code for the Adabat stage has been put into place, lessening the frame rate drops by a small amount.

Hopefully more Adventure Packs will be made available to download in the future, alongside more frequent patches for the game, hopefully fixing art book glitches and the loss of frame rate in Eggman Land especially.

Are you happy with the Chun-Nan DLC? Were you expecting something more? Entirely new stages? Remakes of classic zones perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA Nerds.

SEGA official blog showcases your fan artwork!

SEGA of America’s ‘Clumsyorchid’ updated the official SoA blog today with an interesting update regarding fan artwork entries to the ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ artwork competition which took place a few months back. Clumsyorchid writes that the blog plans to do ‘5 days of fan art’, giving talented fans the spotlight they deserve by showcasing some fantastic entries they received after opening the competition. More artwork will be uploaded tomorrow, so if yours isn’t on there today, don’t feel too left out.

Has your piece appeared in today’s update? If so, which is yours? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA of America’s official blog.

Two new ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ Trailers hit the net!

SSMB user ‘Venom‘ alerted the forums earlier today with a new trailer from massive online gaming website, IGN. The trailer focuses on Knuckles’ character in the game, Sir Gawain, featuring footage of his boss fight and other misc videos of several stages. Meanwhile, Youtube user ‘Supasoni1016′ is kind enough to capture and upload the latest trailer of the game from the Japanese ‘Nintendo Channel’, an online media portal designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Channel trailer shows us lots of already seen footage- but with a one minute fifty second version of the games main theme, ‘Knight of the Wind’ performed by familiar-to-the-series band, ‘Crush 40.

You can watch the Sir Gawain IGN trailer here and the Nintendo Channel video showcase here. Sonic and the Black Knight will be available for the Nintendo Wii on the 13th of March in Europe.

Game Tap give four part Sonic Retrospective on Youtube!

SSMB user ‘Ultrasinc‘ alerted the forums earlier today with news of a new Sonic the Hedgehog Retrospective video by downloadable game provider, ‘Game Tap.‘ The video itself consists of four parts, all of which are uploaded to Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

The fantastically made retrospective has some extremely interesting information- some of which is completely new. For example, did you ever know that Sonic’s shoes were based off Michael Jacksons boots from the front cover of his ‘Bad’ album? And that the colour of them was inspired from the worldwide known figure, Santa Claus? Game Tap interview the likes of Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Naka and a large variety of other developers and project managers from along the years as they discuss how SEGA of America took to the little blue critter, his changes of appearance and why he became so popular.

You can view the four parts of non-sonic-bashing goodness by clicking on the following links:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Source: Kotaku.

‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games’ Teaser Trailer


They’re back!

You may remember not too long ago TSS reported a rumour concerning Mario and Sonic’s return with another Olympic Games compilation. Today, SEGA Europe have updated their official Youtube account with a HD teaser trailer for the upcoming game on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS set for release ‘soon.’

The new trailer shows off some lovely CG quality movie scene footage and has Sonic, Mario and pals all snowboarding down a huge mountain in front of cheering crowds. The game will be out on shelves in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but for now fans of either series can check out the High Definition Youtube Teaser Trailer here.

What’s your opinion on the new trailer? Are you planning on picking up Mario and Sonic’s latest Olympic outing in time for Vancouver 2010? Let us know in the comments below!

Yuji Naka Dances Around Michael Jackson Theory

Is that Morph you’re holding there, Mr. Naka?

What is it with all this Yuji Naka talk lately? We may as well rename ourselves to ‘Naka News’  from now on. Gaming website Kikizo managed to catch up with the man behind such masterpieces as NiGHTS and Burning Rangers for a short interview on his new company, Prope. Looking pretty swarve, Naka turned up to the interview suitably dressed with ‘Let’s Tap!’ figurine in hand all set to promote his new game- however, Kikizo had other ideas in mind.

Naka was asked a series of questions consisting of his opinions on SEGA leaving the hardware market, what his current relationship with SEGA is at and why his socks are the colour orange. They even threw in the question always on a Sonic fan’s mind, did Michael Jackson really compose the music to Sonic 3?

Naka slyly replied:

Naka: [laughs] It’s best that you ask Sega!

Kikizo: Well, er, it was your game, Naka-san… nobody at Sega would even know any more…

Naka: It’s a mystery [laughs]. This information is on a need-to-know basis! [laughs more] One day, when the time comes, I will give you the information!

The inevitable question regarding Naka’s company ‘Prope’ (pronounced Pro-Pay for all those wondering) developing a character based game similar to Sonic quickly came around, to which Naka confirmed that the title has spent a very small time in development and he cannot confirm whether or not the idea will be approved by SEGA. He’ll tell media when the time comes.

You can read Kikizo’s interview with the man himself on their website here. Oh, and if you are still wondering on the question of his orange socks, they’re to match the Prope company logo which is reminiscent of the US orange Dreamcast logo colour. Awesome.

Source: Kikizo.

Limited Edition SEGA LP for Australian ‘Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’ Pre-orders!



Hands up who can remember when our friendly neighbourhood SEGA Community Manager (and head of the Sonic Wrecks Website) ‘AAUK‘ announced in the ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection‘ topic of SSMB that SoE were planning on printing some exclusive SEGA blue Vinyl Records? Who couldn’t help but drool over the very lovely classic SEGA themed record sleeve and disc? So, which of you remaining happen to live in Australia? If your hand’s still up, you’re in luck.

General SEGA fan site ‘SEGA Nerds‘ reported today with some exciting news for any Aussies planning on purchasing the upcoming SEGA Mega Drive and Arcade collection title available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 late this month. Website ‘JB Hi-Fi‘ is offering one of the very limited edition six track 12″ records with every pre-order of the game made on their website, while stock lasts, that is.

I’m sure many Australian fans are going to be picking this up quicker than you can say ‘SEEE-GAAA‘, so you’d better be quick! SEGA fans elsewhere in Europe can keep their eye on the official SEGA Blog for news of that competition in which AAUK is also giving away a couple.

You can check out the original SEGA Europe blog post regarding the Limited Edition Vinyl here and Australians can head over to JB Hi-Fi and lay down their pre-order here.

Source: SEGA Nerds.

Get ’em while they’re hot! Sonic and the Black Knight Character Sheets!


Earlier today ‘Hero of legend‘ reported to TSS with a most intriguing link leading to a Nintendo fan-site named ‘‘ It appears the site has managed to get a hold of some exclusive character model sheets from the upcoming ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ title currently in development exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

The character model sheets show off some nifty angle shots of Sonic (as himself), Knuckles (as Sir Gawain), Shadow (as Sir Lancelot) and finally Blaze (as Percival.) Technically the first we’ve seen of Blaze in the game. The model sheets show off her new re-design complete with an armoured mask, similar to that of Gawain and Lancelot’s. Keep in mind all of these character models are taken from the CG Cut Scene areas of Sonic and the Black Knight. TSS seriously doubt’s you’re going to be seeing models as detailed as that in-game.

It’s still unclear how WiiNintendo managed to get their hands on the character model sheets, but what’s even more interesting is a thirty second video showcasing all the characters present, of which has been uploaded to the Nintendo themed websites Youtube account.

You can check out the character model sheets here and the video showcase of all four characters at Youtube here. Just look at those Knights spin!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears that both the images and video have disappeared from the Internet. Either WiiNintendo decided to remove the models on their own accord or with a little encouragement from SEGA. Fear not though disheartened reader, as you can still view all of the images in the SSMB forum topic right here.

See? I told you to get them while they’re hot. Now they’re all gone. Huge thanks to the sexiest of all Sheza’s for the heads up!

Source: WiiNintendo.

Fan-made miniature ‘Calibur’ replica revealed!

Click the image for a higher resolution!

Now you too, just like Sonic, can become a Knight of the Wind! Providing you’re fifteen centimetres high, of course.

Earlier today SSMB member ‘Fox Gungrave‘  reported to the ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ section of the forums with something a little different than the usual, some photographs of a miniature ‘Calibur’, Sonic’s talking weapon from the upcoming Wii adventure available this March.

It appears the quite amazing looking fan work was earlier posted on French Sonic fan site ‘EVERSONIC‘ along with new screen shots from the upcoming 360 and PS3 exclusive ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’, something that was also posted on the SSMB forums earlier today by fellow TSS staff member ‘Shadzter.

The sword appears to have been hand crafted and painted by an unknown fan of Sonic’s medieval escapades, or simply a guy/girl who just loves producing miniature replicas of talking swords. If the creator of mini-Calibur is anywhere out there, please let us know who you are via the SSMB. We would love to add credit to the article!

UPDATE: It seems original poster of the sword miniature, Fox Gungrave, has done a little research behind the model and figured out the creator is none other than SomaKun, a member of the DeviantART website. The Calibur sword is actually a part of a fully customized Sonic Unleashed figurine, of which also has a customized armoured glove to match. Fantastic stuff!

What would be your ideal piece of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ merchandise and why? A miniature Sonic and Calibur statue? A Sonic and the Black Knight storybook?  A limited edition ‘Lancelot Legendary’ version of the game, complete with free steel Knight’s helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

SSMB Topic:  ‘Black Knight already has fan works!

Sonic and the Black Knight features in Denki DS Magazine!


SSMB’s very own member ‘KIRBY‘ has informed TSS earlier today (via the forums) with some interesting news regarding a recent edition of Japanese ‘Denki DS’ magazine.

The latest issue includes an exclusive three page preview on the upcoming Wii adventure, including some brand new images consisting of a first look at the multiplayer battle mode, a new cut scene illustration of Sonic and Tails and some never-before-seen image renders of Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow. Just like with ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’, all returning friends and enemies alike take the form of characters in the storybook at hand, with Shadow as ‘Sir Lancelot’ and Amy as ‘The Lady of the Lake.’

All information written in the magazine is in Japanese (of course), though it may well include some interesting new information on the game. Make sure you keep yourself updated and see the scans for yourselves in the SSMB Topic here. Be sure to let us know what you think of Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow’s new designs in the comments below!

Nostalgia Critic to ‘review’ Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


If any of you out there are familiar with’s ‘Angry Video Game Nerd‘, you may well have heard of the Nostalgia Critic. He’s been mentioned in quite a few different episodes throughout the Nerd’s escapades and even starred in a couple of cameo roles. For those of you who haven’t a clue who either are, allow us to explain.

The Nostalgia Critic is a character played by an Internet comedian whom takes the roles of several different people, records some hilarious skits as those characters and uploads them onto the Internet via his website. The Nostalgia Critic is, as you’d expect, a ‘reviewer’ of old eighties and nineties movies and television shows, focusing more on jokes and entertainment than professionally critiquing the subjects themselves.

After recently making a video on Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ cartoons, the Critic has decided that it’s SEGA’s turn next, announcing his ‘review’ of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to be uploaded on the 17th of February.

For a bit of fun, it’ll be interesting to see what the Critic thinks of SEGA’s attempt at an American cartoon compared to his, quire underwhelming, opinions on Nintendo’s efforts. Do keep in mind though, the Nostalgia Critic’s videos are more or less solely for entertainment purposes, it’d be a bit silly to take the video too seriously once it comes online, whether it be good or bad.

Thanks to SSMB member ‘hurtfulthings‘ for the heads up! You can also discuss the video once it comes online next month in the SSMB topic located here.

Box Art: Japanese Sonic & the Black Knight cover revealed!

Click on the image for a higher resolution!

Earlier this week SSMB member ‘Hero of Legend‘ reported to TSS with some high quality screen shots of the PAL box artworks of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’, Sonic’s latest medieval themed adventure on Wii. Earlier today, the same member updated us with a first look at the Japanese front cover of the title, and as per usual, it’s entirely different to other PAL and NTSC territory artwork.

Sporting a brand new CG render of Sonic ad Calibur, the Japanese box artwork for Sonic and the Black Knight also shows off the blue ‘Nintendo WiFi Connection’ logo, putting our minds at ease that the title will still offer ‘item trading’ over a wireless Internet connection.

You can check out the SSMB thread for the artwork here and also feast your eyes on a brand new screenshot of the game, of which sees Sonic bartering with some odd looking peasant character.

Mario & Sonic to return for Round 2 at the Olympics?


You better believe they will.  Spanish gaming magazine ‘Nintendo Acción’ have rumoured a wintry themed follow up to the immensely popular ‘Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Games’ that’s to be announced in the next issue.

The original Mario and Sonic (released November 2007) saw the clash of two great gaming icons for the very first time, celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Hints in Nintendo Acción’s text (of which is written in Spanish, of course) state that the next meeting between both SEGA and Nintendo’s mascot characters will not be much different from the first, sad news for anyone hoping for a more traditional style of crossover game.

The scan was first posted on the Internet by unofficial Nintendo blog site ‘GoNintendo‘, and despite pointing them in all the right directions, still classes the sequel as a rumour until the revealing issue is out on the market.

What’s your take on the rumour? Are you all for Mario and Sonic’s second trip to the Olympics, or are you craving for something a bit different this time around? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo.

eBayWatch – Malfunctioning Gateway Keyboard!


Yes, you heard right! Sonic Retro member (and man behind the name ‘Dr. Ivo Robotnik’), Dean Sitton, has been kind enough to auction his malfunctioning gateway keyboard on eBay for the bargain ‘Buy It Now’ price of $66.60 (quite the joker, Dean.)

Along with the keyboard however are some very rare pieces of Sonic Merchandise, something any collector would want to get their hands on. A Canadian printed  8 page promotional Sonic Comic with a 7 page copy of the original pencil drawings illustrated all the way back in the August of 1991.

Deans auction is currently sitting comfortably at the bidding price of $31, though is quite the bargain even at the ‘Buy It Now’ cost. You can check out the auction here and read up on some interesting discussions with the man himself over at Sonic Retro.

SatBK Screens – Please Sir, can I have some more?


Do a Barrel Kart!

Of course you can! Or so says gaming website ‘WorthPlaying‘ last November. It seems twenty one new images of the game were added, some of which SSMB members claim to have never seen before, so why not take a chance and go and give your eyes a good oogle at them yourself? Check out the screen shots here and here, and a big thanks to SSMB members TodStar and Tizo for pointing them out!

Sonic and the Black Knight is heading to the Wii this Spring. You can check out the latest two trailers for the game posted here earlier last weekend!

Want YOUR Hedgehog-Themed Advent Calenders?

‘Tis nearly the season to be jolly, and what way to count down the days until your favourite yearly holiday than with a Sonic themed Advent Calender? Not much good if you’re on a diet, mind you, with a Christmas themed chocolate behind each door!

I picked one up from my local Games-X-Change store in Bolton (the UK) for a mere £1.99. I asked if other stores in the chain are selling the same, and apparently they are. If you have a Games-X-Change store nearby, it’s worth checking out!

IGN’s Sonic Unleashed Developer blog – Update get!

Is this the face of a man you can trust? We sure hope so. Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Game Director and Lead Designer on ‘Sonic Unleashed’ over at SEGA Towers in Japan assures us the upcoming title in the series will be nothing short of revolutionary. Previously updated by Patrick Riley, Hashimoto joins in on IGN’s ‘Sonic Unleashed Blog’ page with a lengthy post on how much awesome Unleashed contains along with a couple of brand new screen shots to top things off.

Hashimoto discusses how him and the team conjured up the concept for Sonic’s latest adventure and elaborates on why certain design choices were made over others. There’s some talk on the coming to be’s of the ‘Hedgehog Engine’ too explaining exactly what it can achieve and how it will allow future Sonic titles to benefit from it.

Click here for a direct link to the blog and thanks to Spyne for pointing out the update over on the forums earlier today.

Sonic Chronicles released today in Europe!

Sonic Chronicles Box Artwork

The wait is finally over. After some interesting Bioware ‘Insider’ videos and a great pre-release hands on at the ‘Summer of Sonic’ event earlier this summer, ‘Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’ is now officially obtainable in Europe as of today!

American fans don’t fret, as the wait is nearly over for you too. You’ll be able to get yours hands on the game the 30th of this month and enjoy Sonic’s RPG adventures for yourselves.

We’re expecting stores to be packed with hungry RPG gaming Sonic fans, so shop at your own risk! For those still pessimistic about them game, don’t forget to look out for The Sonic Stadium’s very own review of the game coming soon on the main page.

Source: The Internet.

Gamespot Quiz Sonic Team’s Director on Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Smash!

Will ‘Sonic Unleashed’ be the best Sonic game since the Dreamcast era? Sonic Teams producer and lead designer on Unleashed ‘Yoshihisa Hashimoto’ seems to think so!

.:Dark.Prowl:. of SSMB gave us the heads up earlier today regarding a recent interview published by Gamespot with the lead designer of Sonic Unleashed. The interview discusses the newly developed ‘Hedgehog Engine’, playable characters such as Tails in his Tornado plane for a ‘shooting game’, the main story involving the huge beast ‘Dark Gaia’ and the option of new maps available to download over the Xbox Live and PSN service if demand is high enough.

New information on the game has been a little scarce as of late despite a playable demo showing up at the Leipzig Games Convention a couple of weeks back. The interview discusses a good deal of new things and shows some promising features and compelling gameplay Sonic fans have so desperately wanted for some time now. Hang on… Haven’t we heard all of this somewhere before… though?

You can check out the article for yourself here.

Source: Gamespot.

Sonic Chronicles ‘Exploration’ Trailer

It’s the final countdown to the release of ‘Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS as in just over two weeks time Sonic’s first venture in to the RPG genre will be made available to buy in Europe and shortly after in America.

DarkShadow notifed us earlier on the forums that those generous blokes and ladies down at Bioware have give us yet another ‘first look’ video at some of the areas Sonic and friends will explore throughout the course of the game. There’s also some new footage of some fantastic looking CG animated models, featuring Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge and of course our spiky blue hero himself!

Source: YouTube.

Sonic Chronicles Insider Video 4 – New enemies revealed!

Bioware are on fire just lately with their new ‘Insider Videos’ released on YouTube promoting ‘Sonic Chronicles’ on DS released later this month!

Their latest video released yesterday showcases two enemies Sonic and pals will face on their adventure, the ‘Egg Pawn’ and ‘Kron Warrior.’ Bioware stresses danger is afoot and you’ll need to kick some ass if you’re going to make it through to the end of the game, naturally.

Source: YouTube.

Unleash Sonic on PS2 for only £17.99!

Yes, my Photoshop is still broken. =(

Upon hearing the news, Sonic promptly dashed off to his local Woolworths to lay down his pre-order. His store is in Louth, it appears.

Want Sonic Unleashed when released in November? Of course you do! What if you’re running a little low on pennies though?

Well not to fear because UK retailer ‘Woolworths’ has an offer you just can’t possibly refuse! The online website for the company currently has Sonic Unleashed on PS2 up for pre-order at the most convenient of prices, £17.99. The PS2 version of the game may not posses graphical awe like on next generation consoles, although Dimps has issued a helping hand with development and the concept remains the same.

If that isn’t the bargain of all bargains we don’t know what is.

Thanks to bcdcdude for alerting us on the forums earlier today!

Honey Nut Cheerios With Added Hedgehog

The good old days of 1992. Sonic was everywhere, your video game systems, your local book stores, American meatball cans, you name it, SEGA had an advertisement campaign involving it.

Member Godofwarordle (what?) at Game Trailers has recently dug up an old gem of a commercial involving Sonic and some inferior company mascot we forget the name of, advertising a box of Honey Nut Cheerio cereal. It looks like the advertisement ran around the time Sonic 2 was released on the Mega Drive… 1992. You received some nifty ‘gaming tips’ for Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine and ToeJam and Earl 2 on every box, plus the chance to win a SEGA Genesis console itself! Chances of winning were 1 in 10,000. Extremely generous of them, that.

You don’t see Mario having a corny Honey Nut Cheerio theme song now, do you?

Source: Game Trailers.

Sonic Unleashed – Box Artwork Revealed?

Dats sum n1ce photoshopin right der.

SSMB’s very own ‘Coolrunnings‘ alerted the Internet earlier today with what could very well be the front cover image for the upcoming ‘Sonic Unleashed’ title on the Nintendo Wii. After some quick detective work by a few other members, it appears has uploaded the box artwork for every version of the game on their website.

What could well be place holder artwork created by themselves, the cover sports a completely new render of Sonic and the Werehog joined together by what most likely would be the magical wonders of Adobe Photoshop. While the box artwork is extremely important in terms of sales for any game, it seems whoever has produced this picture went down the ‘simple yet effective’ route for grabbing peoples attention on the shelves.


SEGA Nerds interview lead designer of Sonic Chronicles.

SEGA Nerds recently updated their gaming blog earlier today with an interview between Nerds official staff member and fellow brit ‘Graham’ and the lead designer of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’, Miles Holmes.

Included in the post is a very intriguing 15 minute video between the two involving some more talk on the Nerds proudly named ‘Zoah’ race including Bioware’s original name for them, the discussion of a possible Chronicles sequel Bioware has spoken about with SEGA, some talk over the games sub plots along with varying interaction between characters, the absolute confirmation of eleven playable characters in total, minimum gameplay time being 20+ hours and much more.

You can find the video and source of the article at the Nerds website here. A fantastic interview with some both relieving and interesting new information for the fans. If you’re looking forward to this games release just as much as we are you can except to pick it up in stores at launch late next month!

BlueTube: SatBK Gameplay… apparently.

It’s such a good job we can always rely on Youtube to bring us the newest and most reliable game footage before any other place on the Internet, isn’t it?

It appears a user named ‘JesseMeza07’ has managed to get his hands on a first look at the gameplay of the upcoming ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ title for the Nintendo Wii released next Spring. There’s something wrong here though… but we at TSS can’t quite put our fingers on it.

Jesse writes –

This is the first footage of the new Wii game, Sonic & The Black Knight, courtesy of IGN. I can tell you one thing, this game is shaping up to be pretty good. 🙂

Source: YouTube.

The Bank Of Sonic Official!… Sort Of.

The Bank of Sonic - Halifax are going to have to do better than 'Howard Brown' singing 'Who let the dogs out?'

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a little fed up with seeing The Queen’s mug plastered all over our glorious British currency? It’s just me? Oh. Well still, that hasn’t stopped the great seller tycoons of eBay has it? While doing my regular (money draining) browse for Sonic related merchandise I couldn’t help noticing something out of the ordinary, a familiar styled note with the smirking face of Sonics beaming on the front!

What sort of insane magic produced this!? I can’t think of any better way to pop down to GAME and lay a pre-order on Sonic Chronicles than using your very own money from the Bank of Sonic! I wonder if this is what ‘mobiums’ would look like if they existed in our society? Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like you’ll be spending this exact note any time soon because the Bank of Sonic surprisingly enough does not exist. Well, not until the world comes to its senses and creates it anyway.

While we’re on the same note (pun intended), perhaps you’d want to buy a vintage Sonic money bank to keep your Bank of Sonic novelty note and any spare Rings in? Or maybe we’re just, getting a little ahead of ourselves now…

BlueTube: Nothing like a stroll in the Sonic 06

It appears sometimes even Sonic needs to take a break from saving repeatedly kidnapped princesses and skipping through time periods in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Even when the most speediest of blue hedgehogs wishes to slow things down for a little while though, level design can sometimes get in his way when taking a quiet stroll along the beach. Luckily though, the kind people at SEGA were nice enough to include him a constant gravitational pull towards any area of the environment no matter what speed he be going!

Just a bit of fun really. This video made me chuckle and look back on some of the minor technical glitches Sonic encountered in his Next Generation debut back in 2006. I’m sure most of us have gotten over how disappointing this game was, though looking through the frustration there were some relatively funny irregularities included in the game that are always fun to look back on. Let’s hope Sonic’s upcoming adventure on the same platforms don’t end up as technically impaired as this, though.

Source: Youtube.

No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

Forgive me! I'm without Photoshop.

With the recent announcement of Sonic’s sword wielding Wii adventure coming out next Spring, fans and gamers as a whole were stoked wondering whether or not this was to be the first game incorporating Nintendo’s recently E3 announced ‘Wii MotionPlus’ accessory. Unfortunately however, after some investigation work on Game Informers part, it doesn’t look like any games boasting the new Waggle Plus peripheral are set to emerge for quite some time.

Continue reading No Motion+ For Sonic and the Black Knight?

Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Oo er, wouldn't want to meet that Chao in a dark alley.

Radu… chop!

Hurrah! Who could possibly say no to a bunch of new videos from the latest build of ‘Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood’ on the Nintendo DS? Not TSS, that’s for sure! The new videos are viewable at GameTrailers here.

The footage actually may look a little similar to something else to most of you, and that’s because they’re actually videos that were included on the official website when released some weeks back. The difference now? GameTrailers have gone through all the trouble of adding in some ‘banging toonz’ from the game that certainly do sound awesome, and not to mention Sonic like. Continue reading Game Trailers – More Sonic Chronicles footage!

Virtual Console – Master System Sonic 1 On The Way!

Sonic the Hedgehog - Title Screen.

Oh my. Look at all the wonderful colours!

Fear not Wii owners, your retro gaming dosage of Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t stop at Sonic 3D, oh no! You may remember our very own TSS journalist Shadzter reporting yesterday morning that a mysterious Sonic related game rating appeared on the OFLC web site. Fans of the blue speedster pondered on to what this game might have been, ‘Sonic and the Seven Dwarves’ perhaps? But no, rest assured after confirmation by the ESRB site that it is none other than the original 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog wonder that’s hitting the Wii’s Virtual Console service in the near future.

Thanks to SEGA’s recent ‘deal’ with Nintendo allowing Master System games to become available on the service, for the low price of around 500-600 points you can relive the hedgehog in his glory days by downloading the first game that sent Sonic off flying released in parallel to the Mega Drive/Genesis equivalent. Knowing SEGA and Nintendo, we should also be seeing other Sonic Master System games hitting the service in the future too, those being Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos and maybe even the 8-bit versions of Sonic Spinball and Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine. All of these titles are fantastic fun and VC releases will be great for those unfortunate souls who have never ventured away from the 16 bit era of Sonic before.

Check back with TSS and stay in the ‘know’ about the release of the title on the VC. Keep on saving those pennies- I mean, points!

Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

It’s been two weeks since SEGA opened up the final voting stage for the race to name a Sonic Chronicles enemy race and the finalised name has now been announced.

SEGA Nerds triumphantly succeeded over the rest with their very own name, The Zoah. The Zoah was up against such other names as Gravitus by T-Bird, Dusk by Blackarms, Psykore by Dreadknux and the in-famous Darknood.

SEGA announced the winner on their official Sonic City Blog located here while SSMB goer Urtheart was quick on the ball posting the link on the forums for all to see.

Congratulations to SEGA Nerds for winning the poll and well done to everyone else who made it into the Final round. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

New Sonic City interview with Bentley Jones!

Formally known as Lee Brotherton, former Remix Factory member Bentley Jones catches up with Sonic City for an exclusive interview discussing Sonic, his new album and previous works.

You can locate the interview here.

Bentley seems to have greatly enjoyed working on previous Sonic titles and would do it again in the future if he had the chance, also adding he would enjoy working on other game projects too broadening his horizons.

Bentley Jones composed Silvers theme ‘Dreams of an Absolution’ which can be heard in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms.

Thanks to Urthy for the link and Spunodi for the heads up!

More SEGA to hit the Wii’s Virtual Console!

Nintendo have announced that starting February ‘Master System’ games will be available to download from the Japanese Virtual Console.

Just like the NES, Master System games will cost 500 points a download each and will shine in all their 8-bit glory. The first two games available to download will be ‘First of the North Star’ and the iconic ‘Fantasy Zone.’

But that’s not all, Game Gear games and SEGA Mark III titles will also be appearing on the service for your downloading pleasure. Also take note that the Gear Gear games are the first handheld based titles available to download from the VC!

Popular Sonic titles such as Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble and <b>Sonic Labyrinth</b> could also be making an appearance in the near future.

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SEGA Superstars Tennis Teaser

IGN have uploaded a new teaser trailer for Sega’s upcoming smash hit Tennis title ‘SEGA Superstars Tennis.’

The trailer features some very fancy CG footage giving introduction to some of the characters available to play in the game. The music heard in the trailer is the main theme for the game composed by none other than Richard Jacques.

Watch the trailer over at IGN here!

SEGA Superstars Tennis is set for release very soon on the PS3, 360, Wii, PS2 and DS platforms.

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Big thanks to Streetballa for the heads up!