SEGA Splash Golf

Sonic Likes to Golf with pretty girls

In a recent announcement, it has been confirmed Sonic (and a few other SEGA character such as NIGHTS and Tails) will appear in the new and upcoming SEGA PC title, SEGA Splash Golf.

Sonic appears in the game as the caddy, he gets your balls, supports you along, and much more. Besides the fact Sonic and Tails are in the game, there’s also golf courses based around Sonic, such as the Green Hill Zone. Other SEGA characters to appear include NIGHTS, the puyo pop clan, Opa Opa, and Ulalala. Continue reading SEGA Splash Golf

Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

A new downloadable was released for Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) today on the Xbox Marketplace, the all new Amigo Team Attack Episode. Once you downloadit, it becomes available through trial mode.

In this mode, you play through the whole game as Tails, Blaze, and Omega. You first play Crisis City as Tails backwards. you then move onto Sonic’s Kingdom Valley as Tails going through the stage backwards. You then play Tropical Jungle as Blaze through Sonic’s first section. You then go to Aquatic Base as Blaze in Sonic’s second section. You then play as Omega in Dusty Desert, in a very different scenario than past level experiences. You then finish off with Omega in White Acropolis, ending with a boss fight with the Egg Genesis. Wave Ocean and Flame Core are not in this download. Continue reading Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

Sonic and the Secret Rings Japanese site update

The Japanese site of Sonic and the Secret of the Rings has had a major update! They’ve released new info, new artwork, and much more new.

I realize many of you can’t read Japanese, so let me translate some of the highlights. The story is still about the same as we know; Sonic one day falls asleep while reading Arabian Nights, and awakes to meet a dijjin named Shahra. She tells him of an evil dijjin named Erazer, who is erasing the tales of Arbain Nights. It’s up to Sonic to stop him, for he was destined to by legend. Plus, if he doesn’t, Erazer will come to his world to wreak havoc. Sonic agrees and goes off to Arabian Nights! But when he enters the world, he encounters Erazer fairly early. Erazer calls Sonic a rat, then sends a fire arrow straight into Sonic’s heart. The arrow is slowly killing Sonic, but at the same time with Sharha’s help, Sonic can control the fire to his advantage. The only way to put out the flame is to defeat Erazer. Continue reading Sonic and the Secret Rings Japanese site update

Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

In the first of three downloads, SEGA has released Very Hard Mode on to the Xbox Live Marketplace for 200 points ($4) for each character. For 200 points, you can purchase Sonic’s, Shadow’s, or Silver’s Very Hard Mode.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it, though? Though their are lots of changes in enemy numbers and item locations, here’s the biggest differences in Very Hard Mode to the original:

  • You now play Wave Ocean in reverse and must jump to the platforms on your own during the whale chase scene.
  • Sonic now plays Dusty Desert on his own (without Elise).
  • Silver’s Crisis City is now way longer with no Blaze section.
  • Sonic’s Flame Core is reversed.
  • Continue reading Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

Gamespot Interview Reveals Information

Yojiro Ogawa, in a new review with Gamespot, spills the beans on some of the games status. Though this is his third interview in a week, this is quite possibly his most in-depth interview yet.

First off, it seems that the game hasn’t been in actual development as long as people expected; they only started programing the game last January and only have had a little over a year to work on it. This isn’t exactly bad, though, cause they have actually pushed back the release date a few times to put in everything they wanted to. To make up for lost time, though, they doubled the development team on the game so more people could work on it. One half of the team worked on Adventure Mode (the game’s main mode) and the other half worked on Party Mode (multiplayer minigame mode). this explains why the multiplayer and single player seem like two totally different games. Continue reading Gamespot Interview Reveals Information

SatSR website up, new Ogawa interview

New Sonic art... Sonic's such a poser.

Sonic and the Secret Rings American site has finally gone up revealing lots of new info about the game, including story, minigames, and unlockables.

The story is simple, Sonic is laying down after reading his copy of Arabian Nights, but falls asleep. He wakes up to discover a mysterious genie named Shahra in front of him. She tells him she is the genie of the ring, and tells him of an evil genie named Erazer who is- get this -erasing the pages of Arabian Nights. If he succeeds in his goal, Erazer will break free of the book and become free in Sonic’s world, likely continuing his role as the backside of a pencil in the real world. Sonic agrees to Shahra’s pleas and enters the world of Arabian Nights on top of a magical carpet. Continue reading SatSR website up, new Ogawa interview

Sonic Next-Gen PC release date and specs announced!

Finnish gaming magazine Pelit announces release date and system specs for Sonic Next-Gen for the PC in their latest issue. The game ships from SEGA on February 28th. Along the fact of the confirmed release date from SEGA (who announced it as February 2007 recently) the magazine has also released the game system specs.

OS: Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
CPU: Pentium3 1GHz or faster
Memory: 128MB RAM or more
HDD: 3GB or more
12x CD-drive
64 MB Graphics card (DirectX 9.0c compatible)
Sound card (DirectX 9.0c compatible)

Sonic Stadium will keep you updated on the PC release of the game.

Famitsu Releases New Sonic and the Secret Rings Trailer

Multiplayer Character Select Screen

Famitsu released a new nine minute trailer of Sonic and the Secret Rings on their website. This trailer is an extended version of one that IGN released a week ago. But this goes in further, much further, revealing new levels, multiplayer, and even characters.

Within the trailer, they include an in-depth look at multiplayer. Working similarly to Sonic Shuffle, up to four players choose one of eight possible characters. They then choose a game board play in a series of minigames. The player that wins the minigame gets a chance to open a treasure chest. Treasure chest either contain a Sonic Token or a booby trap. If you get a Sonic Token, you get to choose another Treasure Chest, but if you get a booby trap, your chance to open treasure chest is up and all players play another minigame. Player with the most Sonic Tokens at the end wins.

Along with their look at multiplayer, though, we also see new footage of some new levels, displaying how the games mechanics and level design is presented in the title.

We here at Sonic Stadium will keep you up with the game news, and watch progress on the trailer on the discussion forum on the Sonic Stadium Message board.