Sonic Origins Plus Full Multi-Regional Boxarts Revealed

Better call three friends to help you carry regionally appropriate hardware!

We’ve got a few glimpses of Sonic Origins Plus’ physical edition in their pre-order graphics, but today, the official Sonic twitter posted a full-sized look at the game’s reversible covers in three regional variations.

Featuring art by Mark Hughes, each not only pays homage to their individual region’s style, but also references a different game on the collection as well: the North American version has the black and gray checkerboard associated with Sonic 2, the European box art calls back to Sonic 1’s classic Mega Drive grid with tan background, and the Japanese version is an explosions of colorful geometry that defines much of the era’s Sonic box art (but most closely resembles Sonic 3). The hardware pictured in each adapts regionally as well, including the cartridge label for Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, and the style of… whatever you call that 16-bit console locally.

This continues Sonic Mania Plus’ homage to retro Sonic box art (which used the Red Genesis or Blue Mega Drive border). Though I think we’re all holding out hope for a dedicated Master System collection some day featuring Sonic’s disembodied foot.

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