High-Kicking Rouge Features in Sonic Channel’s May 2023 Wallpaper

We’re starting to see a bit of a pattern between the characters that feature on these traditional Monthly Wallpaper art pieces and the more intriguing ‘Sonic Pict’ series. Last month Silver appeared on both and for the month of May Rouge the Bat takes the spotlight, just like she has in the latest Sonic Pict story

Because Japan is about to observe Golden Week, a national holiday, these Wallpapers have come in a little earlier than usual, but it maintain the same high-energy and quality that we’ve come to expect from these stylish art pieces. Here we see Rouge kicking into high gear with a ferocity that can only be described as, ‘Give Me My Jewels Back Energy’.

Check out high-resolution Desktop and Mobile wallpapers on Sonic Channel’s website, and find some details (machine translated) from Sonic Team’s designer Tomoko Hayane on this piece below.

Unusually, it’s a Rouge that feels intense and powerful! You can almost hear the sound of her beautiful legs kicking up.

Come to think of it, Rouge played a big role in kicks in her debut work, Sonic Adventure 2!

You even had a one-on-one battle in space with Knuckles over the Master Emerald. The exchange between Knuckles’ powerful punches and Rouge’s kicks was a heart-warming battle!

Rouge’s mysterious and slightly sexy appearance is also attractive, but I think this kind of wild and cool scene is also wonderful.

By the way, it seems that Rouge is fighting with something in this wall illustration, but who exactly is the opponent that Rouge kicks so seriously? Is it a very formidable enemy, or is it a peer in the same industry aiming for the same jewel… I can imagine various things ♪

… Well, the latest game you can play with Rouge is Team Sonic Racing! Although there is no kicking figure, you can see the same mysterious charm and cool figure driving a racing car. Please give it a try!

See you soon! See you in the next wall illustration~!

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