Sonic Origins Plus Includes Mega Drive Box Art and a Coaster in Japan

As the art indicates, this is an action game for 1-2 players.

Though Sonic Origins Plus has been announced for all major platforms and regions, buyers in Japan have a little extra incentive for the physical copy. The game’s Japanese webpage notes that it includes reversible box art, a rubber coaster, and some sort of mysterious QR code as first-run bonuses.

The reversible Mega Drive-inspired art brings back inspiration from Sonic’s Japanese box art from the original Mega Drive releases (Sonic Mania Plus had a similar deal) with each character holding their most-associated piece of SEGA hardware: Sonic with a Mega Drive Mk. 1, Knuckles showing off his lock-on technology, Tails lugging his massive Miles Electric computer Game Gear, and Amy not really knowing how to hold a CD. There are other small details in the art, like the classic Mega Drive player and genre icons, and a good ol’ “WelcomeToTheNextLevel” hidden in the bar code.

As a reminder, physical fans in other regions can also get a 16-bit inspired reversible cover based on the classic Sonic 2 checkerboard template (though with Sonic Mania Plus, European buyers got their own regional variant, so UK buyers might not get the stylish and far superior Genesis logo, I direct towards our UK-based site owner).

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