SEGA Releases Playable April Fools Game, “The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog”

Cut down before his (next episode of) prime.

SEGA says they’ve listened to all of your feedback, and their response has been to murder Sonic. Well, at least someone has.

A day early for April Fools, but SEGA has released a new, free game today, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog. The bizarre adventure game/visual novel sets the cast aboard the Mirage Express for an old fashioned murder mystery, with (as the title suggests) Sonic as the victim. You, Tails, and Amy attempt to hunt down the killer among the other familiar guests.

Though released as an April Fools gag, the game had been in production for a year, per producer Michal Shafrir (on Twitter), and features the work of Greg Batha (UI designer of Dream Daddy, Hero Forge, others) and artist DEEGEEMIN (IDW Sonic, Spark 3).

The game is available now to download via Steam. If previous promotional games are anything to go by, you may want to get it ASAP at the risk of it being delisted later.

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