Sonic Colors: Ultimate Is Now Available on Steam

We’re far enough away from Frontiers now, right?

If you’re a PC player that’s been holding out for Sonic Colors: Ultimate to hit Steam, it’s available now as both the base game or the Digital Deluxe version, each at a 30% discount until next week. The game launched nearly 17 months back to the day, hitting all major console platforms, but the PC version was initially released as an Epic Game Store exclusive.

The game’s launch today includes “Steam Deck Verified” status, likely making it the preferred method of portable play over the Switch version’s framerate struggles.

At initial launch, the game infamously suffered from a number of glitches and bugs; however some of the more egregious issues have been addressed in subsequent patches and updates. This release will also hopefully give a needed boost to the modding community, who have already worked to add skins, UI modifications, and deeper graphical adjustments to the game.

UPDATE: It appears that Hedge Mod Manager and Rainbow Mod Loader have pushed out updates to support the Steam version of the game.

However, players sensitive to the inclusion of Denuvo DRM will be disappointed that Colors: Ultimate too uses it, alongside nearly all other current SEGA releases, from Two Point Campus to Like a Dragon: Ishin! to Persona 3 Portable. Others have expressed since the game’s launch dissatisfaction with the some of the remaster’s creative and gameplay changes.

While we don’t have dedicated analysis of the PC version, site writer Nuckles87 previously streamed the PS4 version of the game following the second major patch with mixed feelings on what issues were and were not addressed. You can check it, and more Sonic Colors Ultimate video coverage on Sonic Stadium’s YouTube channel.

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