It’s Official – ‘Undefeatable’ is Your Favourite Track From ‘Sonic Frontiers’

It’s only been three months since the release of Sonic Frontiers – and two months since the launch of the official soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music and other audio platforms – but the fanbase has seemingly already decided on which song from the soundtrack is the most iconic. And strangely, it’s not the game’s main theme, “I’m Here”.

While the title track, featuring Merry Kirk-Holmes, has racked up a respectable 1.2 million listens on Spotify, it is in fact the theme to the game’s initial Super Sonic fight, “Undefeatable”, which has grabbed everyone’s attention, soaking up over 5.3 million plays in the last two months alone. That’s a lot of headbanging.

It’s easy to see why the track has struck such a chord with the Sonic fanbase. After spending hours in the mysterious, isolated Starfall Islands, with nary but Tomoya Ohtani’s melancholic music to set the mood, your reward is a hyper-energetic, heavy-metal chorus as you take on a massive boss as Super Sonic. An alter-ego usually reserved for end-game battles. That first Titan encounter was a true atmospheric peak, and genuinely one of the greatest moments in the game.

Sonic Frontiers’ music director Tomoya Ohtani also wondered on Twitter if the “impact of the first boss fight” had something to do with the ‘super’ popularity of the track on the music streaming service.

Because we were bored, we went through the Spotify listing for the ‘Stillness & Motion’ soundtrack and did a little chart. See if your favourite Sonic Frontiers song makes the cut.

  1. Undefeatable – 5,381,010
  2. Find Your Flame – 3,148,124
  3. Break Through It All – 2,448,703
  4. I’m Here – 1,175,819
  5. Theme of Starfall Islands – 549,422
  6. Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing – 531,835
  7. One Way Dream – 518,393
  8. I’m With You – 232,241
  9. Fishing Vibes – 225,466
  10. Titan: Supreme – I’m Here [Re-Edit] – 220,031

    [Honourable Mentions]
  11. Cyber Space 1-5: Dropaholic – 155,273
  12. Cyber Space 1-1: Database – 139,619
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