New Burger King Sonic Toy Promotion Suddenly Begins in Spain

Surprise! A new set of Sonic the Hedgehog kids meal toys have found their way to select Burger King restaurants in Spain, suggesting that a new global promotion with the fast food chain is imminent. According to reports, the Spanish promotion will run from January 24th and feature five separate toys to collect.

Hungry and eagle-eyed Sonic fans in Spain have taken to social media to share photos of a promotion that has already begun in various Burger King outlets. The following image, shared by ‘Tanillo’, shows the full set of toys on offer – which seem to be a selection of interesting gadgets and puzzle blocks. Interestingly, the characters featured include Sonic, Tails and… Super Shadow, for some reason.

A report from Spanish YouTuber Yuluga confirms the promotion further, discovering imagery that points to a January 24 start date for the rollout. Popular Twitter account ‘Tails Channel’ also found a video that suggests a global push, although no specifics on countries or dates were given. Finally, various fans have managed to get a hold of some of the toys early, with ‘EmmilyHatzu‘ sharing a photo of the Sonic head toy fresh in its bag.

Hopefully we’ll see this promotion make its way to the UK and US very soon! If the international video is anything to go by, it’s possible that we will see a formal reveal of this new series of toys via Burger King’s social media accounts early next week. We’ll keep you updated!

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