Concept Illustration for “Collapse & Roll” Sonic 3 McDonalds Toy Surfaces

While Sonic has had plenty of figures and toys across the last 30 years, few attempt to recreate his second-most iconic ability, rolling into a ball. As it turns out, there was originally a concept for rolling Sonic as early as McDonald’s 1994 Sonic 3 Happy Meal promotion.

Consumer Time Capsule, a twitter account dedicated to collecting and posting classic ads and promotions, (like Max Headroom Coke cans, or nightmarish Grimace action figures) shared Simon Marketing documents showing a proposed Happy Meal toy where Sonic’s entire torso could fold into his head, allowing him roll.

This proposed toy never made it into production, and the officially released set included a Sonic-engulfed-in-flames launcher, a Tails helicopter, Knuckles piloting the Flying Nimbus, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik.

Source: Linkabel on Twitter

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