RUMOR: New Sonic LEGO Sets in 2023?

2022 was rather quiet on the LEGO Sonic front after 2021’s LEGO Ideas set, but we may be seeing more LEGO Sonic on the horizon.

LEGO news and leaks site Falconbrickstudios is listing 5 rumored product numbers and prices for a new Sonic the Hedgehog line for 2023:

We have no firm details on what any of the sets would contain (if true), but for the sake of comparison, LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone is currently $79.99 and contains 1125 pieces (slightly boosted by the absurd number of 1x1x1/3 tiles that make the checkerboard pattern). With that in mind, expect all but the $99.99 set to be a bit smaller in scope.

While we don’t really know what form these rumored sets will take, be it modular, standalone, classic, or modern, I previously speculated that the pin-based connections on the ends of the Green Hill Zone set are a clue that it may snap on to further sets in the future. Rest assured we will continue to follow up on this as more information emerges.

Thanks to The Deleter on SSMB for the tip!

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