New ‘Sonic’ Job Listing Involves Unreal Engine, Online Game Experience

SEGA Japan has posted a new game job listing, seeking a developer with Unreal Engine 4 and network gaming experience to join their ranks. Interestingly, the posting suggests that the project of focus for the new recruit would be an upcoming game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

The posting comes from an official SEGA channel on HRMOS, a Japanese recruitment platform. It mentions (via machine translation) “practical experience with Unreal Engine 4, action game development experience,” and “network game production experience”, citing specifically ‘P2P online battles’.

As per the screenshot of the job listing below, it appears that the work (which could be as a permanent SEGA employee or contractual) will be for a project destined for a range of video game platforms, including PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles and Steam. While it is “assumed” that the project will be a game in the Sonic series, curiously the job listing also includes a URL for the official Olympics video game series (which SEGA also develops).

What’s curious about this, if this is really for a Sonic the Hedgehog title, is the involvement of Unreal Engine. It could signal the end of the use of SEGA’s proprietary Hedgehog Engine 2, which most recently helped power Sonic Frontiers. However, with the inclusion of “online battles”, and the next mainline Sonic game years away yet, it is also likely that this job posting is intended for a spinoff Sonic project of some kind.

Whatever it ends up being, we’ll know soon enough – and we’ll follow up on it when that happens.

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