SEGA’s Rolling Out A Sonic Frontiers Patch Update

It isn’t available on all platforms yet, but Sonic Frontiers is in the middle of receiving its first major patch update. There’s no new content, but there is a large number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

This update makes it so Sonic Frontiers is at version 1.10. The patch notes, however, are rather generic. SEGA mentions things like “fixed random crashing bugs” and “added UI improvements”, but they don’t really get more specific than that.

The good news is that we do know of a couple of things the update fixed, thanks to The Gamer. This update fixes a bug that would result in Titans disappearing from the game if players were to restart the boss battle with them.

Another bug that is apparently fixed involves completing Chaos Island. The bug was making it so that completing tasks didn’t update the island’s map. As of this update, that should no longer be the case.

As previously mentioned, it isn’t available on all platforms yet. The update is currently for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It won’t stay that way, however. SEGA did say that the update will be releasing on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch “in the near future”. They didn’t give an exact date though, so if you have the game on one of those 3 platforms, you’ll just have to wait.

Via The Gamer

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    1. Same here, I still have not received the update. I even went as far as to delete the game and redownload it. Nothing changed. Hopefully we do get this update soon and I hope these news articles rephrase their reports saying it’s available now (as I am writing this).

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