SEGA Releases Ares Island Studio Recording and Tomoya Ohtani Interview Videos

With Sonic Frontiers’ release inching ever closer, SEGA has yet another sampling of the OST, this time highlighting Ares Island, and an interview with the man behind this and many other modern Sonic soundtracks.

Titled “Ares Island: 2nd Mvt.” the video shows off the sights, tone, and instruments of the level’s windswept desert landscape.

Meanwhile, the man behind the composition describes his history and process developing music for the franchise.

Among the many interesting tidbits, Ohtani had apparently written the compositions for Frontiers about four years back, (a striking difference from his work on Sonic Runners, which had only a month-long turnaround). Typically, he is not able to compose using developed game video and environments for direct reference, but uses planning documentation and an understanding of the game’s outline, themes, tone, and story. For example, Kronos Island’s piano-focused theme is built on the somber, desolate tone that defines that opening area. For those more vocally-minded, Ohtani’s favorite track is the lead theme “I’m Here”, and he promises several guest singers in the full game soundtrack.

The Sonic Frontiers OST “Stillness & Motion” is set to release physically in Japan and on digital platforms internationally on December 8.

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  1. Aquatic Mine is one of my favorite Sonic level music ever, love this guy’s work.

    Ares Island theme sounds nice.

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