First 4 Figures Amy Rose Now Available for Pre-Order

If you’ve got a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, high-end statue designer First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders for their latest Sonic entry, this time featuring Amy Rose!

The 14″ (35cm) tall resin statue comes in three flavors, all three featuring Amy with her trademark hammer posing in a grassy base. The standard model ($499 USD standard, $459 with pre-order discount) includes just Amy, while the “Exclusive Edition” ($499 / $459) includes a swappable arm showing her holding an Amy Chao. The “Definitive Edition” ($549 / $499) adds an extra layer to the base with several Chao.

Though pre-orders are open now, the statue itself isn’t expected to ship until Q4 2023.

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  1. I am honestly sick of only having Sonic merch appealing to two extremes: Well made and accurate (mostly) low end action figures / Grossly expensive high end resin statues. Why isn’t there stuff appealing to the middle, the only thing that do that are the Nendoroid (unavailable), Jakks Modern Collector figure (Impossible to find (outside the US especially)), and NeaMedia resin figurine (I don’t need or want more Classic Sonic).

    1. First 4 periodically has more affordable collectables, but you have to keep up with them because they’re not a store designed to -keep- manufacturing a product after its initial run. This one is only $120 on pre-order.

      I might also point to the Sonic advent calendar statue from last year, which was a surprisingly large assembly, and did not come to the U.S., though that is Classic Sonic (because, and I’m sorry to tell you this, but Classic Sonic is the more mass-market of the two versions at this point)

      That said, the only place really making the high-end stuff is First4, and that’s literally their business model: they serve an enthusiastic niche with a very expensive product. If there’s not more Sonic stuff in the $50-$150 range, it probably speaks to how licensees view the brand.

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