Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack “Stillness & Motion” Announced for December 8

Sonic Channel has revealed that Wavemaster will be releasing a Sonic Frontiers original soundtrack, titled “Stillness & Motion.” The massive 6-disc set will include 150 songs from the game and a 40-page insert book with commentary. The physical CD was only announced for Japan; however, the digital album will be available internationally on major music services. Both will release December 8 (or December 7 according to the official Japanese Sonic Twitter account).

The blog post notes that the game’s main theme “I’m Here,” composed by series mainstay Tomoya Ohtani and written/performed by Merry Kirk-Holmes (To Octavia), will be included on the album, though the game’s other theme “Vandalize” by ONE OK ROCK was not explicitly mentioned (if it does not make it to the album, it’s otherwise available on the band’s new album “Luxury Disease”). The post estimates the price to launch at 8,000 yen (a little over $55 USD at time of writing).

From what we’ve heard so far, Frontiers’ melancholy tone is backed by subdued and atmospheric overworld music, while cyberspace stages such as Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary invoke a style similar to that of Sonic Forces, complete with vocal elements. Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to release November 8, when we can finally stop relying on off-screen demo audio and enjoy the game’s music properly.

Thanks to Dodger24848 and MyEcho for the news tip!

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