Jakks Pacific Releases New Classic Sonic Egg Mobile Battle Set Toy

The Classic Sonic toy series expands this Autumn with this new Egg Mobile Battle Set announced by Jakks Pacific. Available now, the mini-playset comes with 2.5″ Sonic and Eggman figures, along with a large Egg Mobile that can be customised to recreate a number of classic 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog game boss battles.

The set comes with 14 unique attachments and can be customised into over 25 different configurations – allowing you to be just as wily in your boss battle setup as the villainous Dr Eggman himself! You can set up the Egg Mobile to be floating about on its own, or you can introduce Sonic to the Egg Helicopter, Egg Digger and Egg Hammer from Sonic 2, or the iconic Egg Wrecker from Sonic 1.

According to the listing from Jakks, the Egg Mobile stands at over 8-inches high and can be purchased from most toy retailers at an RRP of $39.99 USD.

Watch the announcement trailer from Jakks below. Just, don’t pay any attention to the unfortunate way the voiceover guy introduces Eggman’s vehicle. It’s definitely called the Egg Digger. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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  1. Is it really new?!…
    In France, I can’t find any JAKKS Pacific’s 4.5 inch figures but the Eggmobile set has been available for at least one month…

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