IGN Offers “Final Preview” of Sonic Frontiers and a New Island

Closing out their pre-release coverage of Frontiers, IGN returns this morning with one additional preview of the game’s PC version, including details on general game progression, the “Memory Tokens” to collect, Cyber Space level motifs, and some fresh footage of the game’s third island.

New to this preview is the game’s Memory Tokens associated with each of Sonic’s friends in the game, awarded for completing various platforming challenges on the overworld islands, which push the story forward as you collect them.

The previewer enjoyed the variety among the different islands and the short but diverse Cyber Space level designs. However, the preview also notes some lingering concerns on the mini-boss battles and the repeating motifs of the Cyber Space levels. If you’ve kept up with video coverage of the game from preview events, you’ve likely seen every Cyber Space “memory” theme mentioned in the preview with no hint at there being others within the previewer’s 6-hour play session.

In addition to the new preview, IGN also posted footage of Chaos Island, a location beyond Kronos and Ares Islands that continues the Greek god naming trend. If you’re not a fan of Sonic Frontiers’ aesthetics already, this sandy grey environment will do nothing to help that. Like previous videos, this one prominently shows off Sonic bouncing from floating path to spring to grind rail while the camera swerves and bolts to maintain cinematic angles. As a closing, Sonic faces off against a massive four-winged flying boss that he has to chase down by way of the grind rails it spawns while avoiding energy blasts.

Sonic Frontiers’ launch is a mere two weeks away, and while several mysteries about the game’s characters and story remain, the footage we’ve seen up until now does solidify much of the gameplay. Many hands-on impressions, including our own, remain cautiously optimistic, and it won’t be much longer until we know if this grand Sonic experiment is a success or not.

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  1. Wow. IGN more positive about sonic then usual. That’s super weird to me.

    I’m really looking forward to this game. Even though I usually hate open world games, an open world game at sonic speeds sounds super interesting to me.

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