Free Monster Hunter DLC Hits Sonic Frontiers in November

After multiple iterations of Sonic collaborations hitting the Monster Hunter series, the reverse finally has finally happened.

The official Sonic and Monster Hunter twitter accounts announced collaboration DLC to hit November 14th, roughly a week after the game’s November 8th launch. The official Japanese Sonic account shared screenshots and renders of Sonic donning Rathalos armor in both hunter and Palico variations, playing (as rough machine-translation describes), an exclusive “Grilled Meat” mini-game.

While we don’t yet know if the Frontiers costumes offer player bonuses or are purely cosmetic, we can at least rest assured that Sonic has *eh-hem* taken care of a lot of Rathalos to assemble these armor sets. In celebration, both official twitter accounts once again shared illustrations celebrating the upcoming DLC.

In the most recent collaboration between Sonic and Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Rise players could earn Sonic-styled armor for their hunter and Palico, and Tails armor for their Palamute via a Sonic-themed mission. Though much more importantly, this is yet another wonderful opportunity to remind you about the time Sticks befriended a Gore Magala.

Thanks to Perkilator, and tailsBOOM for the news tips!

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