Watch This UK Rock Star Cover Green Hill Zone With A Custom Sonic Designed Guitar

Hey. It’s been a rough week, hasn’t it? If you fancy a Sonic-themed pick-me-up to brighten your day and get that Friday Feeling, you could do far worse than this cover of Green Hill Zone by UK guitarist Miles Meakin. And he performs it all on a custom Sonic the Hedgehog-designed axe inspired by the ones used by Jun Senoue.

If the name Miles Meakin sounds familiar to you, you may have heard his fretwork in the UK rock band Midnite City – and in 2019, he performed alongside Jun Senoue, Takeshi Taneda and Act. in London during the Sonic Adventure Music Experience UK tour. Miles himself is a self-professed fan of Senoue’s work, and in the above video explains that this inspired him to get his own custom-made Sonic guitar.

The more technically-minded music fans among you will certainly enjoy Miles’ tour of the ins and outs of his new guitar, so the whole video is definitely worth a watch, but if you want to hear him bang out a melodic rock cover of Green Hill Zone that is just perfect for a Friday afternoon listen, you can find it at the 12:00 mark.

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