Sonic Prime Gets an Extended Teaser and Winter 2022 Release Window

Netflix and Wildbrain’s Sonic Prime has been incredibly silent since its initial announcement more than a year ago, with nary more than painfully brief Shadow and Big character teasers. However, the official Sonic Twitter and Youtube have finally shared an extended teaser of the show and confirmed its release window as Winter 2022.

The teaser doesn’t touch the multi-dimensional aspects, but it does highlight some of the show’s lively action sequences. Early in the teaser, Sonic and Shadow fluidly duke it out across Green Hill, while the core focal point is Eggman obtaining a massive and unstable rainbow crystal that, let’s be real, is almost certainly going to break and send Sonic on wild multiverse antics.

While the warm, sunset-like color palette gives everything in the teaser a sense of intensity, this still feels like a much more cartoony Sonic whose 3D model can bounce and stretch for some over the top animations and poses. The teaser suggests that the show may have the most dynamic and fluid action sequences of any Sonic animated series to date, as the camera zips to dramatic angles, and visual effects fill the screen. And just as Iizuka previous expressed a desire to unify the various dangling branches of Sonic into a more cohesive world, the teaser features authentic Buzz Bombers, the Egg Dragoon, and even a Flicky.

The teaser doesn’t give us a solid taste of the show’s writing, characterization, voice actor performances, premise, or plot, but if you were at all worried about its visual style, this sample gives a lot of credence to Wildbrain’s previous cinematic boasting. It’s only a few months until its premiere, so we’ll know if it can stick the landing soon enough.

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  1. The Egg Dragoon is becoming the Green Hill of bosses. But that aside, the action does look pretty good. Here’s hoping the show has decent enough writing to compliment it.

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