Sonic Frontiers Story Overview Revealed

The Official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account has today revealed a new Sonic Frontiers synopsis video, that includes detals on the game story, and new tidbits on progression and gimmicks that will feature throughout!

Included in this video are a multitude of facts such as:

  • Sonic is separated from his friends Amy and Tails in Cyberspace, and must find them by solving the mystery of Starfall Islands
  • The first Starfall Island is called Kronos
  • Game can be played “in order that matches your gameplay style”
  • Portal gears, which allow access to Cyber Space levels, are collected by defeating bosses
  • Vault keys achieved through completion of Cyber Space level challenges allow the player to collect the Chaos emeralds
  • The attack which creates a trail around enemies is named the “Cyloop”

With a little over two months until the release of Sonic Frontiers, we are likely to see more tidbits about the game emerge. Stay tuned for more information as it comes!

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  1. “Omochao: Oh no! Sonic is trapped in cyberspace! Please help him escape by visiting the Sega Metaverse Shop using your Sega VR headset and purchasing Sonic Frontiers NFTs today!”

    Or at least that’s where I could see things going if Sega’s “Super Game” team was in charge of development.

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