Kishimoto Hopes Sonic Frontiers Will Take Sonic Team to the Top of the Gaming Industry

Sonic Frontiers’ director, Morio Kishimoto, has revealed in a Tokyo Game Show interview a secret goal of Sonic Team’s when developing the game – to restore the studio’s reputation and place it at the top of the gaming development world.

Speaking with IGN Japan, Kishimoto described his ambitions for Sonic Frontiers and where he sees the project against the lineup of past Sonic the Hedgehog titles. Apparently, the 2D classics from the 1990s are considered by him to be ‘first generation’ Sonic games, while the 3D games from Sonic Adventure onwards can be seen as ‘second generation’. As a result, he hopes Sonic Frontiers will mark a ‘third generation’ of the Sonic franchise.

And he let slip a ‘secret concept’ behind Frontiers’ development. “Sonic Team, let’s shine once again in the world and become a Sonic Team that fights in the top group!” reads the statement on IGN Japan. It’s Google translated, so it might not have been 100% accurate wording, but the intent behind it is clear; Kishimoto is keen to bring the Sonic Team studio back to its former glory.

According to other reports online, Kishimoto also mentioned in the same interview that internal playtesting of Sonic Frontiers had been taking place every three or four months during its development, in order to ensure the game’s final quality. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the fruits of that dedication when it’s released in November.

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  1. Sonic frontiers would be the 4th generation of Sonic i assume really.

    1991 to 2001
    2002 to 2011
    2012 to 2021
    2022 to present

    Im not sure if it would push them high as developers seeing as other game developers are really going beyond.


    I do hope and believe this game will atleast respark 3D Sonics reputation

  2. Love the energy and I do think it looks good, but I’m still doubtful. Sega just haven’t seemed to care about the quality of Sonic games since 2011 and they half-ass every detail.

    1. Their PR tactic for this game seems to be this level of arrogance and I think they know how well it plays with a certain subset of fans who have coddled them for years, If they embargo reviews until release day then it is controlled arrogance as this would be a sign that they aren’t so confident. All I can say for sure is that the subset of fans I’m talking about will go absolutely rapid over the first negative review, even just a 7 will make them launch a blitzkrieg of hate towards the reviewer.

      1. I’m not sure I’m seeing “arrogance” here. They certainly are showing a level of confidence that… might be misplaced, but ultimately I don’t think you delay a game for a year out of arrogance.

        It’s very hard to separate the history of Sonic from the history of Sonic’s marketing, because there’s a rather large chunk of SEGA’s history that’s more messaging than game design. One should ABSOLUTELY take Kishimoto’s words with a grain of salt, but regardless of the quality of the game, you’re not going to get a game’s director publicly speaking ill of the team and the project at a pivot point for the franchise.

        As for the review thing… you’re just describing basically all game reviews now. Some of the audience will get mad that critical views don’t align with their pre-decided opinions, and others will review-bomb Steam and Metacritic because it has DRM they don’t like. Sometimes for better but mostly for ill, the internet tends to give a megaphone to small groups of loud people, that’s not purely a Sonic problem.

  3. I agree with more of the comments on this page, but unless they are hiding something really spiracular that we don’t know…. I guess we will have to wait and see when we actually get the full game in our hands in a few months

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